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Podcasts for the soul - The British Podcast Awards

a month ago · "Rhianna Dhillon explores this year’s nominees for the best family, fiction and most original podcast"
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Blood Culture

By Lance Dann
Explosive techno-thriller from Resonance 104.4FM. A’isha is just about holding down her job at the tech giant Meta before her old friend bursts in and accuses her boss of murder. She has to face up to what she has become, the lies that are woven in her past and the terrifying truth of what Meta are doing.
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Five Minute Folklore

By Bob Shoy
Every episode focuses on a different famous mythological figure. Through atmospheric story-telling we learn the condensed origins of folklore tales from all over the world, and also take a look at varying interpretations, cultural differences, and how the stories have influenced other media. Hosted by Bob Shoy. Contact at [email protected]
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#19 - Taniwha

10 days ago

Imaginary Advice

By Imaginary Advice
A miscellany of stories, written and presented by Ross Sutherland.
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49 Re: The Moon

8 days ago

Once Upon A Time In Zombieville

Something strange is going on in the local mine. Sam and Jamie investigate ... A sci-fi adventure for 9-12 year olds.
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Episode 8: The Unknown

7 months ago

The Discovery Adventures

THE DISCOVERY ADVENTURES Turn your next drive into a real family adventure, with our all-star mystery drama series. You’re Sam, and together with your Uncle, you have to track down the villains who are disrupting GPS signals and threatening to bring chaos to the UK. Recorded on location – in immersive binaural sound – at some of the UK’s most fascinating places. Featuring the country’s best-known outdoor experts, it’s a unique blend of fact and fiction, like nothing you’ve ever heard before.
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Dirty Mother Pukka

By Mother Pukka
A panel of mothers, a panel of papas and one simple mission: to Parent the Sh!t out of Life. This is the honest, funny and occasionally grotty podcast for people who happen to be parents. Mother Pukka (Anna Whitehouse) is a journalist, editor, vlogger and family-flogger. With partner Papa Pukka (Matt Farquharson), they believe parents can laugh through the madness of keeping small humans alive.Each episode puts grown-up quandaries to a panel of brutally honest mums, followed by a panel of equ...
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Fun Kids Science Weekly

By Fun Kids
Exploring the coolest and most incredible stuff in science, from way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth to a future where humans live in space! Fun Kids Science Weekly is hosted by Dan and is the perfect science podcast for kids and families everywhere. Each week, you'll find episodes from series like Deep Space High, Age of the Dinosaurs and Professor Hallux. There's also a special guest, top experts answering all your science questions and Dangerous Dan - something scientific that’s als...
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The Adoption

One true story. Two young children. A family is being shattered; can a new one be created? A UK adoption through the eyes of those affected. Lives being changed forever.
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Drama in 12 short parts. Inspired by the digital transformation in disaster response.
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Radio Atlas

By Radio Atlas
Radio Atlas is an English-language home for subtitled audio from around the world. A place to hear inventive documentaries, dramas and works of sound art that have been made in languages you don’t necessarily speak.
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Camp Sisterhood

11 days ago

The Poetry Exchange

By The Poetry Exchange
Silver Award Winner for Most Original Podcast in the British Podcast Awards 2018. The Poetry Exchange shares the conversations we have with people about a poem that has been a friend to them, alongside bespoke recordings of these poems, made as 'gifts' for our visitors. The Poetry Exchange is recorded in a range of venues and settings and features both public visitors and invited guests.
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