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Podcast – Startup Daddy Business Startup Podcast Radio Show
By Ian Gordon: Business Strategist and Online Marketer
About this podcast
For entrepreneurs who want to start and grow a business. Learn how to get your business started including naming your business, choosing the right business identity, and establishing your LLC, Corporation, or Partnership. Learn marketing techniques including traditional marketing and advertising methods and internet marketing techniques to build your market and establish your brand. I want to help you start your own business so you can take control of your future.
Episodes (Total: 25)
May 26, 2013
In this episode of Startup Daddy I talk with Mitch Joel about his new book, Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends on It.  We also touch on his thoughts about balancing what he calls the three tiers of entrepreneurial life- Family/Personal, Community, and Professional. Technology has fundamentally changed the […]
April 26, 2013
In this episode of Startup Daddy, I talk about the new rules of Search Engine Optimization.  The new rules of SEO rely heavily on social media, specifically having your website and content shared on social media websites. I also talk about the importance of a Google Places profile to Local Businesses. Sign up for a […]
Jan. 19, 2013
In this episode, of Startup Daddy I talk about some things you can do to get your business off to a great start in the coming year. I cover the 3 Words exercise started by Chris Brogan, where you pick 3 words that will frame your year. If you pick three words, please drop them […]
Aug. 12, 2011
In this episode, of Startup Daddy, I answer some questions from audience email.  Some of the topics covered include: Do the Work, by Steven Pressfield (Amazon affiliate link) Domino Project Starting A Business Plan Getting Your Business Funded Advice About Presentations & Pitches What Makes A Good Presentation or Elevator Pitch Guy Kawasaki’s 10, 20, 30 Rule for making presentations or pitches Play […]
June 14, 2010
In this episode of Startup Daddy, I talk about the best business books for starting a business, and a service that makes it easy to share large files with clients (or anyone else).  I get asked about books a lot, so I made a new page on this site called, Recommended Reading.  I thought it […]
May 29, 2010
In this episode of Startup Daddy,  I talk about one of the challenges I have been facing getting my new business going.  Starting a business with young children in your life is hard. Period.  Hopefully, by talking about some of my challenges, I can encourage some of you, to push through your challenges, and not […]
April 23, 2010
In this edition of Startup Daddy, I talk about changes Facebook made this week, and Facebook Social Plugins. They are big changes that impact not only traffic to your website, but the way you can market your business. If you have a Facebook Fan Page for your business or yourself, you need to know that […]
April 9, 2010
In this episode of Startup Daddy, I interview Scott Stratten, president of Unmarketing, and author of a soon to be released book: UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging (affiliate link). Scott has a successful company, popular marketing blog, busy speaking schedule, and a book deal with a major publisher.  I figure that’s someone you could learn […]
Feb. 17, 2010
In this episode of Startup Daddy I talk about creating a professional looking presence on social media sites like Facebook and Youtube. Facebook has over 400 million active users.  More than half log in every day and the average user spends about an hour per day there. See why you should be there? In this […]
Jan. 22, 2010
In this episode of Startup Daddy I talk about my new company, Memory Deck.  I hope that by talking about the process I’m going through as I start this new company, you will see that you can do it too. While my partner and I have been researching and planning this for months, when it […]
Dec. 8, 2009
In this episode of Startup Daddy, I’m going to talk about a new business I’m starting, and some tools I am using to collaborate with a partner in another Country.  In today’s time saver quick tip, I’m going to talk about some things that will help save you some time and money when it’s time […]
Nov. 4, 2009
This episode of Startup Daddy is my first Video Podcast. I made a video that talks about the different kinds of business plans and the elements that a business plan should contain. About a month ago, I posted this video to YouTube. When I compare my statistics for the number of people who listen to […]
Oct. 21, 2009
In this episode of Startup Daddy I have a conversation with Marc Warnke,  author of ONO: Options Not Obligations.   A few months ago Marc popped up on my radar as he was promoting his book.  What made me stop and take notice was his concept of the Family First Entrepreneur.  This has been the way […]
Aug. 31, 2009
This past Saturday, I went to see Bill Clinton speak at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), or as the locals call it, the EX.  Whatever you think of Bill Clinton, and whatever your political views are, he said some things during his speech that every entrepreneur should hear. Though he attended the funeral for Ted […]
Aug. 20, 2009
In this episode of Startup Daddy , I answer questions from YOU.  I really want to help you get your businesses started, and one of the ways I back that up with action is to invite you to send me your questions.  I want this to be a conversation, not a lecture.  A lot of […]
Aug. 6, 2009
In this episode of the Startup Daddy podcast, I talk about the importance of writing at least a basic business plan, and how to tackle some basic financial statements: Startup Expense Table, Break-even Analysis, and Cash Flow Statement. When you write a business plan, the process is the juice.  Going through the research and thought […]
May 21, 2009
In this episode of the Startup Daddy Podcast, I talk about how to conduct initial market research to determine of there is a market or potential market for a particular product or service.  I also talk about some ways to evaluate an opportunity and some tools I use for market research. Today’s feature segment is […]
May 9, 2009
There was a weird problem with iTunes where many of you downloaded a file that was silent.  I thought the best thing to do, was to repost the file and give it a whole new record, so iTunes would look at it as a whole new podcast.  This way, if you are subscribed, you will […]
March 5, 2009
In this episode of Start A Business With Startup Daddy, I talk about productivity, and two books that have put me on the path to getting more done each day: Getting Things Done, by David Allen and Zen to Done, by Leo Babauta. In order to accomplish all I have to in a given day, […]
Feb. 13, 2009
In this episode of Start A Business With Startup Daddy, I talk about Affiliate Marketing.  It is a type of home based business that offers flexible hours and location, as well as leaving plenty of time in your day to spend with your family or to pursue other interests. I explain what affiliate marketing is, […]
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