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Bethel4All: 24 groups. 5 churches. 4 languages. 1 Christ.
By Bethel4All
About this podcast
Preaching brought to you by the united ministries of Bethel4All in Shoreline, WA--a collection of 5 diverse worshiping bodies (and 20+ other organizations) operating out of the same facility and partnering towards the betterment of the greater community.
Episodes (Total: 10)
Feb. 26, 2017
2000 years ago, The Transfiguration spoke truth to the question: \"who is Jesus?\"  Today, it speaks truth to something else as well: \"who are we in Jesus?\"
Feb. 19, 2017
Feb. 5, 2017
Jan. 29, 2017
It\'s not enough to know \"the rules\": you need to understand which ones are most important.
Jan. 22, 2017
Jan. 15, 2017
The call of \"the church\" is to protect & spread the gospel -- not itself.
Jan. 8, 2017
John the Baptist\'s challenge is brutally direct: will we heed it?
Dec. 25, 2016
Dec. 24, 2016
Dec. 24, 2016
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