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Computer America is the nation's longest running talk show on Computers and Technology. Tune in as we cover all things new, innovative, and unique. We interview the best companies in the industry, as well as have original segments with the hosts. Five days a week, Computer America keeps you up to date.
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yesterday · 01:00:59
First Segment: Jackpot Digital. Jake Kalpakian, President/CEO Founded in 1999, Jackpot Digital Inc. (formerly Las Vegas From Entertainment Inc.) is a Canadian publicly listed company. Jackpot Digital is a leading electronic table game manufacturer and mobile gaming provider for the cruise ship industry and regulated casino industry. Jackpot Digital specializes in multiplayer gaming products, including poker and casino games, which are complimented by a robust suite of back-end tools for operators to efficiently control and optimize their gaming business. Second Segment: Computer and Technology News Today’s topics include: Levi’s Smart Jacket For Commuters Cloudflare Promises DDOS Protection Comcast Starts Ditching Set Top Boxes in 2018 CRISPR Gene Editing Could Lead To Better Birth Rates WAYMO Demands Uber Pay $2 Billion Dollars And more! For full show notes, check out!
Sept. 22, 2017 · 01:00:53
First Segment: Venture. Peter Austin Onruang, Founder/President. In 2011 a little-known company rose from obscurity to lead the industry in police body worn camera technology. Since then we have set the standards for all to follow. We were the first to produce a body camera with 1080p high definition video recording. The first with GPS Geotag technology and night vision. Also the first to develop a three in one multipurpose device. The list goes on. In just a couple of years we have made “Wolfcom” a recognizable brand worldwide. We have now developed our newest Law Enforcement body camera, the Wolfcom Vision. Forged from feedback from hundreds of Police departments across the USA, the Wolfcom Vision takes it all to another level. Second Segment: Computer and Technology News For those of you who are new to this segment, this is our daily look at current events as it relates to technology. Tune in for stories such as: Robotic Dentistry T-Mobile/Sprint Merger iFixit iPhone 8 Tear Down Equifax Keeps “A” Rating From BBB EU Piracy Report Suppression And more! For full show notes, check out!
Sept. 21, 2017 · 01:00:53
Both Segments: Marcel Gagne, Linux Correspondent. This month, it's all about security. Well, mostly. Marcel joins us to talk about open source, what happened with Equifax, and more! For full show notes, check out the cheat sheet here: Cheat Sheet Check out for more!
Sept. 20, 2017 · 01:00:57
Both Segments: Dariush Derakhshani. Computer Graphics Expert Computer America talks with Dariush every month to get the latest on the CGI world. Tune in for these articles and more! And more! For full show notes, check out!
Sept. 19, 2017 · 01:00:39
First Segment: Mighteor. Dr. Jason Kahn, Co-Founder “Most interventions fail kids because kids do not want them. We had to build a new tool from scratch. Kids respond to emotions differently than adults do. They can feel big emotions and act out in unfamiliar ways. Our program had to be fun and meet kids on their level. Kids love video games and games mimic life. Video games are the perfect tool to help kids grapple with emotional control. You try, fail, then try again. We started with rigorous scientific studies and then piloted with 100 families in their homes. Kids played. Symptoms abated and families were less stressed. Our reach was limited at Boston Children’s Hospital. It was time to launch Mighteor. Emotional strength empowers kids to succeed in life. Our mission is to help millions of kids discover their emotional strength. We provide families a proven tool they can use in their home. We keep kids engaged with new games and content every month. We welcome you to join us on this journey.” – Mighteor Second Segment: Computer and Technology News Today’s Topics: Nikola/Bosch Long Range Fuel Cell Truck HTC Vive Goes Without A Computer YouTube Brings Subscriptions To Live Streaming iOS 11 Is Here And More! For full show notes, check out!
Sept. 18, 2017 · 01:00:56
First Segment: AMD. Raymond Dumbeck, Director, Go-To-Market & Product Marketing “We design and integrate technology that powers millions of intelligent devices, including personal computers, game consoles and cloud servers that define the new era of surround computing.” – AMD AMD4U Details Second Segment: Computer and Technology News Today’s Topics: Apple Blocks Super Cookies VEVO Hacked CCleaner Compromised China vs Bitcoin PUBG Breaks Records On Steam And more! Check out full show notes at!
Sept. 15, 2017 · 01:00:57
First segment: Cherry. Michael Schmid, Sr. Manager MX Marketing & PR CHERRY is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of computer keyboards, mice, magnetic and chip card readers, and the best mechanical keyswitches in the industry. Second Segment: Computer and Technology News. Computer America goes out in search of the latest and greatest news of the day. Today's stories include: 8,500 Verizon Users Cut Off For Using Data Chrome Will Stop Auto-Playing Videos In 2018 Facebook Let Advertisers Target Racist Terms BitCoin Set To Take A Hit In China And more! For full show notes, check out!
Sept. 14, 2017 · 01:01:00
First Segment: SteelSeries. Jason Christian, Senior Product Manager, Keyboards/Mice Dating back to 2001, our company was formed to meet the surface needs of hardcore gamers by introducing the first glass mousepad, the Icemat. Since that original innovation, we created the first mechanical gaming keyboard, the first suspended headband for gaming headsets, the first World of Warcraft mouse and endless other innovations. SteelSeries is dedicated to building products that push professional gaming further than anyone dreamed. Those innovations make gaming more competitive and more fun for gamers everywhere. Second Segment: Equifax Special Report, with FireDragon Security. FireDragon joined us on the program to talk all about the recent Equifax Hack, outlining what has been compromised, and steps you should take to keep yourself safe. For full show notes, head on over to!
Sept. 13, 2017 · 01:00:21
Both Segments: Sandy Berger. Consumer Electronics Expert. Sandy Berger is Computer America’s Consumer Electronics Expert, having experience in the field of reviews and consumer electronics for a number of years. Check out more of her writings, reviews, and musings at her website. She also writes for a number of publications in both printed and internet media. Topics: Apple For full show notes, head on over to!
Sept. 12, 2017 · 01:00:58
First Segment: Novatio Solutions. Gokul Solai, CEO. Artificial Intelligence is already infiltrating our lives on a consumer level (Siri, Alexa, etc.) by performing menial tasks that add marginal value. Some businesses are already using AI symbiotically alongside humans to tackle real threats (for example, Facebook using AI to comb through posts for ‘at risk’ behavior), but beyond the glamour applications, there is a real shift occurring in the workforce where humans and ‘robots’ are collaborating. Second Segment: Computer and Technology News Computer America goes out in search of the latest Tech news of the day. Note, we will be covering Apple tomorrow with Sandy Berger. Monkey Selfie Court Case Closed Blueborne Bluetooth Vulnerability Chatbot Lets You Sue Equifax In Small Claims And more! For full show notes, head on over to!
Sept. 11, 2017 · 01:00:55
First Segment: Signafire. Steve Davis, Co-Founder/ Chief Technology Officer Signafire’s products and services are designed to watch, learn, and understand perceptions and threats among multiple sources of data to increase a company’s awareness and help them make better decisions. What that basically means is that if something negative starts trending about a company online, Signafire can rapidly identify that and alert its clients. Second Segment: Computer and Technology News. Computer America goes out in search of the latest and greatest computer and tech news that you should know about. Tune in today for topics such as: China Goes Electric Equifax Flub iPhone X Rumors Tesla Extends Range Before Hurricane Gigabit Internet Available to 57 Million Comcast Sues Vermont And more! Check out for full show notes!
Sept. 8, 2017 · 01:00:53
Both Segments: Ralph Bond. Autodesk, Public Relations. “Starting August 27, 2007 I served Autodesk as a full-time PR consultant. Beginning in August of 2010 I became a regular, full-time employee. What an amazing adventure this continues to be each day! I’m supporting the Architecture Engineering and Cosntruction Solutions team with general media relations support and special web AV content production (which I also do for Manufacturing team at Autodesk). ” Ralph Bond Cheat Sheet Full show notes can be found at!
Sept. 7, 2017 · 01:00:58
Both Segments: Computer and Technology News. Computer America goes out to the wild wild web and finds the best technology-centric news of the day. Find stories included today such as: Tesla Semi could be ‘the biggest catalyst in trucking in decades’ and 70% cheaper to operate, says analyst
Sept. 7, 2017 · 01:00:59
Both Segments: Mike Cermak., Owner/Operator The site has grown from a simple site of common solutions to a whole community of people trying to help others. We learn and share and see a lot more than tech support come out of the site every day. I like to think that we make some small difference in the world. Even in this day of complicated software, spyware and viruses, our great team of Moderators and volunteers help to make computing a little easier for everyone who visits. With more than 100 new users registering every day, Tech Support Guy shows no sign of stopping. Topics: North Korea Threatens The US Power Grid No More Fossil Fuels For French Indian Hyperloop Being Built Everything We Think We Know About iPhone 8 Also, I recently set up an Amplifi mesh network ( – new from Ubiquiti, the same folks who make Unifi access points that are popular for commercial installs. It’s not cheap (starting at $130), but makes for a user-friendly solution to building out a wireless network. For full show notes, check out!
Sept. 5, 2017 · 01:00:55
First Segment: Bob LeVitus, Dr. Mac “My name is Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus. At age 30, I quit a job in advertising I’d grown to despise and became a writer. Everyone but my wife thought it would be a miracle if I succeeded. To their surprise, I had sold a few books (anyone remember Stupid Mac Tricks?) and was making a comfortable living as a writer by the mid-1990s.” Second Segment: Computer and Technology News Computer America goes out in search of the latest and greatest news stories of the day. Tune in for topics such as: Hurricane Tracking Getting Better/Worse Unrepairable Essential Phone Lenovo Pays The Piper Nintendo Vs. The Patent Troll? And more! For full show notes, check out!
Sept. 1, 2017 · 01:01:00
First Segment: D-Link. Oscar Reyes, Vice President of Marketing D-Link helps you connect to more of everything with our innovative approach to computer networking. From relatively modest beginnings in Taiwan, the company has grown over the last 25 years into an exciting global brand offering the most up-to-date network solutions. Whether it is to suit the needs of the home consumer, a business or service provider, we take pride in offering award-winning networking products and services. We will continue to lead the way in building networks for people around the world. Second Segment: Computer and Technology News Tech Companies Declare War On Hate Speech $400 Juicer Company Closes Its Doors IBM Teaching Computers To Make Memories AMD GPU’s Sell Out In Minutes And more! For full show notes, check out!
Aug. 31, 2017 · 01:00:59
First Segment: Stephanie Ciccarelli, Chief Brand Officer/Co-Founder, the industry-leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talent. People from all around the world working at radio and television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies rely upon our marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice talent with the help of our innovative SurePay™ escrow service and our award-winning website and mobile apps. Second Segment: Computer and Technology News Computer America finds the latest and greatest news happening with technology. Tune in for stories such as: Threadripper Announces Their Cheapest CPU Yet Lenovo Diving In Head First Into Mixed Reality SanDisk Pushes 400GB MicroSD Storage Last Day Of Net Neutrality Comments And more! For full show notes, check out!
Aug. 30, 2017 · 01:00:59
First Segment: Scott Schober. Author/Security Expert Cyberwarfare has become a very real part of our business, our government, our technology and our culture. We’ve seen terms like hacking, cyber-security and DDoS explode into our popular vernacular and for good reason. Real cyber-attacks have increased exponentially in the past 12 months and the growing fear of them has gone off the charts. Still, many of us do not incorporate simple, best practices when it comes to things like creating passwords and engaging with social media. Second Segment: Computer and Technology News Computer America goes out in search of the latest and greatest news stories of the day! These include: Apple Feuds With Movie Companies Over 4K Movies 24 Hours Left Of Net Neutrality Comments MIT Makes A Polite Robot First FDA Approved Gene Therapy Cummins Makes Electric Semi And more! Check out for full show notes!
Aug. 29, 2017 · 01:00:58
First segment: Acronis. Frank Jablonski Acronis sets the standard for hybrid cloud data protection through its backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sync and share solutions. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine and set apart by its image technology, Acronis delivers easy, complete and affordable data protection of all files, applications and operating systems across any environment—virtual, physical, cloud and mobile. Founded in 2003, Acronis protects the data of over 5 million consumers and 500,000 businesses in over 145 countries. With more than 100 patents, Acronis products have been named best product of the year, and cover a range of features, including migration, cloning and replication. Today, Acronis solutions are available worldwide through a global network of service providers, distributors and cloud resellers. Second Segment: Computer and Technology News. Computer America finds the latest and greatest news of the day, focused on technology! Tune in today for topics such as: Amazon Alexa Can Now Talk To Herself Uber Will Stop Monitoring People After Dropoff Domino’s And Ford Team Up To Deliver Pizza Intel ME Controller Chip Has Secret Kill Switch And more! For full show notes, check out!
Aug. 29, 2017 · 01:01:00
First Segment: Steve Stockman. How To Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck. Steve Stockman is a writer/director/producer at Custom Productions, Inc. in Los Angeles. He’s done a feature film, created and Executive Produced tv series like Brew Dogs for the new Esquire Network, Dogs of War for A&E, Devils Ride for Discovery Channel and $24 in 24 for Food Network; plus music videos, web series and over 200 commercials. Steve Stockmans’ book, How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck, is now in its 6th printing from Workman Publishing. It’s based on a course he’s been teaching to kids for the last 14 years, but adults will understand it too. It’s not technical—it doesn’t matter whether you’re shooting RED or iPhone. It’s about how to shoot video that’s entertaining, effective—and that actually gets watched. Second Segment: Computer and Technology News Computer America scours the internet, searching high (Google) and low (Bing) to find the greatest and latest in computer and technology news. Tune in today for topics such as: Burger King Makes Russian Cryptocurrency for Burgers Zinc-Air Batteries, The Next Step? Viral Hoax Websites Ads Banned On Facebook Whole Foods Price Cuts And more! Check out for full show notes!
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