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A network of the very best Magic: The Gathering podcasts around, covering every aspect of the game, from the pros to your local kitchen table guys and gals. MTGCast has them all in one place for your convenience.
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yesterday · 02:13:24
Want to escape an awkward family gathering? Need some humor to drown out your drunk Uncle’s political ramblings? About to pass out from over eating and need a podcast to help keep you awake on the long drive back from Grandma’s house? Well you’re in luck because on this episode the boys practice their hilarious riffing while talking about their weeks. They go on to talk about MTG/MTGO news and the upcoming Unstable set. Stick around until the end for a history lesson. Hosts Knifecity Alchemist Samhain Crow Hot Sauce Twitter Handles @knife_city @tehHotSauce @samhaincrow @iflandscouldkil Deck Lists Our very own website: Contact Make sure to check out our booster box opening and Versus Videos on YouTube: And check us out on this other stuff:
yesterday · 01:04:40
This week we take a look at the Iconic Masters draft format and the implications of Masters sets going forward. The price of the Modern format has decreased slowly over the past few years. Is the overall price still too high for players? Other topics include Unstable previews, embarrassing MTGO mistakes, and favorite Thanksgiving foods. Email us at Modern Prices, Masters Sets, and Reprint Equity – article by Saffron Olive Music provided by Terrible Spaceship Conor’s Twitter: @conorpodonnell | Twitch: conor_od Nathaniel’s Twitter: @Cardhoarder | Twitch: Cardhoarder Dave’s Twitter: @DaveSea89 | Twitch: davesea
yesterday · 00:43:52
Welcome Glimmer of Genius episode eighteen! Your hosts are YouTuber Luke Vincent, Level 2 Judge Grant David, and professional cardboard peddler Simon Wright. This episode is cursed! Grant was unable to join us and I have been plagued with technical issues delaying the upload (let alone edit!) of last week’s show. Yet we soldiered on and bring you a round up of GP Warsaw, Atlanta, and Shanghai! 5.58 – Elder Scrolls Legends & MTG Arena 13.30 – GP Warsaw Top 8 25.00 – GP Shanghai Top 8 29.57 – GP Atlanta Top 8 (30.55 – Ben Stark’s ‘Desert Red’)   Warsaw Decklists: Shanghai Decklists: Atlanta Decklists:   Become part of the conversation and follow us on Facebook: Want more MTG content? Check out Luke’s YouTube channel: Music: “Transmission” by Purple Planet Music – “Digital Lemonade” by Incompetech –
Nov. 22, 2017 · 01:00:56
This week on Constructed Criticism Spencer and Michael do Legacy Power rankings and then dive deep into the topic of understanding and building your Sideboard for an event. Follow Michael on Twitter at: @MagicMikeMTG Follow Spencer on Twitter at: @Spencer13H Subscribe to both podcasts on itunes at Liston on Youtube or on Join our Facebook group at: And finally don’t forget that you can help us create more and great content by going to and becoming a patron Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at
Nov. 22, 2017 · 00:41:18
This week on Limited Time Only Spencer and Danny talk about the biggest lessons they have learned playing Limited Magic. Follow Spencer on Twitter at: @Spencer13H Follow Danny on Twitter at @DJCathro Join our Facebook group at: And finally don’t forget that you can help us create more and great content by going to and becoming a patron Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at
Nov. 22, 2017 · 00:27:22
This week on MTG-Eternities I take a look at Rivals of Ixalan Spoilers: The Immortal Suns, Storm the Vault, and Tetzimoc, Death Primordial. With that we also discus GP Shanghai, GP Atlanta, GP Warsaw, and GP Portland in great detail. Finally to wrap things up we go over a winning deck tech from one the the Grand Prix and take a look at why it worked.
Nov. 22, 2017 · 00:55:19
Names from the past! Tech from the Future! Which ‘Hard is pessimistic about a match that featured his favorite format? What are the consequences of WotC’s latest talent acquisitions? Is Legacy moving from a format defined by efficiency to one defined by value, or are those just cardboard crop circles? Is Standard about to be Pummeled by freshness? Don your Immortal Sunglasses & prepare to feast on this week’s episode of TriHards! GP Portland SCG Baltimore Teams / Legacy / Modern / Standard Rivals of Ixalan previews LLR Desert Bus for Hope Game Knights turns 1 Year Old w Josh & Jimmy in the Command Zone WotC adds more talent to the FFL WizKids expands licencing deal w WotC In the Elevator: Standard Showdown Lands 3M2B: Give//Take Engage with the TriHards! & & @thetrihards3  Brian Tibbets – & @briantibbets  Matt Hurley – & @hurlman81  Sean Secrease – & @the1seans
Nov. 22, 2017 · 01:00:40
Canadians, Team GPs, and Unstable previews Full show notes can be found on the website, **Note, we’ve been off MTG Cast for a while due to technical issues, but the last few shows can be found on the above link as usual.** As always, you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel, or find us on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget our lovely sponsors, Magic Madhouse. And if, after that, you have some spare money left over, we’d really appreciate it if you could show us some support through Patreon. Thanks for listening, The Blue Envelope team x
Nov. 22, 2017 · 00:47:38
Daniel Chang Vintage Magic I’m talking to the legendary collector of all things Vintage Magic, Daniel Chang, the President and CEO of Vintage Daniel has seen it all, the rarest of the rare, Alpha sets, Power 9, Black Lotus, original art, even cards that are rumored not to exist. Daniel travels the world connecting buyers and sellers with priceless artifacts of history. Daniel shares with us his passion for preserving the historical artifacts of Magic: The Gathering and his thoughts on MTG finance. Super special thanks to Daniel Chang for sharing his stories with us. Follow Vintage Magic on Twitter @VintageMTG Vintage Magic is on Support Vintage Magic on for super cool deals on rare MTG collectables. And watch Daniel’s vlogs on YouTube, just search for Vintage Magic. Music Credits (in order of appearance) Our theme song is Play the Game by Antracto (Yes I bought the rights, if you’re curious) Patreon: Flix and Chill by Joakim Karud Card Kingdom ad music: Take Me Higher by Jahzzar Paragon City Games ad music: Clouds by Joakim Karud Preview clip music: Disco Inferno – The Trammps Play MTG I’ve got a new YouTube Channel called Play MTG Woo! And if you like the Kitchen Table Magic podcast by Sam Tang, you’re gonna love the new YouTube channel Play MTG by Sam Tang! It’s an upbeat, fast paced new YouTube Channel featuring deck techs from Pros, learn to play tutorials, expert difficulty level up advice, single card discussion, MTG community news, and more. I’ve only got a few videos uploaded right now about my vlog from Hascon. So if you wanna see what I look like, go check me out on Twitter and Facebook. It’s on YouTube at Follow the new show on Twitter @play_mtg It’s on I’m looking forward to creating content in video! Thanks everyone for listening to this episode of Kitchen Table Magic. You are all getting a signed copy of Séance from Jason Alt and Zac Elisk After that, I only have a few left, so if you’d like to get special gifts from my guests, become a supporter at Supporters at the $6 Gilder Bairn level or higher get sweet gifts. If you’re a new listener to the show: Welcome! and I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to the past interviews in Season 1 and 2. Season 3 is amazing with all of the guests that will be on the show. Over the past year I am grateful that so many listeners have found the show, and I will continue to make content that high quality and meaningful for the community. Your financial contribution goes to making the show better and keeping it running by helping to pay for audio equipment, software, and server costs. Now that I’ve partnered with Card Kingdom, there’s a new way to support the show. When you shop at Card Kingdom, just my affiliate link: A big thank you again to all my Patreon Supporters, your support of Kitchen Table Magic allows me to share stories about the amazing people in the Magic: The Gathering community with the world. I would like to thank all my Patreon Supporters: Brian, James L, Markus, Alex, Trevor, Katelyn, Mark, Aaron M, Neil, James G, Aaron C, Jonathan, Chad, James E, Joe, Logan, The Magic Man Sam, Jesse, Ben, Nick, Eternal Durdles, Matthias, Charlie, Geraint, Scryfall, Matt, Iain, and Prescovie for your generous contribution! Your support of Kitchen Table Magic allows me to share stories about the amazing people in the Magic: The Gathering community with the world. Be sure to follow the Kitchen Table Magic on Twitter @KTMpodcast Like the show on Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Soundcloud, Stitcher Radio, Hipsters of the Coast, and Remember, if you are enjoying the show, please be sure to share KTM with a friend! This episode of Kitchen Table Magic is brought you by Card Kingdom: Looking for that hard to find card for your Commander deck? Wanting to keep up with the ever changing meta of Standard? Interested in building that new Modern deck? Saving up to buy those old school Legacy and Vintage staples? is a great place for shop for Magic: The Gathering singles, sealed product, pre-constructed decks, and gaming accessories. They have a huge selection of singles, from the latest sets, to an everflowing supply of Modern and Legacy staples. Card Kingdom also loves to buy Magic cards. They’ll offer you cash or store credit for your Magic singles. And, if you’re new to Magic, you’ll love playing any of the 36 new preconstructed battle decks built by Card Kingdom. Sign up for Card Kingdom’s email newsletter to receive coupon codes and deck techs by Magic Pro Chris VanMeter. You’ll get access to Card Kingdom’s Private Reserve, which are special deals for chase rares at significantly discounted prices. 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It’s places like Paragon City Games that allow local Magic communities to gather in. And if you can’t make it there in person, be sure to watch their weekly stream at Remember to spread the love with a Like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter for Paragon City Games. They also have great online reviews and that shows their commitment to excellent customer service for their player community. Hipsters of the Coast Hey everyone! Great news! Kitchen Table Magic is now on Hipsters of the Coast! They’re the mages with the curly beards and the vegan potion options! Hipsters of the Coast is the premier news and strategy blog for the Magic: The Gathering Community. And Kitchen Table Magic is honored to be joining their lineup. If you’re listening to me right now from Hipsters of the Coast, I’m pleased to meet you. You’re going to love all the guests I have lined up for Season 3. If you’re new to the HotC blog, head on over to to get strategy and content for all your favorite formats.
Nov. 21, 2017 · 00:36:56
Christoffer Larsen is from Denmark and has 4 Grand Prix Top 8’s and has competed in at least 10 Pro Tours. He was on the Danish World Magic Cup team in 2015. Click to Tweet: I got a ton of value from Christoffer Larsen when he shared his story on #MTGProTutor! Click here: First Set Apocalypse Favorite Set Ravnica: City of Guilds – Selesnya Favorite Card Sulfuric Vortex What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you? Travel a lot. Likes going to Grand Prixs with friends. Early Challenge Damage on the stack. Worst Magic Moment SCG team event. Had a really bad UR deck. Proudest Magic Moment Top 8 of World Magic Cup with the team (back-to-back 2HG wins.) Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself Christoffer hates losing. Take some time to move past it. Don’t whine. Biggest Mistake Players Make Know your opponent’s deck. So many players don’t think of their opponent. How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event Watch videos! CFB SCG Playtest Ask other for input and adjust What’s in Your Tournament Bag Decks, clothes, code names Improvement Suggestions Talk to tournament players, ask for help, borrow decks. Be kind and helpful to new players. Work out, get byes (they allow you to sleep in), eat breakfast. Magic Resource MTG Pulse Don’t take it too seriously and have fun. Connect With Christoffer Larson Christoffer can be found in the MTG Pro Tutor Facebook group. Check Out Magic Story Magic Story brings the lore of the Multiverse to life in an audio presentation never before heard in the Magic community. Listen to Episode 1 here or on THANK YOU!!!
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