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Join friends as they drink, curse, and play DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) or Pathfinder Role Playing Games! Expect profanity, dice, and critical hits. Players include members of bands The Strand and Hardwire.

Episodes (Total: 169)
July 13, 2017 · 00:55:24
The adventuring party fights giants, while the players detour with tangents. Towards the end of this game we discuss who our favorite celebrities would be [...]
June 28, 2017
Can Potsworth honor us as herald?  Who is Ruk?  What is a brothersister?  All of these questions can be answered in PF50c!  ALSO: Question of [...]
June 18, 2017 · 00:55:45
In this battle heavy episode the party continues their fight against the giants with the help of some farmers.
June 10, 2017 · 01:06:14
Hot on the trail of evil giants, the party elicits the help of some angry farmers. Recorded October 16th 2014 with Scott Levy as the [...]
May 27, 2017 · 01:03:00
“You silly gnats, how dare you come to the aid of Zorath!”, says the Giant woman.  And then she brandishes her crazy great-sword at the [...]
May 20, 2017 · 01:01:00
The crew attempts to save the Giant Wizard from a number of other brutal Giant attackers.  This episode’s intro song is from the new Elias [...]
May 2, 2017 · 01:07:00
Game 49 featuring Scott Levy as the DM, players include Nikki, Nicole, Kelly R, Dave, Ryan, and Peter. Game system is Pathfinder RPG. Recorded Aug [...]
April 22, 2017 · 01:20:15
Now we just have to get through these rampaging giants, what could possibly go wrong?
April 9, 2017
Beer and Battle gets nice and comfy while Scott Levy takes the DM reigns in this episode.   Only a Giant Wizard can help to unlock [...]
March 27, 2017 · 00:37:17
Bring your pick axe to the conclusion to BaB Pathfinder game 47 with Peter Hicks as the DM, feat Scott Levy, Ryan Hutman, Kelly R, [...]
March 11, 2017 · 00:59:30
Can Dweevis’s magic wall thwart the destruction of the soul gems and prevent the chaos monster’s deception?  Join us for Bad-curious, recorded on 6/13/14.  The [...]
Feb. 26, 2017 · 00:59:02
Ep47a titled Summonabing was recorded on June 13th in 2014. Game system is Pathfinder, module is Song of Poison, featuring Peter Hicks as the DM. [...]
Feb. 13, 2017 · 01:26:16
The party is in deep now,  and prepares to respond while the Children of the Reborn Glory prepare for their ceremony to resurrect a deity.
Jan. 29, 2017 · 01:00:05
The party starts by recapping for Brunon, and then discussing the implications of handing over these soul gems.   This is the first episode of [...]
Jan. 17, 2017 · 00:53:15
In the conclusion of Game 45, the group employ obscure tactics in the hopes to defeat Couthwaille,  secure the soul gem, and teleport back to [...]
Jan. 2, 2017 · 01:14:17
We take our sweet time getting started but this episode may be deadlier than it seems!   The soul gem within sight, trapped inside a chaotic [...]
Dec. 25, 2016 · 01:10:50
While seeking for the second soul gem, the party saves two other adventurers.  One is Sybil, the Oracle played by Nicole!  But don’t forget, what happens [...]
Dec. 17, 2016
Solve for x while the party blows their spells and gold on hilarity!  This is the second and final part of Game 44, recorded on [...]
Dec. 1, 2016
Listen as we enter the dark and dismal MATT DAEMON plane called Abaddon!  Well, after we settle in and then stammer around a bit.  Recorded [...]
Nov. 20, 2016 · 00:49:37
The party finds the first soul gem embedded inside of a giant tree, but now what?  This Pathfinder actual play podcast was recorded May 2 [...]