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Welcome to the Free Buddhist Audio podcast, relaunched to mark version 2.0 of the site. Free Buddhist Audio is an entirely user-supported project from the Triratna Buddhist Community. If you like what you hear, come and join us at - and happy listening!
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April 22, 2017 · 00:00:26
This week’s FBA Podcast is entitled The Meaning of Spiritual Community Revisited by Mahamati. One of the talks given at Padmaloka during the 2016 ‘Urgyen’ retreat. The retreat was part of the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the founding of Padmaloka, and aimed to explore the life and teachings of our founder Urgyen Sangharakshita.
April 15, 2017 · 00:00:26
This week’s FBA Podcast is entitled The Buddhas Noble Quest by Dhivan. In this talk given at a Sangha evening at Bristol Buddhist Centre, Dhivan considers what we can learn from the story of the noble quest of the Buddha. This story is recounted in the Discourse on the Noble Quest (Ariyapariyesana-sutta) in the Middle-length [...]
April 8, 2017 · 00:00:26
This week’s FBA Podcast is entitled The Importance of Mindfulness by Kamalashila. In this talk from September 1996, Kamalashila explores the centrality of mindfulness to the Buddhist path. He discuses the concept of intoxication, with reference to the 5th Precept and the Sutra of Golden Light. Kamalashila then considers the four foundations of mindfulness from [...]
Feb. 18, 2017 · 00:00:26
This week’s FBA Podcast is entitled Sangharakshita, the Unenlightened Englishman by Ratnaprabha. A 1989 film on Sangharakshita was embarrassingly titled The Enlightened Englishman. He may not be enlightened, but he has had a fascinating life and a very positive influence on a huge number of people. This talk gives an account of his life, work and [...]
Feb. 11, 2017 · 00:00:26
This week’s FBA Podcast FBA Podcast is part four of a series of talks on the Triratna Vandana by Subhuti entitled Sangha Vandana. The most striking point from this talk is the importance of taking the Sangha refuge as the possibility of an Ideal Society. It is so easy to get dis-illusioned with people and [...]
Feb. 4, 2017 · 00:00:26
This week’s FBA Podcast FBA Podcast is a fabulous talk by Jnanavaca called The Wisdom of Words. The spiritual community, the Sangha, is the ideal context in which we can practise the Dharma. It is also a force for good in the world and an ideal in its own right. But how is the Sangha [...]
Jan. 28, 2017 · 00:00:26
…There is poetry as soon as we realize there is nothing… Continuing the series celebrating the unique contribution of Urgyen Sangharakshita to modern Buddhism, Akasamitra explores his key teaching of Mind Reactive – Mind Creative in this week’s FBA Podcast.
Dec. 17, 2016
Our FBA Podcast this week is by Parami, entitled The Path to Buddhist Engagement. This talk was given at the Manchester Buddhist Centre on Triratna Night, 27 June 2016, during Buddhist Action Month – BAM!
Oct. 29, 2016
In our FBA Podcast this week is by Mahasiddhi, entitled: Maitri, Friendship and Meaning – Being a Buddhist Chaplain In a Non-Buddhist Setting. As part of taking the Dharma into the world, Mahasiddhi talks about his experience as a Buddhist Chaplain and how the Dharma supports and informs his practice with mainly non-Buddhist patients. Mahasiddhi [...]
Oct. 22, 2016
In our FBA Podcast this week is by Vajratara, entitled: Kshanti (Patience): A Response to the Modern World. This talk was given in Sheffield at a unique time in British politics. A few days before, the UK had voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. At a time of political turmoil with reported [...]
Oct. 15, 2016
In our FBA Podcast this week we hear from Ratnaprabha on Gender and Sexuality In Buddhism. In this very rich and well researched talk at the Stockholms Buddhistcenter (13 June 2011) Ratnaprabha traces the view of gender and sexuality in Buddhism. He addresses these topics in an open and inquiring way, not afraid of treading [...]
Oct. 8, 2016
In our FBA Podcast today, Prasadachitta delivers a beautiful set of reflections on his personal practice in Whirlpools and Clear Water. This talk by Prasadachitta is like a beautiful stillness amid the whirl of a full Order Convention. His conversational style gradually brings forth the depth of reflection behind it. And the integrity of his [...]
July 16, 2016
In our FBA Podcast today, The Muni and the Moonlight, Vajrasara reflects on the Buddha, his victory over pleasure and pain, and how we might bring him alive in our lives. Talk given May 2011 at Bristol Buddhist Centre.
July 9, 2016
Our FBA Podcast this week is a delightful talk in which Sangharakshita looks at his own poem ‘Sripada’, the translation of which gives the title:Footsteps of Delight. Evoking the more mythical side of his own spiritual quest, he challenges us in ours with an often good humoured look at what it is to Go for [...]
July 2, 2016
Our FBA Podcast this week is a dynamic talk by Vadanya calledIs the Buddha Dead for Us?. In this talk on the Buddha’s parinirvana, Vadanya explores how we can use our imagination to have a real living connection with the Buddha, and how we can make our own future potential for enlightenment a source of [...]
June 25, 2016
In this week’s FBA Podcast entitled Reverencing the Buddha – I Bow to No One Dead Or Alive Mahamani gives an incredibly passionate talk on reverencing the Buddha. Drawing on her own experiences of struggling to understand the place of ritual in Buddhism, Mahamani guides us on her own path to finally bowing before the [...]
June 18, 2016
In this week’s FBA Podcast Padmavajra describes how we practice the Dharma so as to create Love, respect and unity within our community and the wider world. Creating Love, Respect and Unity given at the Mens Event titled Beyond Isolation, Building the Buddha Land.
June 11, 2016
The wonderful Dhammadinna brings us this week’s FBA Podcast entitled Seven Point Mind Training. This is the first of seven talks in a series based on Atisha’s famous ‘The Seven Points of Mind Training’, and influenced both by Chekawa’s commentary and Langri Tangpa’s ‘Eight Verses for Training the Mind’. This talk was given on April 7th, [...]
June 4, 2016
This week’s FBA Podcast is a talk by Maitreyabandhu entitledSpiritual Death and Radical Transformation. In this rousing talk Maitreyabandhu goes into where Buddhism begins: with ourselves as we are and with the awake Buddha. But we don’t really know either ourselves or the Buddha. He emphasises that we don’t know because we so easily assume [...]
May 28, 2016
This week’s FBA Podcast is a talk by Vessantara entitledThe Empty Boat. Early navigators were able to traverse vast distances using intuitive messages from the sun, wind, stars. Going for refuge is kind of a journey that needs ongoing mindfulness, a vision of the goal The second in a series of four talks by Vessantara [...]
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