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Two Plus Two is the leading publisher of poker strategy and advantage gambling books. Now, Two Plus Two is bringing that same level of expertise and quality to poker audio in the form of Pokercasts.

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July 18, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Everything you need to know about the 2017 Main Event so far! Lance Bradley, formerly of Bluff magazine and current President & Editor in Chief of Pocket Fives has been live reporting from the Rio every step of the way. Lance joins us to give an in person recount of all of the story lines emerging from the main this year. Before we get into the main event we have to catch you up on the last bracelet events such as the Poker Players Championship as well, and the man who entered the ladies event. Some of the storylines from the Main are: Field size, demographics, crazy coolers, the bubble, Mickey Craft, Christian Pham, John Hesp and more! After all of the Main Event action we’ve also got some all star tweets in 140 or less before we run out of time. (Featured guests: Lance Bradley)
July 7, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: A whole lot of Poker content to cure your long weekend hangover. To begin: Terrence has appreciated your kindnesses and WSOP Pokercast Fantasy updates. In the news with week: The last of the regular 2017 WSOP bracelets, more known players taking down events & $50k championship news. Plus player of the year updates, shared liquidity in Europe, Pokerstars honours PKR balances and offers a new game. Our first guest of the show is Pokercast forum mod and friend Xander Biscuits back for another edition of sheep game, but backwards. After some fun with Xander we’ve got Dan Gati from Poker Productions. Dan is in charge of Poker Go, the new subscription based streaming platform for WSOP events. We talk with him about how things are going, the feedback he has received about what games people want to see and the first year without the November 9 since 08’. Our third guest of the episode is Joseph 'JoeyDel' Del Duca of the Australian Online Poker Alliance. We have talked about the legislation issues against online poker in Australia in the past and Joseph is fighting for his right and the rights of all Australians to continue to play online poker, we talk to him about why this matters and what they can do to help. There is also some more wonderful Voice and E-mails from you and WSOP themed 140 or less. Finally, Terrence has a few hands to review from the $1k Turbo. (Featured guests: Dan Gati, Joseph 'JoeyDel' Del Duca)
June 29, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Right off the top of the show Matt Glantz joins us. We talk about some concerns with the WSOP, and the late series/pre main event grind. Then a certain host of this show has some pretty big news, and another host is starting to see those sweet, sweet free roll dollar signs as well as an obituary to an ice guardian. In the news: Many poker bracelets have been awarded and we update you on the most relevant ones. A fight involving Phil Ivey’s bodyguard, “Aussie” Matt Kirk is suing Leon T. of Kings casino over $3M unpaid gambling debt. Plus a story of an undeserving penalty in the Marathon WSOP event inspires an ethics/angling question from Terrence. Again this week we also have world series themed 140 or less and Mail. Topics covered this week are creating your own perfect tournament, WSOP dealers and PLO Strategy! (Featured guests: Matt Glantz)
June 22, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Another eventful week at the series and Terrence has quite a trip report for us. To begin Pokercast Fantasy update, throwback to when Terrence wrestled Huck Seed out back of the Rio, Last chance to join the “Peehs” game and more weight loss bets. In the news: Terrence final tabled the $10k Limit Holdem at the WSOP again but this time it was a pretty wild ride, Helmuth blew up on him and we get a description of possibly the most disruptive player to ever play a high stakes tournament. Nearing the half way mark of the series we update you on all of the bracelets and story lines from Rio over the past week and problems with the POY scoring. We are then joined by Alan Boston, Adam previously promised him a match game during March Madness and we play a few rounds and also Alan tells us what he thinks we should do with the money donated to him. We also have more WSOP themed tweets and your wonderful mail including topics of PLO and NLH tournament strategy, the best earbuds for listening to podcasts and “how much ya got”. (Featured guests: Alan Boston)
June 14, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Poker vlogger/youtuber Andrew Neeme joins us to talk about his work and grinding Vegas. To begin we chat about D-Negs fantasy team, The Alan Boston fund, Pokercast Fantasy league and more. In the first segment we are also joined by Andrew Neeme. A poker pro hailing from Michigan, Andrew now lives in Vegas and plays live cash for a living. We get into his poker history and why he decided to begin documenting his life, problems with trying to film in the casino, the life of a live pro and more. In the news: Lots of poker bracelets have been awarded by now at the WSOP and we talk about all of them, 2 poker villains play the tag team event, more US online poker legislation passes and more. In the second segment we dive into Terrences trip to Vegas so far and the events he has played, and have a discussion/rant about the ethics of tanking on the bubble. We’ve got some WSOP themed 140 or less and some of your wonderful mail as well! (Featured guests: Andrew Neeme)
June 5, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Lots to catch you up on! WSOP is officially underway and it’s the best time of the year! To begin the guys talk about the trips they’ve got planned to head down to Vegas, Pokercast nation is slimming down, T Chan is trying to apply his GTO poker skills to home buying and more. In the news: WSOP event recaps and stories from the first 8 events & Super High Roller Bowl plus a Sunday where the million never ran? Then we are excited to debut “Sheep Game” with our long time listener and mod Xander Biscuits. 47 2+2ers entered into the game and we run through our answers and crown a winner on the show. We’ve also got some great WSOP tweets and we bust open the Mailbag for more gas tank strat and some drop requests! (Featured guests: No Guest)
May 26, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: With Adam out of town at the Savage Invitational we are joined by special guest host Kevin Mathers! KevMath is the community manager at pocket fives, WSOP Twitter Czar, and general expert on the daily happenings of the poker world. To begin, it is the last chance to join Pokercast WSOP Fantasy league and the guys have their trips planned. We start off with some insight from Kevin on what to look forwards to this year including lower stakes events and the 25k fantasy draft. We are then joined by our friend, Run It Once coach and return guest Ryan Laplante! Ryan gives us a pros view on playing a full schedule and the events he is most excited for and some strategy. Plus we look back on his bracelet win last year and how the field compared in a lower buy in event to a high dollar one. After Ryan we get into some of the non WSOP talk with SCOOP results including a good one from Terrence, results of the $1k of McDonalds bet, Mike Sexton steps down as WPT announcer and several big name poker players accounts get hacked. Then before we go we have some 140 or Less and Mail. This week you sent us some questions about the show, a dig at Ross and a question from a private game! (Featured guests: Ryan "Protential" Laplante)
May 19, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: 3 great guests on this episode to get you in the loop with the World Series right around the corner! To begin: Remember to join our WSOP Fantasy League and the WSOP Sheep Game in our forum, plus Terrence has some more trip reporting from Montreal. Right off the top we are joined by Andreas aka RunLikePanda, a coach from Run It Once. Andreas talks to us about Limited Hold’em! Also NL, and why he believes GTO is overrated. In the news this week: Party Poker brings back rake back, Stars to host live Sunday Million, Kevin Hart in the SHB, and big changes to the WSOP! First off, Poker Central has acquired the rights to TV & digital media for the series this year and Remko Rinkema joins us to talk about how we will have better coverage of the events this year. Then the guys talk with the Executive Director of the WSOP Ty Stewart. Ty briefs us more on WSOP broadcasting, Player of the year changes, the end of the November Nine and more. We also have a few items from the Mailbag before we wrap it up! (Featured guests: Remko Rinkema)
May 10, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: We’re coming to you again from Playground Poker in Montreal just before the final table of the Party Poker Millions kicks off. We’re also back on video thanks to Poker Vision Network. To begin the guys chat about their time in montreal and dealing with chip counts in french before we get into the news. There were some doubters out there but the ambitious $5M guarantee was met out here in Montreal, Adam and Terrence catch you up on all the action. Also PKR shuts down, new WSOP rules on time to act and a quick recap of the Pokerstars Championship in Monte Carlo. We then chat to Mike Noori, the crazy man who accepted a bet that he couldn’t eat $1k of McDonalds in 1.5 days about how he is going to go about this challenge. After Mike we get into some more of your Mail and some in depth strategy. Terrence made a run in the Main Event here and he breaks down some of the interesting spots that he encountered. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
May 5, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: We took the show on the road to try and put our ugly mugs on camera. In association with the Poker Vision Network and Party Poker, we made our first live video pod from the Playground Poker Club. To begin Adam’s persistence to run the tank to E finally bit him in the ass. In the news: Kevin Hart signs with Stars, Luke Schwartz fires shots at Doug Polk, Cardrunners to stop producing videos and we check in with Matt Savage to see how his “social experiment” tournament went. We then get into some emails including an insane situation at a poker game in Mexico and more. Then businessman, entrepreneur and poker player Rob Yong of Dusk Till Dawn and Party Poker joins us fresh off of playing in the $1/200 cash game here. Rob gives us a run down of his high stakes session and an interesting view into the poker industry. Topics discussed include whether live poker can make a profit and how he plans to change how things are done. (Featured guests: Matt Savage, Rob Yong)
April 27, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Sam Grafton aka squid poker of Run It Once joins us to teach us more about MTT’s! To begin: the show is going on the road to Montreal, our Canucks get a cooler coach than your team, The Bellagio goes live on twitch and more. In the news this week: Online poker shelved in Cali, PLO Spin & Go’s, Party Poker Million Nottingham has a female champ and WPT Beijing. Sam Grafton joins us after a break to talk about that tournament in Nottingham, travelling as a poker pro and some more in depth tournament strategy. Then the owner of 2+2 Mason Malmuth joins us again on a special day for the company, the 30th anniversary! We chat with Mason about the beginnings, from self publishing a book 3 decades ago to becoming the largest poker forum on the web. We’ve also got some 140 or less, some Mailbag including some Voicemail and a couple of hands in the Ross Report. (Featured guests: Mason Malmuth)
April 12, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Legendary eccentric poker author David Sklansky (and his parrot) joins us on the show once again! To begin, United airlines victim David Dao has $260k in cashes? Eating insects, playoff season and MORE weight loss bets. In the news: DOJ announces Absolute Poker reimbursements and Rich Muny of the Poker Players Alliance gives us the details. Updated version of Libratus heads east to destroy more humans, WPT Tournament of Champions and Pokerstars Championship Macau main event. David Sklansky then joins us from his home in Nevada to talk about mental game coaches in poker, game theory, his new book “Poker & More, Unique Ideas & Concepts” and more. We’ve also got some mail including a strategy question and Pokercast guest power ratings. Plus some great tweets in 140 or Less and Adam’s got a favourite thing before we wrap it up. (Featured guests: David Sklansky)
April 5, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Creator of the EPT John Duthie joins us to talk about the history of the tour and his new venture. To begin, Adam is crowd funding for Boston and the WSOP Fantasy League is going again. This week in the news: Pokerstars rolls out their new VIP system and Steve Ruddock of Online Poker Report joins us to run through and review the changes. Adam and Terrence review their matches against the University of Alberta HUNL bot and more. John Duthie then joins us to talk about the beginnings of the EPT and how it evolved to one of the most successful poker tours. John is now working with Party Poker to grow their live tournament series and he talks about that and working in the current state of poker. We then answer just one great piece of mail and review a hand from the Rossco Report before we bounce! (Featured guests: John Duthie)
March 29, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: We are joined by 2+2 member #4, author and coach Tommy Angelo! First off Boston has done us well again, and Bill Perkins is involved in another weight loss bet. In the news: Stars parting with Ronaldo & Neymar? Matt Savage to run a “social experiment tournament”, SCOOP schedule announced and more. We are then joined by Tommy Angelo to talk about dealing with tilt, mindfulness and mental game. Tommy’s new book is called “Painless Poker” and it’s available now. After Tommy we’ve got favourite things and then we open up the Mailbag. We answer some strat questions, read an amazing degen story and Terrence gets needled before we shut it down. (Featured guests: Tommy Angelo)
March 22, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Back by popular demand, this week you get a double dose of Alan Boston as well as two more great guests. To begin we review Terrence’s fight as well as Adam’s weight loss plus Adam and Terrence will represent humanity in a Brains vs AI challenge of their own. In the news this week: Online poker soon to be banned in Australia, the WPT throws a wrench into the Royal Flush Girls, plus #mikeandcateplushate was completed this weekend and Cate Hall was the victor, T and Adam review the poker world’s reaction to the grudge match. Our first guest is Phil Sabbah of the Playground Poker Club in Montreal. Phil joins us to give us a preview of the largest guaranteed live tournament in Canadian history, the Party Poker Millionaire with a $5M Guarantee! Then remaining on the same tournament topic, a guy with a better shot of winning that tournament than you or I, Sam Greenwood of Run It Once joins us to talk about the life of a live MTT pro including the pros and cons of swapping pieces and selling/buying action. After a break we are joined by Alan Boston once again to talk about the lines for the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament, his pick(s) for this round of play and obviously many other topics. We answer some of your mail as well before we wrap up the show. (Featured guests: Alan Boston)
March 14, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: It’s March Madness, and you know what that means! Alan Boston returns to the Pokercast to tell us what’s wrong in the world and give out winners. To start, Terrence’s fight is around the corner and we talk about reactions to the Keegan interview last week, WSOP plans and more of Adam’s weight bet before we get into the news. In ICYMI: "Molly’s Game" movie, Man responsible for Black Friday goes down, WPT cancels in Korea and Shooting Start recap. Boston then joins us to talk about a variety of topics including live poker on the east coast, old school handicapping stories, selection sunday and his picks for the round of 64. After Alan, we talk to the head honcho here at 2+2 Mr. Mason Malmuth about the release of his and David Sklansky's new book “Poker & More, Unique Ideas & Concepts”. We answer a few questions from the Mailbag as well before we wrap it up. (Featured guests: Mason Malmuth, Alan Boston)
March 9, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Fan favourite Jean Robert Bellande returns to the Pokercast to update us on what’s been going on in his crazy life! First off, we’re all back under one roof for the show as Terrence has returned to the great white north for his next bout. We chat about tips to recover from jet lag and Adam updates us on his weight loss then get into the news. In ICYMI: David Baazov sells off $100M of Amaya stock, stars offers “All Stara” promotion, another high stakes guru plans to “retire” and more. JRB then joins us to tell us about how he went to the oscars and an oscars bet he had with Phil Ivey. He also updates us on the Super High Roller Bowl and more tidbits from the Vegas high stakes world. After JRB we open up the Mailbag to answer your voicemails and e-mails about building a bankroll and a degen story. We review a couple hands in the Ross report and then we end the show with some good old fashioned trash talking as we grant Terrence's opponent Keegan his wish to come back on the show to defend himself after the rebuttal from T the week before! (Featured guests: Jean-Robert Bellande)
March 1, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: We are joined by renaissance man and king of high stakes prop bets Mr. Bill Perkins! To start we chat and get into a couple of forum posts before getting into ICYMI. This week: Phil Ivey’s case is going to UK supreme court, a Betonline skin caught cheating at blackjack, Absolute Poker founder returns to USA, American Poker Award winners and more. We are then joined Bill Perkins for a long form interview where we get into a whole ton of topics. From trading to streaming to high stakes private games and prop bet stories, a challenge is offered to Adam as well. After Bill, Chris Kruk of Run It Once returns to the show for a strategy segment with some hand analysis and tips on river play. To cap it all off we get into the mail in which we answer questions about Terrence’s response to the Keegan interview, the EV of a political bet, some insight into an amazing call and more! (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
Feb. 23, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: We’ve got a ton of news to catch you up on, some Pokercast beef and your wonderful mail to reply to! In the news this week: A new format of poker called “Power Up” at Pokerstars, EPT Creator John Duthie takes over PartyPoker’s live poker devision, American Poker Award nominations and more. Steve Mayes, CEO and Founder of SharkScope joins us to talk about how SS can now help you prevent being colluded against in real time, plus we respond to all of the people that were tilted from the "marathon event" discussion last week. Some of the mail discussed this week includes questions about running it more than once and what’s up with Kells. We’ve got a couple Ross Report hands and then to end the show we’ve got something like you’ve never heard before on the Pokercast... an Interview with Keegan Oliver, Terrences opponent for his next fight! We hear from him and get Terrence fired up before we end the show. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
Feb. 9, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: Multiple WSOP bracelet winner Brandon Shack Harris joins us for an extended interview about high stakes cash, blogging, match game and more! To start, Terrence met a listener in thailand! Also info on T’s upcoming fight, a correction from last week and something positive about high stakes poker. In the news this week: 2017 WSOP Schedule, The Super High Roller Bowl sells out in hours, A huge call at a WPT, Pokerstars rolls out “Seat Me” and more. Our first guest is Run It Once coach Leo “Isildroon” Nordin. Leo is a high stakes PLO sicko and joins us early in the morning from Sweden to talk online & live strategy and whether or not old ladies will fold. We then talk with Brandon Shack harris about the aforementioned topics as well as the downfalls of becoming friends with the players in your game, a sort of degen story and what he’s been writing. We end the show with a dive into the mailbag where we’ve got some tournament strategy, another degen story and more! (Featured guests: Brandon Shack-Harris)