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Top VR Podcasts – VR-themed Podcast Recommendations

3 months ago · "With podcasts effectively representing a new wave-front of thoughts and ideas on the web, it’s hardly surprising that VR technologies are sometimes best represented by them. Whether it’s a discussion of the developing technologies, or an in-depth view of how well people are receiving those technologies – or not – the podcasts below will give you a wide range of viewpoints, and a better knowledge of virtual reality as it stands today."
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Research VR Podcast - The Science & Design of Virtual Reality

By Az Balabanian & Petr Legkov
The Podcast behind the Science and Design of Virtual Reality and Spatial Computing. By combining our background in Cognitive Science and VR Research, we break down important Neuroscience to extract Design principles. Each week, we feature the companies, founders, and researchers that are shapers of this Immersive Tech Industry. Join our Discord community for Episode discussions, guest suggestions, and listener-only meetups!:
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The VRguy's podcast

By The VRguy's podcast
Enjoying over a decade of experience in building virtual reality products, VRguy brings his unique perspective and interesting guests to talk about what's next for virtual reality. Yuval (“VRguy”) is the CEO of Sensics (, a leader in professional-grade VR solutions as well as open-source VR. He joined Sensics in 2006 to help take VR from the lab to the market. Nearly a decade later, he works with consumer electronics, industrial and academic leaders to help them shape the ar...
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Rev VR Podcast

By Reverend Kyle
Reverend Kyle discusses current Virtual Reality technology including the Oculus Rift. We also take a look at software and peripherals, and do interviews with gamers, developers, and VR enthusiasts.
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Humans 2.0 - Evolve to the Next Level

By Mark Metry
Our 21st Century world is changing fast. Humans 2.0 is about embracing and truly understanding what you know is inside you deep down. This podcast is a one-stop shop for all of your technological self-development needs. If you are looking for an audio-companion to support you on your own Hero’s journey, then look no further. I believe the key to learning is to understand different perspectives and thought paradigms, from brilliant experts around the world. Subjects of discussion include em...
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