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Meditationtime Podcast
By B. Adjodha
About this podcast
Those podcasts are computerize audio from a few books of Michael Beloved. I am starting off with chapters 1 through 18 of the book entitled "Bhagavad Gita English". This text was translated and written by Michael Beloved. He is a teacher of the Yoga discipline, with over 30 years of experience, and my Kundalini guru. The spoken audio to those chapters and books was done using the Speech Recognition technology found in the Mac OS X operating system. Listeners must know that those books contain Sanskrit words which the speech recognition software has a difficult time pronouncing. Apart from that, the audio is quite good. Album Art done by Praful Kharsani Serving You!
Episodes (Total: 10)
Dec. 13, 2009 · 00:14:50
The Most Secret of All Information
Dec. 13, 2009 · 00:05:37
Three Types of Confidences
Dec. 13, 2009 · 00:04:46
Two Types of Created Beings
Dec. 13, 2009 · 00:04:03
Two Types of Spirits
Dec. 13, 2009 · 00:05:40
The Extensive Mundane Reality
Dec. 13, 2009 · 00:07:01
Material Nature, The Person, The Living Space
Dec. 13, 2009 · 00:03:59
The Most disciplined Yogi
Dec. 13, 2009 · 00:13:07
The Universal Form
Dec. 13, 2009 · 00:09:46
A Fraction of Krishna's Splendor
Dec. 13, 2009 · 00:07:09
The Devotional Attitude
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