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Exponential Technology Counsel
By Jurgen Vollrath
About this podcast
Learn the tricks and business practices that your attorney doesn't tell you - I will help your start-up be successful by showing you how to manage your intellectual property, reduce your patent costs, create a license revenue stream from your inventions, and avoid getting sued for IP infringement.
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Sept. 17, 2017 · 00:27:56
I recently spoke to an angel, several VCs and a corporate investor – each with the same question: What are you looking for in an investment? Interestingly, they all had pretty much the same feedback….
Sept. 3, 2017 · 00:27:56
But there is more to it than past experience.  Business strategy is not a cookie cutter business, and having a CEO with past experience does not necessarily translate into success…and can actually be a negative. Understand that each company is different and start by gathering the data that will inform you about your entire playing field, before you tap into any past experience.
Aug. 27, 2017 · 00:27:56
Before you embark on any military campaign you want to gather intelligence – spies, reconnaissance groups, code breakers – because it tells you something about your opponent and how best to engage them. The same applies in business.  You need to know where you are going and what you’re getting involved in before you can effectively embark on a business plan or an IP strategy. Understand the how and why of business intelligence.
Aug. 20, 2017 · 00:27:56
A patent - as you typically think of it - protect inventions, ideas or concepts. Which distinguishes it from a Design Patent, which still applies to functional items or items of manufacturability, but serves only to protect the ornamental design.    So where does Copyright come in?  Very broadly, it applies when you’re dealing with non-functional expressions: with works of authorship (such as literary, artistic, or musical works).  But what does that mean from a practical perspective?  How do you know whether to go for Copyright or some form of patent protection? 
Aug. 11, 2017 · 00:27:56
When we think of a patent – we generally think in terms of a utility patent. However, in many instances you may have an article in which the particular appearance is important to you – not simply because of its utilitarian function but also because of its aesthetic appeal. And don’t forget the issues of cost and time – both of which are significant when it comes to a utility patent. So I want to take you down a path of discovery – of an alternative or additional form of protection that most people forget about….the Design Patent.
Aug. 6, 2017 · 00:27:56
When other forms of IP aren't appropriate - don't forget TMs
July 30, 2017 · 00:27:56
There are any number of arguments why you should avoid patents altogether – from cost of obtaining a patent to likelihood of getting and keeping an issued patent, to the cost of enforcement. But there are ways of stacking the deck in your favor…and at the end of the day you need patents – especially when you are starting out. It is not a matter of whether to get a patent but how to use it. Learn more about the pros and cons and how to win the patent game.
July 23, 2017 · 00:27:56
The alternative: part-time or virtual in-house counsel
July 16, 2017 · 00:27:56
There are some things that cannot be outsourced or handed off to someone else.  Your IP strategy - like your business strategy - is one of them.
July 9, 2017 · 00:27:56
If you are a CEO or about to launch a startup or consider yourself an entrepreneur, there are 3 things that will define you …that will dictate your level of success: Fortitude; a plan, and your ability to anticipate risk.
July 2, 2017 · 00:27:56
I have listened and am responding: By launching the first and most comprehensive one-on-one C-Suite course to teach you everything you didn't know about successfully structuring and leading a company to maximum profit.
June 25, 2017 · 00:27:56
If you look at the number of patents that auto makers like Tesla, and autonomous car developers like Waymo are filing, there is a discrepancy to the total number of patents being filed in this space.  The question is why? Let’s look at this particular industry and the impact that patents is having.
June 18, 2017 · 00:27:56
Even with all the solar panels being installed locally, the majority of power will continue to be produced centrally and distributed via a network of power lines and transformers. The question of optimizing power usage therefore is limited not only to its production but also to efficient distribution Hence the renewed interest in amorphous metal transformers, with no-load losses down to 20% of traditional transformers and enormous reductions in CO2 emission.
June 11, 2017 · 00:27:56
All too often what happens is that the founder, or the in-house counsel, starts building the patent portfolio in a reactive manner – where the patent strategy is driven by the product.  They figure they’ll go to the source of the innovation and start there - engaging with the developers to find out what they are working on and then making an executive decision on what can be patented. The problem with this approach is three-fold: You’re engaging at the most granular level, It is a one-way communication, and Deciding what can be patented is quite different from what should be patented.
June 4, 2017 · 00:27:56
You are looking for companies who are doing something similar to you and could benefit from your complementary Technology or are trying to enter into that space.  So your map has to be broad enough to consider different applications of your technology – different markets.    
May 28, 2017 · 00:27:56
The reality is that you cannot simply rely on patents to keep competitors at bay. So, a recurring theme with startups is the fear of getting screwed by larger companies. But there is, in fact, a way of playing the game and surviving – you just have to be strategic about it. Learn the steps to take as you negotiate this tightrope…
May 21, 2017 · 00:27:56
A successful exit strategy – in this case your acquisition - requires that you understand the full range of potential companies – each of which will have its own reason for wanting to acquire you – and each will have a different price tag that it will be willing to consider. … because the value of your company is not purely an inherent feature but depends who you talk to.  So you want to identify all players and then start categorizing and prioritizing the prospects.
May 14, 2017 · 00:27:56
Open Source is a nice shortcut when developing code – but it comes with some pretty heavy shackles if your plan is to commercialize.
May 7, 2017 · 00:27:56
Think of it in terms f playing chess where you stack the deck in your favor by being able to anticipate your opponent’s next move.
April 30, 2017 · 00:27:56
Lean startup requires a level of risk and the introduction of new cross-functional groups with centralized budgets and a built in innovation mindset – groups that have the ear of the decision makers in the company.
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