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5 interior design and home interior podcasts you need to listen to

4 months ago · "Podcasts are a fantastic way to pass the time on your commute to and from work, whilst doing housework, if you don’t fancy reading…the list goes on and on. Although there are a thousands of podcasts available to download right this second, there are a few that we at Furnish Your Home are particular fans of – because they are all about what we love best; interior design and of course, home interiors.Here are our recommendations…"
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The Chaise Lounge: Interior Design

By Nick May / Mammoth Enterprise
Talking the business of interior design. Each week, Nick May interviews successful interior designers from around the world to find out how they have grown their successful interior design business. We talk marketing, client management, staff management, and all the little things that go into creating a great design business.
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The Millennial Homemakers™: Interior Decorating, Hostessing, Homemaking, & Lifestyle Tips

By Jackie Alexander & Jaclyn Humble
Join Jackie Alexander & Jaclyn Humble as they discuss homemaking for millennials. Millennial Homemakers is your resource for all things home, hostessing, DIYs & more. Tips & takeaways to achieve your Pinterest perfect home on a entry-level budget!
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S3E14 Barcart 101

17 days ago

Young House Love Has A Podcast

By Sherry & John Petersik
Deep (and not-so-deep) conversations about home improvement, design, and life at home. Tune in for weekly episodes filled with casual decorating advice, DIY stories, interviews with experts, and a smattering of tips and ideas that can help you simplify, organize, and update your home. Sherry and John Petersik are the married duo who began chronicling their home improvement adventures in 2007 on the blog Young House Love, which spawned two New York Times best-selling books, as well as product ...
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At Home With...

By Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton
Your home says so much about you - where you’ve travelled, who you’ve met, and the kind of person you are. We’re Lily and Anna, lifestyle content creators. We’ve asked people we admire to open their front doors and talk about their lives, by taking a tour of their homes to discover who they really are. We’ve riffled through their wardrobes, nosed through their fridges and even scrolled through their Sky+ recordings, to shed some light on their fascinating lives. Join us At Home With…
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Style Matters

By Little Yellow Couch
Style Matters is all about the substance behind developing a personal style in your home and surrounding yourself with beauty in a way that is meaningful. We interview top stylists, designers, artisans and tastemakers both nationally and internationally about why style matters to them. The guests we interview each week inspire us creatively, and give us insight into why the art of home making is so powerful. To continue the conversation on why style matters, sign up for our monthly newslet...
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Lori Weitzner

10 hours ago