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Favorite Fashion Podcasts

3 months ago · "Thank goodness for podcasts! These days you can keep your finger on the pulse of apparel industry news while you kill your commute or liven up your studio as you sew with a quirky fashion-focused show. There’s content out there for everyone, whether you’re just starting your career or you’re a seasoned pro looking to boost your business savvy. Here are 5 of our favorites that offer a wealth of free information and entertainment for any designer."
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American Fashion Podcast

By MouthMedia Network
the fashion industry’s favorite show
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The Successful Fashion Designer

By Helping You Get Ahead in Fashion by Sew Heidi
The fashion industry is brutally competitive...and we're all trying to get ahead. The problem is that everyone's so tight lipped with their strategies and resources. The Successful Fashion Designer is an "all secrets revealed" show by industry expert designer and educator Sew Heidi to help you gain the confidence, skills and insights to make it in a cutthroat market. The show covers topics such as breaking into the industry, getting promotions and raises, launching your own label and becoming...
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The Glossy Podcast

By Glossy
The Glossy Podcast is a weekly show discussing the impact of technology on the fashion and luxury industries with the people making change happen.
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Fashion Hags

By Abby, Evan and Katie
Abby, Evan and Katie talk runway, magazines, designers, movies, art - all things fashion and how much it can drive us nuts.
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Thread Cult

By Christine Cyr Clisset
Each episode Christine Cyr Clisset, of the sewing blog, interviews creators and makers in the home sewing, fashion, and textile communities, ranging from independent pattern and textile designers, to couture experts and museum curators.
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