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Entreprogrammers Podcast
By Derick Bailey, Charles Max Wood, John Sonmez, Josh Earl
About this podcast
Get a fly-on-the-wall perspective from 4 developers turned entrepreneurs, as they struggle with the business and learn lessons the hard way. This is the weekly mastermind group of the entreprogrammers - a no holds barred, unedited look at what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.
Episodes (Total: 10)
Nov. 14, 2017 · 00:58:26
Episode 193 “Josh & Chuck Land”  0:15 Josh and Chuck talk about their late start and new Apple hardware. Josh talk about his iPhone 8 plus and Kindle reading. Josh talks about selling his Apple Watch because some features do not work for him anymore since the latest iOS update.  5:30 Chuck talks about his Fitbit Blaze, and some talk about pebble watch features. John talks about open enrollment for health insurance and increasing premiums.  8:00 Josh further digs into the healthcare from the National Association for the Self Employed, with some surprises with a webinar type sales call.  Josh talks about the call and features of the plan, even though it sounded great.  12:00 Josh talks about digging up dirt on this healthcare company. Basically, Josh found out this was a scam after googling information on them. Josh talks about asking for 3 to 4 positive review on the company for the sales representative.  20:00 Josh talks about the high deductibles on current healthcare insurance.  Josh and Chuck talk about how the costs outweigh the purpose of health insurance.  25:00 Josh talks about dropping sales numbers at Simple Programmer. Josh talks about trying to find the source of the problem for dropping sales. Josh finds the traffic was generated by the free book offer.  29:00 Josh talk about doing some testing on lead magnets for the funnels.  Josh mentions he is going to test 20 different headlines. Josh also mentions that headline doesn't make a difference.  36:00 Chuck talks about feeling stuck and dealing with being rear-ended and car insurance issues. Chuck also fixes an RSS feed on the podcast episodes. Chuck mentions finding a bug with Android.   40:00 Chuck talks about setting up websites for the dev summits for customers. Lots to do and no sleep.    41:00 Chuck talks about going to Microsoft Connect next week and possibly getting ahead on episodes for JavaScript Jabber and the others on his network. Chuck talks about having a rough time with car issues at home.  46:00 Josh suggests setting up things to help reduce all the tasks on his plate at the moment. Josh mentions he learned that Thrive cart will not work for them at Simple Programmer. Josh says they are moving to WooCommerce so they can have their own sales page. Also, it works with WordPress.  Thoughts of the Week!  Josh - Challenging assumptions… Chuck - Sometimes the train goes off the tracks   
Nov. 7, 2017 · 01:05:22
0:15 We’re live! Chuck talks about his old MacBook Pro dying, and replacing it with a new version. Josh talks about the selling price of old MacBooks. Chuck mentions that his MacBook was unrepairable, because of missing parts. 4:50 Chuck talk about having a bad week and being rear-ended, the internet went out, and a disconnecting Windows machine. Chuck mentions having trouble with the Air pods. John say you can fix magic. 8:15 Chuck mentions having a getting away with his wife over the weekend. Chuck talks about his plan for hiring someone to take care of managing the sponsorship tasks. 11:30 Josh and John talk about the weekly reports from Rodrigo. Chuck says this is the reason he fired Gerald. Because he was not providing feedback on the job he does. 13:00 Chuck mentions that his new sponsorship system called Podwrench. Chuck talks about the past work with Mandy. The EntreProgrammers talks about working yourself out of a job and automation. 15:00 Chuck continues to talks about raising the bar on the sponsorship service since the system is built. John talks about doing with video shoot with SkillSoft. John talks about having to do hair and makeup for the video shoot for SkillSoft. 19:00 John talks about possibly being apart of the soft skills meet up or program/event. John says this will be exactly like fights club. John talks about being hit on by guys in SF. 22:00 Josh and John talk about getting the Kindle Daily Deal. Josh explains the catch on of sales promotion tactics. Josh talks about the sales this program generated. John and Josh talk about the reach Amazon has with this program. 30:00 John talks about selling the book in other marketplaces besides KDP. Josh talks the possible ways to do promotions with KDP. Josh talks about the price change of the book since last week. 37:00 John and Josh talk about selling a printed book in a different format to make more sales. Josh talks about working with Interview Cake and Parker. 43:00 Josh talks about a marketing strategy to gain names or a list for driving sells to a product. Josh talks out sending out emails, an expecting to get unsubscribes. Josh is talking about building a pinko machine of sales offers. 50:00 Josh talks about the active subscribers on their list, and the customer lifetime value. Josh talks about doing a fire sale to a country with low income. Josh asked for a feature in Drip from Rob. Josh talks about the individual worth of subscribers in different countries. 57:00 Josh talks about trying to find a workaround for working with time zones. Chuck ask about Micro Conf.   Thoughts for the Week! John - Once you see it is possible, you can do it. Josh - Consistency trumps intensity Chuck - Suck it up an do it.
Oct. 31, 2017 · 01:21:53
Episode 191 “Your Kinda Like A Pimp” 0:15 We’re Live! Chuck give an introduction to the podcast directory for DevChat TV. Chuck talks about how the directory works for sponsorship slot purchases.  Chuck talks about talking to people at Libsyn about the directory.  3:50 Chuck talks about the inner workings of the directory and things that need to be fixed or refined. Chuck talks about speaking with React Native Radio to get a set schedule. Also, some talk about the new workflow for the whole podcast production process.  8:00 Chuck talks about selling service to use this service for a monthly fee. Chuck talks about the fees and costs to run the new service.  John mentions to not expanded this out until it is running great for his podcast production.  13:00 The EntreProgrammers talk about the process of sponsors for the top 10 shows. Chuck talks about giving credit to the loss of traffic to sponsors. Josh suggests this can go to used space or sponsor slots. John talks about automating the system in the future.  20:00 Chuck talks about how this project with bringing back former sponsors and get some firm commits to the new system.  25:00 Josh critiques Chuck ad copy. Josh mentions he like that story but says that he was teaching to much. Josh talks about maybe doing some affiliate marketing.  Josh mentions testing about doing launches.  29:00 Josh gives some details on warming up the audience and getting backing to sales. John talks about doing some live video recordings as a kind of marketing strategy. Also, build some new courses and build up membership.  33:00 John talks about doing “shirts off” video broadcast. John says this is a huge lift on the viewership on YouTube.  John talks about the watch time and the traffic to the live videos once they are posted.  38:00 John show his new t-shirt “Video Begins at 0:00,” which is available in the Simple Programmer store 41:00 John talks about calling out people base on their Intent, rather than some sort of ignorance. John and Josh talk about the topic of Corn Pops, and the issues this raises when people take this in the wrong context.  48:00 John talks about getting some mouth hardware, didn’t even notice. John talks about using Invisalign. Josh, talks about the rising cost of healthcare.  53:00 John and Josh talk about Healthcare and the non-sense high cost of useless coverage. Josh talks about how private insurance works which does not fully compile with Obamacare.  Look up private insurance for the self-employed.  59:00 Josh explains how the penalty works for the self-employed, and how the government collects that fine. John explains that health insurance is a kind of hedge. Chuck talks about his health care situation, especially being diabetic.  1:05:00 John and Chuck talk about pulling together an association to get health care across state lines.  John talks about the level of income of those at 100k to the millions, have no troubles with paying health care. But those at least making 100k can barely handle the hits of the rising costs.  Thoughts for the Weeks John - Out earn it!  Chuck - Put it in my control!   Josh - There are no limits to the number of doors.
Oct. 24, 2017 · 01:11:57
0:15  We’re live! Let take our shirts up and talk about X. John talks about his recent shit storm rant on YouTube. John mention some had told him about starting a Twich channel. John says he likes doing the live videos and he gets great audience interaction with live video.  5:00 John talks about doing a live show called “Let Take Our Shirts Off and Talk About…” The Ted talks about Simple Programmer.  6:30  Josh mentions catching up on sleep after a trip to Wisconsin, for a Perry Marshall Round Table meeting.  Josh talks about the ins and outs of building the membership program for their products. Josh talks about the direction their product or programs are about, after analyzing the marketing and platform.  11:45 Josh talk about defining what this membership off is about before launching it. John and Josh talk about how this would be a different kind of launch. 15:50 Chuck mentions that Thrive Cart is still in beta and only by invitation. Josh talk about the 900 amazon bill and bring that bill down. John talks about the membership course and products. Josh talks about setting up some email redirects.  19:00 John talks about recording 40 chapters of his audiobook, and 20 chapters to go. John talks about the crude language and titles of his YouTube videos, and how they don’t something serve the buttoned-up business corporations.  22:00 Chuck talks about the numbers of attendees of the Ruby Dev Summit and Angular Dev Summit. But some were paid passes and free passes to the conferences.  25:00 Chuck talks about some of the topics like machine learning and how nothing has really changed in Ruby, but on other platforms have constant change  27:00 John talks about finding an audience with those who were unpaid attendees to the recent conferences. Chuck talks about updating the websites and sites for the conferences.  31:00 Josh says that these different elements of the conferences help build Chuck’s podcast empire. The EntreProgrammers suggest the many ideas to help Chuck with making a profit on the conference tickets. Chuck talks about the pricing model for the conferences.  42:00 The EntreProgrammers talks about the various ways to make money from conferences paid or fee. John lists off several ways to create revenue streams from these annual conferences.  45:00 Chuck talks about the speakers doing talks for free and ways compensate them. John talks about the doing affiliate links and paying a percentage of the ticket sales.  55:00 Chuck talks about setting up the conferences as a kind of lead magnet for emails or product sales. Josh talks about talks with a person whose was not ready to become an e-commerce store. John says e-commerce is very different.  1:00:00 Chuck says that everyone he has talked to says he needs to get the sponsorship stuff down. John again talks about spinning up more podcasts and podcast audience. More podcasts views, listeners, downloads, equals more money for sponsorships.    Thoughts for the Week Chuck - Take a break when you need one. John - Show up consistently to not fear failure  Josh -  Getting away, getting clear      
Oct. 17, 2017 · 01:05:03
0:15  We’re live!  We are here, and we need a fourth. John mentions causing a shit storm on the internet.  John talks about saying something about comments on his videos, based on the opinion of when relevant content starts in his video. 7:00 John talks about starting a live stream to talk about the issues people had about the comment. And he as able to reverse the negativity and downvotes.  10:00 John mentions he started a cult in support of “video starts at video 0:00." The EntreProgrammers talk about the craziness people get into without knowing the whole story.  13:45 John talks about a book called  For New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto. John talks about how this book will make you libertarian.    16:00 John talks about cut the ads or turning off monetization on his YouTube videos. Because it stunts the growth of the subscribers. John and Josh explore other avenues to accelerate the growth. Josh suggest testing and turning off the ads.    23:00 Chuck talk about how he is almost done with the app to handle the sponsorship for the podcast. Chuck talks about the different kinds of ideas for signing up for sponsor slots on the podcasts.    25:00 Chuck talks about maybe creating a way to look at available slots for sponsorship without an account. Then if they want to purchase a time slot, then they will need to set up an account.    27:00 Chuck talks about overhauling the Dev Chat TV site in the future. John and Josh suggest not to do the overhaul until his app is in place and working.    31:00 John talks about creating an immediate income stream by doing affiliate or commission. John talks about the cash flow that will be available once his sponsorship app is in-place.    35:00 John talks about the B to B type business, and add more podcasts to his network. John continues to talk about the goldmine scenario, but you have to hit the mother load first before you move on to the next hill. Also, some talks about multiplying the podcast shows.    45:00 Chuck talks about keeping his list warm, with affiliate stuff or newsletters. John, again, suggests creating and promoting a new podcast show.    50:00 John talks about the permission market approach that Seth Godin and Grant Cardone implement. Chuck says he done not know how people have the time to do stuff like this. John says that despite the shit storm, he got tons of engagement.    56:00 John gives a rundown of his new camera and mic equipment.    Thoughts for the Weeks   John - Stand your ground.   Josh - Focus too!      Chuck  - Focus 
Oct. 10, 2017 · 00:57:42
0:15 We’re Live. John mentions that he was in Las Vegas during the shooting last week. John talks about the chaos in Las Vegas and the many different quick decisions he had to make. 6:00 EntreProgrammers talk about the past visits to Las Vegas, and John continues to talk about the coaching he was trying to do, and being hit on at the lounges. 10:00 John talks about how great the Thrive conference was in Las Vegas. John talks about meeting and seeing people like Grant Cardone, Ty Lopez and much more. Chuck talks about going to Las Vegas next year for a conference. 14:00 Chuck talks about recently hiring and firing a project manager, and another. Chuck talks about hiring a person to handle the sponsorship information. 17:00 Chuck talks about speaking with an open source developer/entrepreneur. Chuck talk about his encounter with syndicated ads. Chuck talks about having a miscommunication with a sponsor trying to find an ad. 21:00 Chuck continues with finding a renewed spark for doing the ad reads and being more animated in the podcast shows, also his new plan for managing sponsorships. 25:00 Josh suggests the kinds of information sponsors are looking for in a sponsorship, like transparency and analytics. Chuck talks about the type of analytic tool he needs to provide information back to his sponsors. Chuck says he keeps getting sponsor asking for certain criteria for sponsorship. 30:00 Chuck talks about creating the tools he needs for the sponsors. Chuck also talks about conflicts with sponsors advertising the similar services or products.  Chuck told a sponsor that if they want to be exclusive, they have to buy it out the sponsor slots. 35:00 Chuck talks about this build idea that is very unique and could be your bread and butter for a long time. 40:00 Chuck talk about searching for tool and coding. Chuck says he might end up building a system similar to what. Derrick’s  Signal Leaf did when it was up an running. 45:00 Josh talk about working on a project with he is working for promoting John on Plural Sight. Also, work on some email list projects and marketing. John thinks they can make some money off this project on Plural Sight. 49:00 Chuck mentions Ruby Dev. Summit at Thoughts of the Week Chuck - If you not happy with what you are getting, change what you are doing.,. John - Until you see what is possible, everything is impossible Josh - Have a plan..
Oct. 3, 2017 · 01:27:31
0:15 We’re Live!  Josh turned 37 this past week. Josh says he is so mad at some idiot. Josh talks about getting a message from John about an issue with he book on Kindle.  Josh talks about what he thinks happen for this book to be taken down.  8:00 Josh mentions the book was losing ranking because sales were lost. Josh talks about issues when getting John’s book republished. Josh they may have to do another promotion to gain the ranking back.  11:00 Josh says this book is not their business, so it difficult not to have the power to do what the need at any time. Josh talks about how royalties are set within Amazon book sales. Josh talks about his thought about selling books on Amazon.  18:00 Josh talks about liking Thrive Cart . Josh and Chuck talk about the types of carts they currently use. Josh talks about the current Simple Programmer shopping cart, and all the features available to make sales.  24:00 Josh goes into some market strategy and tools he uses from day to day. Chuck ask about payment on Thrive Cart. Chuck talks about how he uses MemberPress.  31:00 Chuck talks about getting his water main fixed. Chuck talks about reading Profit First. Chuck talks about the way Profit First tells you to divide your money into different accounts.  37:00 Josh talks who Simple Programmer handles the accounting. Chuck talks about how Profit First talks about cutting expenses. Chuck goes back to how he fires people… Chuck talks about the current plans for cutting expenses.  49:00 Chuck talks about moving to Pipedrive CRM and Sale management, but still, needs some functions that BlueTick offers.  53:00 Josh recommends as a free tool for searching and check valid emails. Chuck wants to us this for find prospects.  59:00 Chuck says he is thinking about taking out the bronze package for sponsorships. Chuck talks about backlog episodes.  Josh talks about how Podcast vs Radio are paid in sponsors.  1:05:00 Chuck talks about the impression vs. volume of episodes. Josh climes in with how CPMs work for sponsorships. Chuck says he should talk to Derick about the podcast hosting and adding other features like sponsor clips.  1:15:00 Chuck admits that John was right about how Chuck was running his business awhile back. Thoughts for the Week!  Chuck - You cant keep doing the same thing, expecting something different to happen. Josh - Every system is perfectly designed to produce the results that it is producing.                                                                   
Sept. 26, 2017 · 01:15:17
0:15 We’re Live. John is back and exhaust from all the traveling. John mentions that he did not miss a workout during the whole trip. John says he did gain about 20lbs, but has force himself to get through the grind. John describes how people get into depression or gain momentum into positivity.  8:00 Chuck compares he recents trails to what Johns was just talking about. Chuck also talks about the book You Are The Placebo. Chuck says looking over the abyss and considering the walk back is freaking hard.  11:00 John says you might as well try to charge up the hill, and build a new city. Chuck compares his finances  to last year, and is looking for a way forward, rather it is in finances or podcast production. Chuck says this is about just breaking even and moving forward.  15:00 Josh suggests looking into the profitability. John talks about the same ideas relayed in the current book Chuck has been reading, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind… and others. John talks about how the little league is these to beat you up to get to the big leagues.  22:00 Johns says the struggle is figuring out all the wrong ways of doing things, but leads to the well oiled machine that works every time. Josh says this maybe cheaper in the long run and less headaches.  25:00 Chuck talks about the new project manager he hired and the new processes to help all the different events and weekly tasks from week to week. Chuck talks about maybe moving things to Jira as he starts building new processes.  29:00 Chuck talks about his new project manager, where he is from, and his new tasks. Josh mentions that they may want to hire a project manager to handle task in Simple Programmer. But John talks about the different situations where it could work.  33:00 John says this position may be a intern type job, and grow it into a position with a bigger capacity, but, possibly someone with an entrepreneurial mindset. John says if something like this was available in his mid twenties, he would have certainly done it. This would have help gain traction into entrepreneurship.  37:00 John talks about interviewing James Damore, and the different things that happen with  this tech firing situation. John talks about historical events that led to huge changes we see in situations like James Damore’s.  45:00 The EntreProgarmmers give their thoughts on companies having the right to fire as they see fit. The EntreProgrammers speak on topics about  discriminations such as race and levels of intelligence from race to race. John compares this ideas to the breeding of dogs… and thing humans have done in the past. 57:00 The EntreProgrammers ask questions like, What makes a good coder? Male or Female? Do some people have advantages or do we need to just work harder to get somewhere if life?  Thoughts of the Week John - Fight from a position of strength  Charles - What are you going to do?  Josh -  Someone in business always has the upper hand.. It’s your job to be that person.
Sept. 19, 2017 · 00:57:15
0:15 We're live.  Just Chuck and Josh. Josh talks about a Chrome bug that is not letting him use his good mic. Also, some tech tech about Josh’s new screen. Chuck says it is rain and he is not going to fix this leaking pipe. 2:30  Chuck says he was doing Angular Dev Summit all week, and gain some 700 emails for his list. Chuck say it was a good summit ad great talks. Chuck mentions that he is home alone with he kiddos.  5:00 Chuck talks about working with Fulcrum an automation tool.  Chuck mentions that he has a new process with his podcast production. Chuck is also working on the renewals of sponsorships.  8:00 Chuck says he is finally releasing the episode before the show notes are done, then he can catch up with the show notes later. Josh talks about maybe using  a place holder for the show notes. Chuck talks about the downward spiral with a  show note writer.  10:00 Josh ask about the Angular Dev Summit, and some general attendee questions. Chuck talks about sending a email out about the summit to those who did not show up. Chuck says he want to find some to do this leg work for coordinating the summits and conferences.  15:00 Josh ask about how the “Free Model” work this time around. Chuck says the emails he gain were worth the whole event. This is a 5% bump for Chuck’s list. Josh asks about the popularity of Angular to React. Chuck explains the difference  17:00 Josh and Chuck talk about the Angular JS, and how React is growing. Chuck says he does not have a React show on yet.  But he is working on it. Chuck talks about the mainstream support of the different programming languages.  20:00 Chuck talks about the banner issue that was not happening with the sponsors. Josh mentions hat John is flying home now.  23:00 Josh talks about the revenue and reach of the sponsorship. Josh talks about finding the qualified leads and get the customer value. Josh talks about the $6 a click. Josh talks about how is learning and reinventing the wheel for the sponsorships and sales. Josh thinks that they need to out source sponsorship sales. Maybe a 15 -20% commission.  28:00 Josh thinks this is outside of his niche to do the sponsorship sales. Chuck talks about the sales process from his point of view. Josh thinks that his would be a full time job for him, but he might have better use for his time.  30:00 Chuck talks about what a new show means for the revenue of sponsorships. Chuck and Josh talks about all the task for doing sales call and working with the CRM.  37:00 Chuck says he wants to build his own CRM. Josh and Chuck about their biggest problems with a CRMs. Josh says he want to mash a CRM with Trello.   39:00 Josh says he is looking for someone who does media sales. Josh talks about doing some experimentation with LinkedIn Ads. But they’re expensive. Josh talks about the campaign he did, and who he targeted.  42:00 Josh talks about how  LinkedIn ads work. Josh says the is probably how he was find someone to help them. Chuck says he would give an introduction to someone who does marketing for podcasts.  44:00 Josh talks about a new licensing program they’re apart of for the new book and podcasts. Next this is working on the audio book.  47:00 Chuck says he like listening to audio. Josh says he does both kindle and audio. Chuck and Josh discuss the next process of the show notes on the podcasts.  Thoughts of the Week! Chuck - Creating the process and trusting the process.  Josh - It talks some time in marketing…  
Sept. 12, 2017 · 01:07:23
0:15  We’re Live! Just Josh and Chuck today. Josh is calling in form a rotary phone. Chuck mentions he had to write show notes. Chuck is firing again. Chuck talks about a high utility bill and trying to find out why? Leaking pipes! Murphy lives here.  7:00 Chuck mentions getting a new sponsor and getting some help to fund the month till sponsors pay.  10:00 Chuck says he is going to hire 4 writers to be responsible for the show’s notes. Also Chuck is working to keep production ahead so the production line has some buffer.  Chuck and Josh talks about evergreen content and how podcasting and publishing works to help traffic.  18:00 Josh mentions that Chuck could recycle some shows to buy some time to till production catches up. Chuck talks about planning ahead with the other podcast hosts to replace topics.  20:00 Josh talks what the process is on producing the show notes for one episode. Josh asks is the writers need to know code to write the notes. Chuck says no, that is no needed.  23:00 Josh suggests hiring 10 people to write the notes from UpWork. Chuck talks about getting off of Slack and switching to MatterMost for podcast production.  28:00 Chuck says that his podcast production broken and his house broke, but Angular Dev Summit is working out just fine. Josh says this production line needs to be a Zero Tolerance policy.  32:00 Josh talks about working at a new paper and making sure that things get done. Josh says this maybe because they are doing this on a budget, is the big reason things fall apart.  33:00 Josh talks about Hub Spot and the free CRM. Josh describes his issues with loading data into these kinds of tools, and trying to build tasks. Josh talks about the G Mail plugin in Hub Spot.  38:00 Josh talks about he issues with his email tools. Chuck talks about the kind of features he needs to these CRM tools.  40:00 Josh says he is struggling with the outreach, and these tools need to be configurable to cater to their needs. Josh talks about doing Cold Out Reach and Warm Follow up, using these tools.  45:00 More talk on how similar CRMs are, and the one or two small differences. Josh talks about finally setting up their membership site. Josh talks about flipping the switch and making the site go live, but with a test first.  50:00 Josh talks about how the title on the membership site was broken due to the title. Josh talks about how he was not impress by Digital Access Pass.  56:00 Chuck says he was to take a look into this, because he wants to do something similar. Josh says he has not hear from John. He should be back this coming week. More talk on CRM features.  1:02:00 Josh and Chuck mentioned scripting or writing a bit of code, or learning new things.    Thoughts for the Week  Chuck - Don’t go to victim-land.  Josh - Taking the time to figure out the steps. 
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