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Level 7 Access: A Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and MCU Podcast
By J.D. Jackson, Page Branson, Michal Schick, and Devon McGovern-Johnson
About this podcast
Welcome to Level 7 Access, a Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Podcast! Each week, J.D. Jackson, Page Branson, Michal Schick, and Devon McGovern-Johnson will bring you the funniest and most in-depth Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D podcast on the web, featuring episode recaps, spoilers, audience participation, and speculation!
Episodes (Total: 254)
Oct. 4, 2017 · 02:26:01
We catch up on some Marvel news, then dig into the meaty piece of steak that is Marvel's Inhumans!
Oct. 2, 2017 · 01:44:51
Page, Devon, and Ricky are back in Atlanta for Dragon*Con! Catch some clips from the multiple SHIELD panels through the weekend, and an MST3K flavored surprise as well!
Sept. 25, 2017 · 01:34:06
Troy Benjamin is back to discuss Agents of SHIELD Declassified: Season 4, sharing with us some of his favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the last season! He talks about some of his favorite interviews, his process in writing the book every season, and how off-hand conversation can make dreams come true!
Sept. 21, 2017 · 01:58:06
We're cleaning out all of our leftover mail from topics like the Season 4 Finale, Spider-Man, Guardians 2, and more! All e-mails are 50% off!
Sept. 4, 2017 · 01:34:06
Spend your Labor Day with us as we give our thoughts about Marvel's Defenders! Friend of the show, Ricky, joins us to give his thoughts as well, and spoilers abound through the entire episode. You've had all holiday weekend to catch up! No excuses!
Aug. 28, 2017 · 01:27:51
We tell you guys what we've done with our summer and recap all of the Marvel happenings at San Diego Comic Con!
Aug. 16, 2017 · 01:10:11
Page sits down with Dan Carroll, media relations director for Dragon*Con, to discuss one of the biggest pop culture events of the year! If you're attending Dragon*Con in Atlanta, want to attend in the future, or want to know the in's and out's of a large convention, this is the interview for you!
July 17, 2017 · 01:45:46
How does the MCU treat Marvel's resident web-slinger? Listen to find out! Spoilers start at 49:20!
July 6, 2017 · 01:23:41
We finally get around to giving our thoughts about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, just in time for Spider-Man: Homecoming to come out!
June 23, 2017 · 01:26:26
We get together to talk all about Wonder Woman! Does the movie live up to the hype? Does it single-handedly save the DCEU? We'll tell you all about it. Spoilers start at 37:30!
June 12, 2017 · 01:47:31
Lani Diane Rich from Chipperish Media is with us to talk romance, escapism, plot structure, and Swiss Army Killamajigs.
June 3, 2017 · 01:43:41
We read through all of your letters about the Agents of HYDRA pod with the exception of the season finale in our continuing effort to play catch-up!
May 21, 2017 · 02:23:52
We break down the Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Finale, World's End, and try to figure out what the hell the ending means!
May 17, 2017 · 01:35:07
We get ready for the amazing Season 4 to end with the penultimate episode, The Return!
May 9, 2017 · 01:05:46
Get ready for another salt-filled podcast as we read your letters about Marvel's Iron Fist.
May 6, 2017 · 01:50:08
We bust out of the Framework and become real boys and girls in this week's review of Agents of SHIELD!
April 28, 2017 · 01:37:45
We deal with the aftermath of Mace's death and our begrudging acceptance of Framework Ward as we review this week's Agents of SHIELD episode, All the Madame's Men!
April 24, 2017 · 01:48:16
We have no regrets aside from some technical difficulties as we discuss episode 18 of this season of Agents of SHIELD, No Regrets!
April 18, 2017 · 01:12:11
Minus a J.D., we discuss episode 17 of Season 4 of Agents of SHIELD, Identity and Change! 
April 11, 2017 · 01:27:06
We get together to discuss life in the Framework and figure out where our characters stand as we dig into Episode 16 of Season 4, "What If...?" 
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