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CCF Sunday Messages
By Steve Feden
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Sunday messages from Calvary Chapel Fluvanna
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Oct. 9, 2017 · 00:36:35
Associate Pastor and Elder Dave Vollmer brings a message of application from the life of John the Baptist, following his declaration "behold the Lamb of God" in John chapter 1, weaving in additional details from the other gospel accounts. Listen in as Dave applies John's call to repentance and his humility even in light of a powerful earthly ministry: "I must decrease so that He might increase."
Oct. 2, 2017 · 00:27:34
As we continue to sit in the courtroom of God, so to speak, in these first chapters of Romans, now God deals with those who pass judgement on others--the judgemental. God shows that only he is the righteous judge; that our judgement always fails because we do the very thing we judge others for! Listen in as Pastor Steve continues to teach through the letter to the Romans.
Sept. 24, 2017 · 00:43:45
Our second week in our new study of Romans, and Pastor Steve finishes out the first chapter as God lays out the case for his wrath, not because people sin and don't know better, but because they actually *do* know and understand, but instead, have traded God's truth for lies. Listen in to this powerful message of not only God's wrath, but also His grace that awaits those who turn to Him.
Sept. 17, 2017 · 00:36:12
This week we began a new study as we closed out the book of Acts and started Paul's letter to the Romans! Pastor Steve has entitled this series "Amazing Grace" as Paul lays out in his letter the gospel of grace to the believers living in Rome. Listen in as Steve opens our study with some background, context, and history of this powerful letter to the church.
Sept. 10, 2017 · 00:37:32
In this final message from our study through Acts, we are told of their final journey into Rome after the horrific storm and shipwreck, causing them to winter at Malta. There in Rome Paul is under house arrest with some freedom, and spends time with the believers there as well as talking to the Jewish contingent in Rome, witnessing to them. Listen in as Pastor Steve closes out this last message from the book of Acts!
Sept. 3, 2017 · 00:40:40
Continuing in Acts 27, we are in the middle of the violent storm that Paul, as prisoner of the Roman empire, and his traveling companions are in the midst of. Picking up in verse 39, they realize they are approaching some landmass, and by morning they get stuck on a sandbar that begins to destroy the ship. True to God's promise, they are all saved and on the island of Malta, the locals show "unusual kindness" to the group as they end up sheltering there for winter. Listen in as Pastor Steve talks about how we as believers should be those who show "unusual kindness"!
Aug. 27, 2017 · 00:41:52
As Paul is now sent from Caesarea with Roman guards and companions to head towards Rome, it is late in the year and good sailing weather is quickly passing. The traveling group makes it as far as Crete, but the port of Fair Havens was not good for a winter's stay and against Paul's advice they attempt to continue on. They enter a huge storm that clearly endangers everyone's life, but Paul is given wisdom and encouragement from God that He will bring him safely to Rome. Paul takes charge and provides comfort as they prepare for the worst. Listen in as Pastor Steve shares about our lack of control in the storms of life and our dependence on God.
Aug. 20, 2017 · 00:37:13
As we continue in Acts 26, Paul is in the middle of sharing his life story/testimony of his miraculous conversion again, with royalty and Roman leadership there listening to him. It is towards the end of this that Festus has had enough of Paul's words, but Paul has clearly convicted King Agrippa, who says "you almost persuade me to become a Christian"! Realizing that there is nothing in any of the Jewish charges against him, he could have been released, but he has appealed to Caesar and must now go to Rome to stand trial.
Aug. 13, 2017 · 00:37:18
We are told at the end of Acts chapter 24 that Paul was under arrest by Felix for two years in Caesarea before Felix is replaced as governor by Festus. Acts chapter 25 and 26 continue this story after these two years as Festus tries to understand what to do with Paul. In today's message from chapter 25 and the beginning of chapter 26, Festus runs his own trial to try and get to the bottom of why the Jewish leadership wants Paul dead, and is then visited by Herod Agrippa and Bernice who also want to hear Paul out. Paul begins to share his life story and testimony again, proving both his innocence to the Jew's charges as well as sharing the gospel.
Aug. 6, 2017 · 00:27:10
On this Communion Sunday, and as a preface to the evening concert titled "Deeper Still", Pastor Steve walks through the vision given to Ezekiel of the life-giving river flowing from the temple and discusses the concept of going "deeper still" with God in our own lives.
July 30, 2017 · 00:43:47
Continuing Paul's initial hearing in Caesarea before Felix in chapter 24, Paul defends himself, and clearly states his case for acquittal before Felix. Even though the charges are clearly erroneous, Felix has political pressures related to his relationship with the Jews and keeps Paul in chains for the time being. During this time, Paul has the opportunity to witness to Felix and his wife Drusilla, and meets with Felix regularly over a period of two years. At this time Felix is replaced with a successor. Listen in as Pastor Steve teaches through this section on Paul's defense and his witness about the truth to Felix and his wife.
July 23, 2017 · 00:38:26
Continuing the story of Paul's fateful trip to Jerusalem in Acts 23, a murderous plot is uncovered by a young relative, who brings it to the commander and Paul, leading to a late night military escort to get Paul safely out of Rome, and to Caesarea, the seat of Roman military leadership. The governor, Felix, invites the Jewish leadership back in Jerusalem to bring their charges against Paul so he can hear them out. Listen in as Pastor Steve talks about "God-incidences" (versus coincidences) as we see God preserving Paul and using him as his saga continues.
July 16, 2017 · 00:43:04
We pick up still in Acts chapter 22 as Paul continues to be allowed to address the large crowd from the edge of the temple, sharing his testimony as a way to combat the charges leveled against him (that we was anti-Jew, anti-law, and anti-temple). However, when he mentions that it was Jesus who sent him to the Gentiles, the crowd loses is again and the commander of the Roman regiment has to save Paul's life again from the crowd. Paul is then brought before the Sanhedrin as the commander wants to get to the bottom of why Paul is such a troubling figure! Listen in as Pastor Steve discusses a moment of failure for Paul and God's awesome encouragement to Paul in the final verse we covered today.
July 9, 2017 · 00:45:26
As we finish out Acts chapter 21 and into chapter 22, Paul is finishing his fateful journey into Jerusalem, immediately meeting with the church elders and leaders and describing his travels and the work of God in Asia and Europe. Given the tensions between Jew and Gentile, the leaders have a plan for Paul to reaffirm his Jewishness which leads to a major confrontation in the temple! Listen in as Pastor Steve teaches the beginning of a long section through Acts as we follow Paul's arrest, trials, testimonies and travel to Rome.
July 2, 2017 · 00:39:35
In Acts 21, Paul is finishing up his missionary journey, making several hops as he is determined to go towards Jerusalem, staying with believers along the way. He has already been warned about what awaits him in Jerusalem, but along the way even the people of the churches beg him not to go and more prophecies of what await him are given. But, undeterred, Paul is determined that the Spirit is guiding him there, even knowing what awaits. Pastor Steve talks through this passage about knowing God's will and the fact that His will is not always the easy path.
June 25, 2017 · 00:44:33
Closing out Acts chapter 20, Pastor Steve teaches through Paul's tearful goodbye to the elders from the church plant at Ephesus on the beach at Miletus. Paul's final words are filled with encouragement, love, and also warnings about wolves that will come in to deceive and attack the sheep. Listen in as Steve asks and thinks through what we would say if we had one last chance to give a message to a group of Christian leaders and pastors.
June 19, 2017 · 00:37:35
Entering chapter 20 we are now following Paul's travels on his third missionary journey, specifically picking up with the events after the uproar at Ephesus as Paul retraces his steps back through the churches that have been planted. We end up at an interesting story of a late night sermon that leaves a young man falling asleep and falling out of a third story window at midnight! Listen in as Pastor Steve covers this story as well as a parallel with spiritual "wakefulness" and slumber!
June 5, 2017 · 00:29:18
Kishor Pandagade, a great friend of CCFluvanna and a missionary with Advancing Native Missions (ANM), shares a message from the letters to the churches found in Revelation; specifically the letter to Ephesus. In this letter we find a commendation and a warning; a warning to those who have "good deeds" but have lost their first love. Kishor shares the heart of God to see the church return to Him and become victors as we await his second coming.
May 28, 2017 · 00:32:01
After two quiet years of ministry in Ephesus, finally a disturbance occurs around Paul. We've seen this before: as Christ transforms a culture by the gospel, the "locals" get angry when it begins to impact their ability for profit. In this case the idol makers are losing business when people stop buying their silver shrines to Diana! Listen in as Steve talks more about the impact of culture and the role of the Christian to not be passive in our current cultural shift.
May 21, 2017 · 00:37:01
Continuing in Acts chapter 19, Paul is going to remain at Ephesus for a couple of years. For once he isn't run out of town and after spending some months debating with the Jews in the synagogue, he focuses his ministry on the Gentiles, starting a church there with the group of young believers. In the midst of this pagan city with idolatry and demonic activity, there are many exorcists, and some decide to try and use the powerful name of Jesus as part of their "incantation." Listen in to hear what happens in Ephesus through this wild experience, which ends up leading to real revival in the church in Ephesus!
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