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5 Best Fem-Powered Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

3 months ago · "Here, five podcasts (by women!) you should be listening to if you’re not already – I can promise you you’ll hear the love coming through loud and clear:"
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The Actor's Diet

By Lynn Chen
The Actor's Diet podcast is an audio extension of actor Lynn Chen's award-winning food blog, In each episode, Lynn chats with people in her community - artists and foodies - about their history with eating, body image, and current culinary obsessions.
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Cheryl Strayed

5 months ago · transcript

LET IT OUT - | Creativity | Self-Care | Relationships | Wellness | Social Media | etc.

By Katie Dalebout
Long-form, organic, and candid conversations with a diverse group of guests including visionary authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, chefs, comedians & actors with interesting perspectives, careers, and stories. Here they candidly discuss everything from productivity and creativity, to self-care and wellness to relationships, sex, love, body image, and more. Sometimes things get super deep and spiritual and sometimes they are funny and light because life is both.
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The Cookbook Deal, Also The Weirdest Year Of My Life

By Jessica Murnane
First-time author Jessica Murnane takes listeners through the roller coaster year she spent pitching and making her cookbook, One Part Plant. With interviews and recordings that span the entire process, Jessica documents the ins and out of how she got the deal and what it’s really like making a book – from working with an agent and publishing house to managing advance checks and having near meltdowns over deadlines, budgets, and more. And she does it all while navigating unbelievable (and ver...
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Bridechilla- Wedding Planning Podcast

By Aleisha McCormack
Wedding planning the Bridechilla way is fun, easy and drama free. Hosted by your virtual bridesmaid comedian and author Aleisha McCormack, who cuts the wedding planning BS, questions old-school traditions and encourages you to plan the wedding that YOU want, not what Pinterest, wedding magazines and your mother think you should plan. Put wedstress in the f*cki it bucket, be a Chilla and get planning. Bridechilla Host Aleisha has helped thousands of Bridechilla and Groomchillas to plan their ...
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By Tamarindo
Latinx voices at the intersection of politics and popculture, dishing out comedic and critical interventions. Tamarindo is hosted by Melinna Bobadilla and Brenda Gonzalez and recorded in Los Angeles.
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