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Indie Audio Dramas You Should be Listening To in 2018

5 months ago · "Here are 11 audio dramas you may not have heard of, which are a glorious array of drama and comedy and horror, many with queer and POC characters and creators. "
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Boom: A Serial Drama Podcast

By Observer Pictures
Boom is a story about loss and recovery. Porter, a computer technician and outdoor enthusiast, must come to terms with the murder of his best friend and love of his life Genevieve. The lead detective on the case believes Porter is the killer, and his friends are trying their hardest to get him back to the guy he once was.
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Episode 20: Faults

a month ago

The Ghost Radio Project - a podcast

By The Ghost Radio Project
Folks call them the Ghosts. And theirs are the vo…
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The Judgment Night Radio Hour

By The Five Scholars, Inc. (Skyler Q. Andrews and Sam Ellis)
"The Judgment Night Radio Hour" is an audio drama and fiction anthology podcast featuring lurid, rousing tales of existential angst, metaphysical mayhem, spiritual crisis, sin, repentance, redemption, justice, and judgment. Wrought and recorded in the style of an old fire-and-brimstone AM gospel radio broadcast, this series of short stories and radio plays is hosted and narrated by the apocalyptic Reverend Reginald Cephas Weaver, III who gives soul-stirring "sermons" in the form of Southern G...
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By Hot Rockpile
There’s no way to plan for being alone. There’s no way to plan for what comes next. This is a story about what happens when the world goes dark, and everyone else is gone. - New episodes every other Wednesday
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By Becca De La Rosa & Mabel Martin
Mabel is a fiction podcast about ghosts, family secrets, strange houses, and missed connections.
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Point Mystic

By Christopher Reynaga
From the hidden shores of Point Mystic: I’m Christopher Reynaga. Join me and my family of paranormal investigative journalists as we search for stories behind the magic, the mystery, and the unexplained.
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Station to Station

By Procyon Podcast Network
Dr. Miranda Quan's lab partner is MIA. But his notes, and a tape player that may contain his final words, have made it onto the research ship headed hundreds of miles into the North Pacific — along with a sinister secret that endangers everyone aboard. Station to Station was created by Alex Yun and co-produced with Andrea Klassen.
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By Dueling Genre Productions
Immunities is an original audio drama about the survivors of an alien invasion, who have to decide what kind of life to lead surrounded by those who look like, and in some ways are, the people they used to know. It's science fiction, thriller, drama, and the rest of life all mixed together.
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By Amity Bros.
In this new science fiction series, we follow the stories of the first colonists on Mars. Told in the style of classic radio dramas with each episode focusing on a different character, we dive deep into the mysteries of the Red Planet and the people struggling to make a home on this harsh frontier.
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Chapter 8 - Jacki

3 months ago · transcript

Solutions to Problems

By Austin Hendricks
Solutions to Problems is a Dear Prudence style advice podcast set on a space station in some version of the future hovering over some version of Earth. Join us every other Friday for advice on work, relationships, time travel paradoxes, and the occasional brain parasite. For more information and episode transcripts, visit us at
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Public Domain Universe

By Ben Fort
The audio adventures of classic characters facing modern life and sometimes evil forces. Season 1 of this podcast universe features Tom Sawyer, Candide, Cinderella, and more with each arc adapted by different writers.
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