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Nick Pfisterer, Fabian Becker and Gabor Javorszky talk about Ghost and node.js related topics.
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July 17, 2014 · 01:27:18
In this episode we had Francis Gulotta as our guest, who was on stage of jQuery 2014 talking about nodebots and demoing a nodecopter controlled by a hoodie. We talked about nodebots, how to get started and teaching coding. Show notes: On nodebots nodebots Chris Williams Chris Williams's blog (runs on Ghost :) ) SaferAging johnny-five nodecopter On hardware parrot drone mesh network spark core Arduino UNO R3 Adafruit Raspberry Pi Starter Kit On education Work Force 1 Thoughtbots Rdio's code quality tool: jsfmt gnode: enable ES6 features in node Long discussion on Ghost about front end tech (issue 2144) On Francis - project he's working on Twitter: @reconbot Wizard Blog Wizard Development Nodebots day
July 8, 2014 · 01:38:06
For episode 20, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Man himself, John O'Nolan. If you need to be told who he is, you may stop reading now. John is the co-founder of the Ghost Foundation, and he's responsible for the direction and the design of the entire project. We talked to him about the origins of Ghost, the direction it's heading and the future of it. Show notes The original article: Info on 501c3 The Future of WordPress Richard Stallman Contact john (at) ghost (dot) org @johnonolan John's blog
June 30, 2014 · 01:25:47
Isaac Schlueter is best known for creating npm, the package manager everyone uses for node. We talked about the origins of node itself (it's older than I thought!), the history of npm, and some really good tools at the end! Show notes: Unveiling nodejs in 2009 by Ryan Dahl: Bit of node.js history netscape liveserver aptana jacksor .net jscript asp jscript JavaScript as a JVM language Spidermonkey v8 spiderape serverjs (now commonjs) commonjs haskell npm (obviously :) ) Patreon Tools of trade Busymac Accretive Solutions (for bookkeeping, prepping financial stuff, helps a TON if you plan on taking VC money) TriNet (for HR) ProsperWorks (crm for google apps) followupthen (for reminders) iterm2 Contact Twitter: @izs Github: isaacs
June 25, 2014 · 01:22:37
This week we had Jan Lehnardt, who works on, CouchDB, and he's organising We talked about what goes into organising a conference, what Hoodie is and why you should (or should not) be using CouchDB. Show notes: On JavaScript, superhappydevhouse Chris Williams - @voodootikigod JavaScript Jabber ieee numbers in javascript Nicole Sullivan Kristina Schneider Mike West - XSS (No, the other 'S') - CSSConf EU 2013 On CouchDB pouchdb touchdb couchbase light On The Neighbourhoodie Software GmbH Contact Jan Twitter: @janl IRC: #hoodie on
June 16, 2014 · 01:14:33
Steve Klabnik is one of the co-creators of the JSON API, a Ruby committer, RUST advocate, and all around nice person. We talked to him about the background of JSON API, RUST (the language, not the game), and a bit of philosophy. Show notes: Rust for Rubyists book Rust language reference Mozilla's servo engine Go language reference JSON API site Dan Gebhardt HAL - Hypertext Application Language Balanced payments Collection+ format Gluglug X60 - laptop certified by the Free Software Foundation Steve uses this @steveklabnik - goes straight into his brain :) Email: steve (at) steveklabnik (dot) com
June 11, 2014 · 01:04:46
This week we talked to Sebastian Gierlinger. He's a Ghost Foundation employee, and one of the two people who have merge rights to the Ghost repository. We talked about how he got to be a Ghost, his programming and startup career prior to that, taking on monster issues. Our #pro moment this week: Gabor's audio track got corrupted, and he had to re-record his replies, thus he might sound a bit out of place. Apologies for that. - G Show notes: devstrom (now acquired) Sebastian's Crunchbase profile Tomcat Weblogic JBoss Roadmap (revised) Sebastian on Github and Twitter sebastian at ghost dot org
June 2, 2014 · 01:19:27
We talked with Ouija creator Matthew Creager about what Ouija is, gulpjs, client side security and Ghost. Show notes: goangular Backend as a service Firebase McHacks hackathon Leadsift The epic discussion that turned Matt into a convert react.js Ouija on Wikipedia Ouija on github bash-it gulp js grunt js browsersync JWT (JSON Web Token) exacttarget gulp-dalek Matt, Nick and Colin: Matt on Twitter Matt on Github Colin Macdonald Nick Tassone
May 26, 2014 · 01:03:29
We talked with Christopher Giffard, who is the author of the SteamShovel code coverage and profiling library, and is one of the olden developers of Ghost. We touch on working with node, staying motivated, his project: Behaviour Assertion Sheets and a few puns. Show notes: Memory Profiling SteamShovel Istanbul Esprima Behaviour Assertion Sheets Chris' talk on Behaviour Assertion Sheets Official page for BAS grep visual diffing Chris's workflow Chocolate app Moom (for window arrangements) Solarized stuff tmux Get in touch with Chris
May 19, 2014 · 01:34:36
For this episode we spoke with Raquel Vélez about nodebots, nodecopters and learning languages. If you manage not to want to build robots with node afterwards - tell us why! Show Notes Intro Duolingo Raquel’s Resume Nodebots Nodebots johnny-five Raspberry Pi JSConf RobotsConf NodeBots Day Nodecopter SLAM - Simultaneous localization and mapping Kano NPM Inc. npmjs Raquel: Raquel’s Ghost Blog @rockbot
May 12, 2014 · 01:15:13
This week we had a lot of fun talking to Josh, co-founder and CEO of Travis CI. Ghost's code is being checked multiple times a day on Travis, as well as a large number of other open source and closed source projects. Josh gave us some insight into how Travis came to be, why Travis is called Travis, what's next for it, and a boatload of technical details! Show notes Instance automation tools chef (machine management) docker (machine management) Vagrant (machine management) kerl (you need erlang based projects) Heroku (hosting space) Background knowledge: hypervisor, lxe People and origins Envy Labs Giles Cornu Pat Allen on Twitter: @pat, Github: pat Pat's blog article about donating time to charities (did not find the talk, if anyone can link us, that'd be great) Thinking Sphinx, a library to connect ActiveRecord and Sphinx search daemon (Pat's work) Travis on Bob the Builder (has sound :) ) Team collaboration Campfire Squiggle Flowdock Monitoring and logging Librato Metrics Opsgenie Statuspage Sentry Papertrail Get in touch with Josh Twitter: @h2j Github: Josh's blog: (which still has the only one two posts from October at the time of writing :P )
May 5, 2014 · 01:19:00
We had the absolute pleasure of having Hannah Wolfe behind the mic for a truly epic episode of Ghosting. We talked about stories and challenges that Ghost faces and building gaming PCs. Show notes: Revised roadmap API issues Ember.js issues Ghost dev blog Hannah on Github (note her streak count!!) Hannah on Twitter Hannah's blog
April 27, 2014 · 01:12:04
This week we talked to ex-Ghost Matthew Harrison-Jones about Node.js and Open Source development. Show Notes: Dev Notes JSON-API Error Format Discussion ( Indicating Problems in HTTP APIs by Mark Nottingham With Matthew Clock Introduction to Docker, Dokku, node.js: To the future Docker Docpad DigitalOcean Linode & The new Linode cloud Robin Hawkes Leaving the Ghost Foundation @matt_hojo
April 20, 2014 · 01:00:50
We had the pleasure of welcoming Tim Griesser on the show this week. We talked about bookshelf.js and knex.js, the things that connect the database to Ghost. Show notes Dev catchup The new roadmap. TL;DR version: API -> Ember.js -> new release -> multi-user -> apps master branch is no longer stable. There's a stable branch now or use a tagged version or Ghost on npm or the .zip file With Tim bookshelf.js knex.js Laravel websql browserify UBER, noflo Activerecord (not Microsoft related) sails.js Tim's work at Harvard Why Diaspora went from NoSQL to SQL: Sarah Mei - Switching Data Stores: A Postmodern Comedy Fail as fast as possible: Google X on Fast.Co and Google X on Wired granted permissions library @tgriesser github: tgriesser
April 13, 2014 · 01:05:49
This week we talked with Harry Wolff about the Ember migration and his experience with frontend frameworks. Show notes: Dev catchup: JSON API Standard Standard Spec for JSON API RSS Example App With Harry Chartbeat Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale at FluentJS Ember Guides ECMAScript 6 features Koa.js Ember.js milestone Emberjs HH: Ghost Hacker with Harry Wolff @hswolff
April 6, 2014 · 01:09:23
In this episode we talked to Paul Davis, who recently joined the Ghost Foundation as their front-end architect about remote work, tooling and general development. Show notes: Dev catchup Logs for the meeting Dev article about themes for 0.4.2 Ember.js issues left API issues left With Paul Paul's site Kodery Sketch Gabor's sketching Book: Remote Yahoo!'s remote work ban letter Turkey vs YouTube (has links to Turkey vs Twitter too) pubsubhubbub macaw @pauladamdavis
March 30, 2014 · 01:07:30
We talked about plugin architecture, internationalization and theming with Julian Lam, co-founder of NodeBB. Show notes: Issues / Development Update JSON API Standard Paul Adam Davis is a Ghost New Ghost download page Ghost 0.4.2 release post Using Ghost as an npm module Open Ember.js issues regarding Modals and Notifications Discussion about components in Ghost UI vs. Ember Apps: Filter RSS Feeds Toronto Node.js - Great meetup if you're in the Toronto area History.js NodeBB language files Transifex - Translation Management platform used by NodeBB NodeBB Transifex Translations Theming NodeBB Writing your first NodeBB plugin
March 23, 2014 · 01:18:05
We talked about documentation and support on and with the creators: Andy Boutte (who also did QA testing in early days for Ghost) and David Balderston. We touched on building and maintaining a community, their book they wrote with Kezz Bracey and their new site: Show notes: Issues #2312: Whether to fork showdown / or fix it up. Most probably a fork, some fixes, replacing it later #2148: Adding RPC pings for better SEO #2149: Tag escaping / html #2415: Adding more data to the fixtures (beginner) #2416: Modals (ember) #2417: Notifications (ember) #2418: Popovers (ember) #2347: Pagination in API (discussion) JSON Generator: Cool little utility to create fake json mocks Packt publishing: They are the publishers for Kezz's, Andy's and David's book Ghost forums: for any questions that you can't find the answer to on or
March 18, 2014 · 01:11:03
We talked with Kezz Bracey (@KezzBracey, polygonix) about her new book on Ghost she wrote with Andy and David of, that will be published by Packt publishing soon, theming, moving from WordPress and open source contribution. Show Notes: Twitter account (@ghostalk_) Kezz's tuts plus profile Hosted solution is called Ghost(Pro) from now on Ghost 0.4.2 is about to ship (link to milestone) Issues Extending JSON API (2346)
March 9, 2014 · 00:54:31
We discussed advances in the admin UI. Hannah went on a merge-roll, jslint got replaced with jshint and apps are advancing nicely. We had Taras Mankovski, aka EmberSherpa on air. Show notes: EmberSherpa Issues 2333 - The future of Ghost mobile How The Guardian handles mobile site development Tweet about Ghost's response time BBC TideSDK Ember Data Atom Slack npm Trademark issue
March 2, 2014 · 00:45:07
We discussed the decision to use Ember for the admin UI, mentioned a new label for beginners for issues for getting started with contributing, and talked about the new UI framework. Show Notes: node-sass Issues: 2083 - Apps initial lifecycle and setting screen UI 2081 - Add package.json support for Themes 2115 - The {{#has}} block helper 2138 - Model & Data API extension for apps 2144 - The future of Ghost's admin UI Ember.js Want to get started with Ghost development? Check out the Beginner Issues Submit your App Idea Ghost UI WP Think Tank
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