Celebrating "the Word" Conference (pt. 1) - "His Triumphant Entry"
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April 17, 2011 · 02:02:00
Shalom and Welcome to you today, thank you so much for stopping here at the show! We pray that the lineup of anointed music, spiritual warfare, and prayer will lead you into the saturation of the Holy Spirit. We pray the Jesus our Christ may guide you into a place with Him today on this program... today join us during our 2nd annual Celebrating "the Word" Conference, and worship with us as we give all the glory to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will be among us as the Word of God is ministered and as prayer and praise is magnified to a point where we will blow out the gates of the enemy. Be with us as we rejoice in the Word that became flesh, Jesus Christ. Let's rejoice, our King is Alive Forever! Specifically today we remember the Triumphant Entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem, and we, along with those who long ago threw palms before the Lord shout; Hosanna in the Highest! Enjoy this edition of Supernatural Worship! and remember this will be a great time to share Christ with a lost world. *Title: "King for a Day"

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Welcome to the Anointed Hearts Ministries Media Network flagship station, Supernatural Worship! We are so thankful that you decided to stop by. This station exists for the worship and praise of our God's name, Jesus Christ. This place serves as a platform for the proclamation of the Gospel. It is filled only with the God's word and truth. The joy and peace that comes with having a relationship with the Lord gives a follower of His endurance and strength. You may be going through a time of struggle, pain, and suffering. However, those are all things that the enemy in this world uses to break us down into feeling like we are worthless. In this place and in our lives, we pray that you come to an understanding that His (Jesus') grace is sufficient for all things. Reflect on the sufficient grace of Jesus Christ as you come join us as the enemy falls away from his place as we lift Jesus higher. Listen through our shows and grow in the Lord. Visit our website for more information on who we are. It's all about Him.