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In a world...where Magic the Gathering seems too complicated...two enthusiastic amateur players break it down for the rest of us. Each episode, Maria and Meghan dive face-first into new Magic rules, cards, and strategy. Did we mention they're obsessed with this game? They are. And - if you listen - you will be, too! Unless, much like a Gobbling Ooze, you were born without a soul. Or arms. Or eyes.

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yesterday · 00:55:22
On this episode, Maria and Meghan preview the upcoming Pro Tour Hour of Devastation - coming to you LIVE from Kyoto, Japan this weekend! Maria is already in Japan, having witnessed Grand Prix Kyoto last weekend - and has lots of news on HOU draft and sealed from the floor of the GP. PLUS: Meghan shares some insights on what we can expect from Standard ahead of the PT (including crazy decks using God Pharaoh's Gift), we unveil news about the new Un-Set (mad scientist factions!), and Meghan may or may not...but probably definitely most likely is...a raccoon.
July 19, 2017 · 00:57:04
On this episode, Maria and Meghan break down their first impressions of the Hour of Devastation limited format! What do they think of the archetype possibilities? Is draft blazingly fast or is there time to set up some crazy stuff? FIND OUT! PLUS: Storytime with Meghan gets dark as Amonkhet feels the doom of Nicky B, Standard Corner reveals the newest hotness in Standard, and Flavor Text Theatre: Movie Pitches creates some instant classics. SPECIAL BONUS: Do *you* know what the name of the team of heroes was in Space Jam?
July 12, 2017 · 01:02:12
On this episode, Maria and Meghan recap the excitement that was the Hour of Devastation prerelease weekend! Our intrepid hosts went to not one, not two, but THREE prereleases - and they're ready to tell you all about them! What sick rares did Meghan pull? What awful rares did Maria get?! Find out! PLUS: Peasant Cube Master Extraordinaire Sam Dunnewald (@thepoopsert) stops by to tell us about his passion: Peasant Cube. Learn how to build your own peasant cube, what awesome synergies to include and what common pitfalls to avoid. SPECIAL BONUS: Meghan tries to stump everyone with a Flavor Text Theatre game that shows off her flavor text writing skills! Can you beat the newest flavor master in town?Cube April's "How to Build Your Own Cube" episodeSam Dunnewald's Peasant Cube
July 5, 2017 · 00:57:07
On this episode, Maria and Meghan welcome coordinator of the USA North Region (and level 3 judge) Judge Rob McKenzie back to the program! He'll walk everyone through the new mechanics in the set (what happens when you double-block a creature with Afflict?), touches on some of the trickier cards that may trip you up at the prerelease (what's the deal with Torment of Hailfire, anyway?!), and answers listener questions. PLUS: The cutest and grossest cards in the set are crowned, and winners for the monthly Patreon drawing are announced!
June 28, 2017 · 01:00:31
On this episode, Maria and Meghan recap the Magic story so far, giving you all the details of Nicol Bolas' (creepy af) plan to remain powerful - ahead of the release of Hour of Devastation. Spoiler alert: THE STORY GETS REALLY, REALLY DARK! PLUS: Our hosts review some of the super busted new HOU preview cards (including new gods!), Meghan goes off in Vintage Cube (hard cast Emrakul), and awesome tales from Maria's Day 2 at Grand Prix Vegas and her time in the booth at GP Cleveland with Team Limited (Reid Duke wins with FOG?!)
June 21, 2017 · 00:52:52
On this episode, Maria and Meghan welcome very awesome friends Graham Stark (of Loading Ready Run) and Melissa DeTora (of Wizards of the Coast) to a LIVE episode of Magic the Amateuring! If you couldn't make it to Grand Prix Vegas (or even if you could!) relive the memories with this show - complete with a live studio audience. We talk about all the news of the week (dinos, pirates, un-sets + more!), play a brand new game of Booster Pack Blackjack, and procure what are quite possibly the *best* Flavor Text MadLibs of all time with the help of willing audience volunteers. Why don't you SLOT this one into your listening list! ...Get it?! Because Vegas has slots...? ...We apologize.
June 14, 2017 · 00:56:13
On this episode, Maria and Meghan give you all the news you need following the beginning of a week chock full of Magic announcements. (Yes, Old Timey Newscaster does make an appearance). Our hosts talk about the Aetherworks Marvel ban, what Magic will look like with only large sets, and how R&D plans to fix Standard moving forward. PLUS: A shoutout to all our alien friends who love pneumatic tubes and Maria plays some Magic MadLibs!
June 7, 2017 · 00:44:36
On this episode, Maria and Meghan get all Modern up in here! Our intrepid hosts take a few new Modern decks for a spin to see how they play. Find out how Meghan liked the spicy new brew of As Foretold (as played by Shahar Shenhar at GP Copenhagen) and how Maria took to a very interesting aggressive multicolored deck: Slivers! PLUS: A Grand Prix Vegas mega preview (side events, panels, art shows + more!), and a check in on Standard from the previous weekend.
May 31, 2017 · 00:57:08
On this episode, Maria and Meghan celebrate! Meghan won a PPTQ over the weekend and that's a pretty big deal! Find out what deck she was running, what decks she battled against, and what fundamental thing she learned about herself in the process. Yeah, it gets deep. PLUS: For the N00bs tackles "dying with cards in hand," our hosts recap a diverse Modern metagame weekend, and there's a Decimator Beetle Battle on the Bitter Battlefield.
May 24, 2017 · 01:01:02
On this episode, Maria and Meghan recap the Standard shenanigans of last weekend at Grand Prix Montreal! One week after Mono Black Zombies took down the Pro Tour, what decks were the players slinging? Was it gonna be Zombies v. Marvel? Or would UR Control make its presence known? Find out! PLUS: Meghan's tale of woe of getting into Canada, Maria talks favorite new board games after getting Not Last at Card Kingdom's charity board game tournament, and Meghan finds true love in a true blue Commander.
May 17, 2017 · 00:49:53
On this episode, Maria and Meghan recount their visit to Nashville for Pro Tour Amonkhet! Hear all about "Buy 1, Get 2 Free" cowboy boot deals, something called "hot chicken," and...oh yeah, I suppose...some SUPER SWEET PRO TOUR ACTION! Relive the best moments from the weekend as your hosts walk you through the top decks in Standard, the way to 3-0 every draft, and which rock star Meghan spotted out in the wild. PLUS: Looking ahead to the Grand Prix Montreal meta game and what life is really like at the PT Newsdesk. Donate to the Card Kingdom affiliate team for the charity board game tournament here:
May 10, 2017 · 00:51:31
On this episode, Maria and Meghan are live from Nashville, TN and Minneapolis, MN respectively! We'll hear their thoughts on Amonkhet Limited after a weekend full of Grand Prix all over the globe. Maria shares insights on the blistering pace of draft from GP Richmond while Meghan shares stories of what she's been building on Magic Online. PLUS: a preview of what we might see in Standard coming up at the Pro Tour this weekend, a Flavor Text Theatre that wants to take you out on a date, and a deep dive into the history of henges. HENGE HYPE!
May 3, 2017 · 01:09:44
On this episode, Maria needs a special guest to fill in for a sick Meghan (update: she's already feeling better!) long-time Magic player and all-around great guy, Ben Seck! (@tbsdash) We talk the state of new standard now that Felidar Guardian has gone up to the big kitty litter in the sky. What new decks are making an appearance? Are they viable for the upcoming Pro Tour? PLUS: Ben shares some insights on Amonkhet draft after hitting up a PT prep draft camp, Maria quizzes him on cards in the set based on their art alone, and Ben shares a hilarious story about playing the only Grand Prix ever held in South Africa!
April 26, 2017 · 00:56:14
On this episode, Maria and Meghan tell the Tales of Two Prereleases as they recount their early Amonkhet victories from different cities! What insanely sweet cards did Maria open (seriously, Maria? Every time?!)? Exactly how many colors did Meghan play and how much fixing did she have? Find out! PLUS: Our intrepid hosts break down the Banned & Restricted announcement, some astonishingly good movies get pitched in Flavor Text Theatre, and Meghan lists her Top 10 Pastries.
April 24, 2017 · 00:41:44
On this episode, Maria and Meghan welcome Pro Tour Hall of Fame member and delightful human being Josh Utter-Leyton! Josh regales us with tales of winning the latest Magic Online Championship, being an early adopter of  Death's Shadow Aggro (to much acclaim), and sleeping outside for this first Pro Tour due to extra-loud snoring. You'll also learn why he's in favor of the "Death of Control" and Pikachu in Standard...?!?
April 19, 2017 · 01:16:03
On this episode, Maria and Meghan are joined by very special guest, Level 3 Judge and Regional Coordinator of the North, Rob McKenzie! (@robbit_mn)  Rob breaks down all the tricky new Amonkhet rules and interactions you may run into at your prerelease this weekend! Confused by the speed of Cycling? Wanna know how to interact with Enbalm? Amazed by Aftermath? Rob's got you covered! PLUS: specific rule questions submitted through Twitter and the Cutest and Grossest cards of Amonkhet are crowned! It's an episode that's not to be missed!
April 12, 2017 · 01:04:24
On this episode, Maria and Meghan walk like an Egyptian and give you the low down on all the new awesome Amonkhet preview cards! What spicy draw spell does Meghan love (even though it's no Sphinx's Rev?) What tribal lord has got Maria brewing in her dreams? PLUS: Meghan rocks Copy Cat at a PPTQ, some friends of the show take down Grand Prix Mexico City, and Meghan brings us up to speed on the Amonkhet story line...that leaves Maria with a very important and existential question for us all. Hey, "important" is relative!
April 5, 2017 · 00:58:47
On this episode, Maria and Meghan recap their deep fried southern adventures playing team unified Modern at Grand Prix San Antonio! Did team Gnarlid Pack manage to eek out any wins vs. a very tough field? FIND OUT! PLUS: fresh new Amonkhet preview cards (including some sick stat wielding Gods), a For the N00bs that covers tricky interactions about targeting players, and a Flavor Text Theatre that will give R&D a run for its money.
March 29, 2017 · 00:47:54
On this episode, Maria and Meghan share a big bunch of brand spankin' new Amonkhet (aka Almond Cat) preview cards! (They also share what they think of the look of the new Invocations! *Drama Alert*) Our intrepid hosts break down the new mechanics in the set and theorize about how super sweet they may (or may not!) be. PLUS: Aether Revolt Limited chat as they recap Grand Prix Orlando and a listener favorite returns: Flavor Text Theatre Mad-Libs! EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS: Are we in a parallel universe?!?
March 22, 2017 · 00:59:50
On this episode, Maria and Meghan activate their N00b Powers (tm) to explain everything about activated abilities! PLUS: Meghan gives a much needed celebrity update, our hosts recap a couple of weekend Grand Prix, we take a sip of Modern (Maria's finally completed her Bogles deck!), and crack a pack of Modern Masters for Flavor Text Theatre! SPECIAL BONUS: Delilah stops by...?!