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Hair Artist Academy Podcast
By Brenda "Mz H2o" Waters: Beauty Entrepreneur Expert, Hair Stylist, and Beauty Blogger
About this podcast
Brenda Waters aka Mz. H2o helps you discover your true passion and purpose in life and turn it into a viable business that is rewarding and fulfilling. Each episode explores the journey of people just like you. Some who had no idea, no money and no expertise but manage to beat the odds and build successful businesses. Get business strategies from successful creative entrepreneurs, hair and make-up artists, fashion stylists, salon owners and beautypreneurs. Even if you are not in the beauty industry there is something that you can learn from each episode. As you listen in you'll hear insightful interviews from entrepreneurs discussing triumphs and failures. Learn marketing, branding, product development, business tips, tools and tactics along with a dose of butt kicking encouragement and motivation.
Episodes (Total: 45)
Jan. 20, 2017 · 00:57:49
It’s the season Finale! Our Featured Guest on today’s show is entrepreneur, celebrity hair stylist and mentor Johnny Wright. This farewell tribute to Johnny and the Obama’s is a must listen, but this inspiring show almost didn’t make it to air. Listen in to find out why. Johnny started doing hair at the age of […] The post Season 3 Ep009: The Honest Truth: Stories of a Presidential Hair Stylist with Johnny Wright appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
Dec. 9, 2015
Business owner and life coach Anna Walker dreamed of becoming a hair stylist and salon owner at an early age. Her Initial training began with every doll in the toy chest. Anna’s passion for the beauty industry led to her attending technical school as she simultaneously completed during her high school education. Her tumultuous childhood […] The post Season 3 Ep008: With only $75 Dollars in Her Pocket to Owning her Own Business with Anna Walker appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
Nov. 20, 2015
Hair Stylist Marcia Hamilton has been in the hair industry for 15 years. She has worked on celebrities such as Pink, Jada Pinkett Smith, Taraji P Henson and Tracey Ellis Ross. She has also worked on numerous fashion shows for designers such as Oscar De La Renta, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs Her artistic creations […] The post Season 3 Ep007: How to Strategize Your Way to the Top with Marcia Hamilton appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
Nov. 4, 2015
Clothing designer Sky Marcano was a single parent at 17 years of age. In that same year she wrote her first business plan. By age 25 she started her first company with two small children at home. Within 12 months she had two different investors approach her. She partnered up with one of them and […] The post Season 3 Episode 006: From Single Mom at Seventeen to Successful Entrepreneur with Multiple Streams of Income with Sky Marcano appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
Oct. 21, 2015
Piper De Young is our viewer’s choice winner. She is a make-up artist who has a passion for technology & cosmetics (yes two complete opposites) She is a social media natural and beauty lover with a sharp eye for trending design. She enjoys helping solopreneur’s build their brand identity and showcase their work. Piper has […] The post Season 3 Ep005: Building, Marketing & Promoting your Bridal Beauty Business with Piper De Young appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
Oct. 9, 2015
Philip Ring, Creative Director for Salon Embellish in Phoenix, Arizona is a passionate stylist, photographer and YouTuber whose success is derived from seeking out only the top education in the industry. In his short career as a hairstylist, Philip has been a salon owner, hosted multiple red carpet industry events, and a social media sensation […] The post Season 3 Ep004: Overcoming Feeling of Loneliness as an Artist and Entrepreneur with Philip Ring appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
Oct. 4, 2015
Syntheonline is an international award winning airbrush make-up artist, educator and body painter and has been in the beauty industry of over 15 years. She has air brushed the most celebrated entertainers and body painted the most imaginable works of art. This Vincenza, Italy born artist has a passion for teaching individuals the art of […] The post Season 3 Ep003: The Art of Networking | How to Tap into Hidden Opportunities with Synthe Online appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
Sept. 30, 2015
Crystal Martin Craft is an hairstylist, entrepreneur and beauty relationships specialist. She started her career at Paul Mitchell the School in Birmingham, Alabama Through years of hands-on training from top industry stylists, Crystal has honed her skills to focus on specialty services. She is one of the most sought after hair extensions specialist in her […] The post Season 3 Ep002: How to Change your Life and Increase your Income with Crystal Martin Craft appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
Sept. 29, 2015
  Ruby Devine is an Educator and Hair Color Guru She has 15 years of experience in the beauty industry and over 10 as a Bumble and Bumble network educator She is a social media maven and teaches beautypreneurs how to build a strong social media presence and attract their ideal client. Her work has […] The post Season 3 Ep001: The Makings Of A Social Media Hair Color Guru with Ruby Devine appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
July 28, 2015
The season finale of the Hair Artist Academy Podcast is here! Kiyah Wright ends this three show finale with such valuable information on the making of a celebrity stylist. Kiyah is an entrepreneur and two-time Emmy Award-winning celebrity hairstylist. She is the owner of Muze Agency and is a fashion powerhouse who’s work has been […] The post Season 2 Ep0017: Pushing Through your Problems to Ignite your Purpose and Passion in Life with Kiyah Wright appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
July 24, 2015
Patric Bradley is an entrepreneur, product creator, platform artist and international educator He travels the world training stylists on cutting and coloring techniques, business management and marketing and branding strategies. He’s worked as Artistic Director for Dudley Products and Creative Director for Farouk Systems. His work has been displayed on more than 75 national and […] The post Season 2 Ep016: From Quitting a Boring Job Making 6 Figures to Building a Beauty Empire with Patric Bradley appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
July 22, 2015
Celebrity hair stylist Derick Monroe has worn many hats from hair stylist, beauty supply owner, salon owner, educator, and freelance celebrity hairstylist. He went from being on governmental assistance to celebrity stylist and it didn’t happen overnight. It was as a road filled with struggle, tenacity and perseverance. His hands has coiffed the hair of […] The post Season 2 Ep015: The Power Prayer | An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Trusting your Faith and Believing in Yourself with Derick Monroe appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
July 18, 2015
William R. Patterson is back for part two of a two part series on the Hair Artist Academy Podcast. He provided so much value in the first show on how to increase your income and build a million dollar business that I had to have him back for a part two. He’s shared the stage […] The post Season 2 Ep014: Networking your Way to Wealth with William R. Paterson part 2 appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
July 10, 2015 · 01:02:20
Our Featured Guest today is a internationally renowned Business Coach He is the CEO The Baron Solution Group which provides coaching services to small business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and investors. He is a four-time award-winning lecturer and international best selling author. He’s shared the stage with billionaires, presidential candidates, and Fortune 100 CEOs and he […] The post Season 2 Ep013: How to Increase your Income and Build a Million Dollar Business with William R. Patterson Part 1 appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
July 3, 2015 · 00:47:52
Melvin Styles had a passion for fashion at an early age. After landing his first job at Artman Nursing Home at 15 he found himself spending his entire check on his favorite designer rags. After being recruited for a major department store he realized his passion was much more than a hobby. It was a […] The post Season 2 Ep012: How to Throw Caution to the Wind and Follow your Dreams with Melvin Styles appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
June 25, 2015 · 00:41:50
Megan Gage is an accidental entrepreneur. She started out as a social worker and has a passion for helping others. When she had her son she decide to leave her job to become a full time mom. After getting so many compliments on the way she styled her son’s hair she realized there may be […] The post Season2 Ep011: From Social Worker to Shark Tank with Megan Gage appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
June 20, 2015 · 00:50:59
Determined to land a job with one of the top hair stylist in the beauty industry, Jordan Blackmore loaded up his car and drove to Miami immediately after graduating from hair school. This guy is ballsy! Not only does he convince hair legend Oribe to give him a job he shortly becomes his assistant and […] The post Season 2 Ep010: Dealing With Hair Loss | Coping, Causes and Solutions with Jordan Blackmore appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
June 8, 2015 · 00:59:59
I have a confession to make. Tune in now to find out what it is. Personal trainer and entrepreneur Donald Paden II  was exposed to sports and the exponential possibilities of  entrepreneurship at an early age. After climbing the corporate ladder he decided that a career in corporate America was not what he truly wanted. […] The post Season2 Ep009: Transform your Business and your Body with Donald Paden II appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
May 26, 2015 · 00:34:35
Lea Conner is a hair stylist turned entrepreneur. From a young age she knew she wanted to have an impact on people and change their lives. Upon entering her second year of college she realized that a career in nursing was not what she wanted. She made the hard decision to drop out of college […] The post Season 2 Ep008: From College Drop Out to Successful Entrepreneur appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
May 19, 2015 · 00:43:11
Sineat Heintzelman is a hair and make-up artist with over 20 years of experience. She owns Love Make-up Hair, a mobile bridal hair and make-up business. She has worked with DASS Salon & Spa, Spa Sydell, Natural body, and Norstrom as a esthetician and make-up artist. Her goal is to inspire you to transition from a […] The post Season 2 Ep007: Starting a Bridal Hair and Make-up Business with Sineat Heintzelman appeared first on Hair Artist Academy.
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