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Phoenix Podcasts You Need to Hear

23 days ago · "Of course, you can find a podcast on pretty much any and every topic, and those based in the Valley are no exception. If you've been meaning to tune into something new while you hit the gym, drive to work, or veg out, we've got you covered. Here's a list of podcasts you can tune into anytime."
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The Call (Stories From Behind the Badge)

By 100 Club of Arizona
'The Call' is a storytelling podcast developed by the 100 Club Arizona that is centered around the tales from behind the badge. Join us as we journey into the stories of those who have answered The Call.
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Arizona Music Podcast

Here to talk all things music and all things Arizona. We intend to bring insightful interviews and sessions to you about not only music, but the people who make art in general possible in and around this state. If you'd like to be on the show you can contact us at: [email protected] Musicians, engineers, photographers, promoters, security etc. all welcome to join! We want to capture AZ music from ALL angles.
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Please Send Nudes

By Mike Enders & Charles Engle
PSN is an absolute gas! Run by PHX comedians Mike Enders and Charles Engle, Please Send Nudes is the mastermind behind the unfortunate "Send Nudes" video outbreak. Topics include dating advice, new stories, and the very popular Area Code Game.
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Sweet Island Skunk

3 days ago

Limited Engagement

By Limited Engagement
Limited Engagement is an interview-based arts and culture podcast straight outta Phoenix, Arizona. People seem to like us.
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Absolute Geek Podcast: a Nerd Podcast | Sci-Fi | Comics | Movies | Comedy | Geek | Music | TV Shows | Entertainment |Dungeons and Dragons

By We Talk movies/Tv, Comic Books, Music, etc. Similar to Nerdist, Hollywood Babble-on, SMODCAST, Kevin Smith, I Sell Comics
In a world where geek culture is now trendy,lifelong, Phoenix-based geeks dare to share their opinion on comics, movies, and TV. Join us as we venture into the vast cave of pop culture to find and discuss the latest in geek news. Some of their favorite topics range from discussing the future of Rick’s group in The Walking Dead comics and TV show, how Kat Dennings would be a great Harley Quinn if it weren't for being so top heavy, or the never-ending dispute of the future of DC movies versus...
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Four Eyed Radio/Podcast Network

By Four Eyed Radio
Bringing you the best in nerd, geek, comedy, entertainment, pop-culture and gaming podcasts!
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