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RMIT teaching programs include the following disciplines: Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Aug. 18, 2009 · 00:01:11
Dr Adrian Orifici was awarded a 2008 Victoria Fellowship for his research in aerospace engineering focussing on composite materials.
April 9, 2009 · 00:06:36
It is important to establish a proper procedure for the handling and storage of samples.
April 9, 2009 · 00:03:30
Among the range of site assessment methods, exploratory borings are by far the most widely used.
April 9, 2009 · 00:02:29
Considerations in performing a site assessment. To begin a subsurface investigation, a geologist or geotechnical engineer will devise an Investigation plan.
March 31, 2009 · 00:03:24
Prior to the building of any structure, a Site Assessment and Soil Classification must be undertaken if we are to have a complete understanding of the properties and hazards associated with a proposed site.
March 17, 2009 · 00:01:23
RMIT research into hydrogen fuel
March 13, 2009 · 00:21:56
Electrical Engineering - KMap Examples: Plotting and Minimizing
March 13, 2009 · 00:18:42
Electrical Engineering - Logic Gates, Boolean Algebra
March 13, 2009 · 00:15:34
Electrical Engineering - Boolean Algebra and K Maps
March 5, 2009 · 00:13:00
Circuit Review, Ohm’s Law, KVL and KCL
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