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Nov. 11, 2017
‘Simple’ farm boy… asked to leave a seminary after 4 years… eventually ordained a priest with extremely limited faculties… and now, soon to be beatified. Meet the wonderful, holy, ‘doorman’ SOLANUS CASEY. We are so pleased to bring you …
Nov. 6, 2017
 People react far more when they see faith in action rather than hearing someone talking about the faith and not so much living it out…. Meet JUSTIN STROH – an exemplar for Catholic Vitamin W: WILLINGNESS… He’s willing to …
Oct. 25, 2017
Lourdes Water… Lourdes Mass… Nighttime candlelit processions… Four Major Basilicas in Rome…. Not even enough  time on this episode to share the joy of Eucharistic and other miracle sites (like Lanciano, Italy). So many wonderful faith experiences. We’ll have to …
Oct. 15, 2017
Come with Deacon Tom and Dee and 36 other ‘pellegrinos’ (pilgrims) to Fatima… to Lourdes… to Eucharistic Miracle sites, to see the the burial place of St. Padre Pio. Yes, we are on a VICTORY Pilgrimage…
Sept. 23, 2017
What’s the ULTIMATE gift to have? Complete and total trust and surrender to God — and to be so in love with his Catholic Church that you want to share the ‘good news’ with as many people as possible. Meet …
Sept. 2, 2017
The TARGET? Finding the Truth. Knowing the Truth. Sharing the Truth. Recently, PATRICK MADRID spoke at the Phoenix IHR (Immaculate Heart Radio) ELEVATE Conference. We were able to record just a portion of his talk on knowing the …
Aug. 27, 2017
Have you had a rough start to your life? Perhaps an ill-tempered, alcohol-impaired father, and a mother who was occupied in ‘other concerns?’ Did you seek to plug that ‘hole in your soul’ with things of the world rather than …
Aug. 12, 2017
A terrified family of six fleeing from North Vietnamese soldiers… bullets from rifles whizzing past. Days at sea with no food or water. And then, RECOVERY of real and peaceful Catholic Faith found in the proverbial land of milk, honey …
July 30, 2017
QUAINT: Attractively unusual; old-fashioned. Remember the old days when Catholics were in love with their faith? Remember when they were pleased to display their rosaries or scapulars or medals? Remember when we knew the answer to ‘Why did God …
July 23, 2017
Pregnant and not married! While serving in a visible position doing Catholic music ministry!! What does it take to get over the shame and past the public sin? God’s PREVENIENT grace and prayerful, supportive friends. Meet SHANNON WORLE – our …
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