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Live and Active Pop Culture
By Dane Bowder
About this podcast
Live and Active Pop Culture is your pop culture probiotic, it helps you process the weeks events in pop culture! Every other week Dane and his assistant co-host Derek provide their unqualified opinion and have a funny discussion about the weekly happenings in the world of TV, movies, trends, music and more with a special guest or two. Their hilarious antics make this the best worst podcast about pop culture on the internet, but mostly just the worst.
Episodes (Total: 62)
Oct. 5, 2017 · 01:10:55
Another week, and another Kardashian is pregnant! The gang is all here to talk about the Emmy's, the new slate of Apple products and the latest in Kardashian pregnancy. Edit- No more than one day after the recording of this podcast, another Kardashian has announced a pregnancy. We also talk about the movies we recently have seen, Derek talks about his vision for the podcast studio, and we are joined by our "intern" Amy. Also Kirsten tells an incredible story about what she did on Friday night. Tweet us: @LandAPopCulture Email us: Facebook us:
Sept. 9, 2017 · 01:14:35
It's another hot and fresh episode of LAPC comin atcha. We talk about T. Swift's new song and vid, the VMAs, and Kirsten beefs out at the beginning on novelty license plates. We also do our annual fall TV preview and dog on all of the worst upcoming shows. Follow us on Twitter: @LandAPopCulture Email us: Facebook us:
Sept. 5, 2017 · 01:08:34
We finally reveal the official Diet Sunkist Song of the Summer while drinking some Diet Sunkist. We also talk about Target's big changes, Caitlin talks about her upcoming trip to a Lady Gaga concert, and Derek reveals his favorite unused Facebook feature. We also talk back to college time, and give our weekly faves. Check us out on Twitter: @LandAPopCulture Email us: Facebook us:
Aug. 6, 2017 · 01:19:09
It's been a few weeks, so we do a rapid fire discussion of recent topics. We talk about Beyonce's twins REAL names, whether Taylor Swift travels around in a suitcase and Michael Phelps racing a great white shark. We also discuss two song of the summer nominees, Dane gives two new types of movie reviews and Kirsten tells of her adventures around the state. Finally, we share our coolest guys and weekly faves. Hey, check us out on Twitter will ya? @LandAPopCulture Email us: Facebook us:
July 16, 2017 · 01:07:21
It's all about celebrity feuds this week, and coincidentally Dane and Kirsten feud over the new song of the summer! Kirsten tells us all about her Christmas in July plans, Caitlin quizzes the crew on celeb feuds, and clues us in on the Blac Chyna situation, and Dane endorses a new hair product.  Check us out on facebook: Tweet us: @landAPopCulture Email us:
June 29, 2017 · 00:14:03
It's a new season of Big Brother with a bunch of lunatics- we pick them and make teams out of them- check it out!    
June 29, 2017 · 01:13:14
It's a brand new week in the LAPC basement, and the world is up to their usual nonsense. We talk about the latest celebrity births, Kirsten guesses the names of Beyonce's twins, and then we do a deep dive on two strong song of the summer candidates. Dane also recounts a La Croix related run in and Caitlin is right about the year a song came out (surprise).  Hey follow us on Twitter why don'tcha?- @LandAPopCulture Email us: Facebook us:
June 12, 2017 · 01:11:32
It's a momentous 50th episode here at LAPC and we'd love to tell you we planned something special, but we didn't. Instead, we talk about summer movies, TV and music we are going to be tuning into, we talk about what in the world is going on with Katy Perry and address the internet phenomenon, Covfefe (we know, we're late to the party on this one again). Thanks for listening, here's to another 50 episodes of LAPC! Follow us on twitter: @landapopculture Facebook us: Email us:
May 23, 2017 · 01:04:17
It's a new week and a new LAPC. We talk about the latest TV renewals and cancellations, get to the bottom of what Ryan Seacrest is up to and play with a fidget spinner (spoiler alert- Dane confiscates it). We also play Derek doesn't know the words, explain the Fitbit in What's in the Hat and talk about our weekly faves. Also, Kirsten calls in and Derek attempts to prank her!   Follow us on Twitter: @LandAPopCulture Email Us: Facebook Us:
April 29, 2017 · 01:10:04
In our fifth pop culture club special, we discuss the hit podcast from the producers of Serial and This American Life- S-Town. We talk about the effectiveness of the story telling, the primary themes in the show and how this podcast might change the genre. We also discuss how this podcast relates to another similar podcast, Missing Richard Simmons, and how we would qualify this genre. Follow us on Twitter: @LandAPopCulture Email Us: Facebook Us:
April 28, 2017 · 01:20:14
We are back y'all and we are talking crap about Starbucks and the unicorn frappuccino. Caitlin tells us her tale of trying to get a unicorn frap all morning, Kirsten recounts all of the liquids she has drank in the last 15 minutes and Dane explains his beef with the Starbuck drive thru. We also talk about the finale of Girls, play "what's in the hat!?", coolest guy at the water cooler and Kirsten tries to name as many of the Real Housewives as she can. Also, we have a surprise guest!   Follow us on Twitter: @LandAPopCulture Facebook Us: Email Us:
April 7, 2017 · 01:09:37
  After another EXTENSIVE hiaitus we’re back again. We recap our Oscars experience, discuss this season of DWTS, Caitlin tells us about two movies she has recently seen, what exactly is going on with Jon Gosselin and Mama June, the inevitable Trading Spaces revival and Kirsten tells us a story about a Clementine orange on an airplane. Later, we give you our weekly faves!   Follow us on Twitter: @LandAPopCulture   Facebook us:   Email us:
Feb. 24, 2017 · 01:19:28
Just in time for Sunday's show, it's our annual Oscar special! We talk about the major categories and nominations, we talk about whether La La Land actually deserves all of its nominations. We also catch up on all of the news since last week including Beyonce's pregnancy announcement, the Grammys controversy, Gaga at the Super bowl, etc.  Follow us on Twitter: @landapopculture Facebook us: Email us:
Feb. 15, 2017 · 01:08:36
This week we give you a round up of pop culture stories- from inauguration fashion to movie reviews we cover it all. We also play a great round of coolest guy, weekly faves and find out if Derek knows what it means to read someone or who Zendaya is. Also, everyone was pretty hungry when recording this episode, so there is a LOT of talk about pizza. Follow us on Twitter: @LandAPopCulture Facebook us: Email us:
Jan. 18, 2017 · 01:20:38
WE'RE BACK! and better than ever. In this weeks episode, we discuss everything that has happened since our last episode (which was before the election, btw) including, but not limited to: Rob and Chyna, the return of America's Next Top Model, Gilmore Girls, Full House, Mid-season TV premieres, Kanye's meltdown, the beginning of award season and finally, Mariah Carey's NYE performance. Then, we make our predictions for what is going to be hot in 2017, give some coolest guy at the water cooler tips and tell you about our weekly faves. Find us on Twitter: @landapopculture Facebook Us: Email Us:
Oct. 31, 2016 · 00:54:55
In our fourth pop culture club, we discuss the CBS special docuseries- "The Case Of: Jonbenet Ramsey". We share our thoughts on the show, the case as a whole and on the major moment true crime is having right now. Finally, we share our predictions about who committed this murder and discuss whether pineapple with milk is a good snack. What did you think of the show? Follow our twitter for cryin out loud!: @LandAPopCulture Facebook Us: Email Us:
Oct. 26, 2016 · 01:06:43
After an extensive hiatus, we are finally back in the basement! On this weeks episode we talk about the hottest Halloween costumes, follow up on Fall TV, and Caitlin explains what really went down with Kim K in Paris. We also talk about Westworld, give our weekly faves and Kirsten tells a story about a horse. Then, she does a parrot impression. Enjoy!! Follow us on twitter: @LandAPopCulture Facebook Us: Email Us: And as always, tell your friends about our show and give us an iTunes rating!
Sept. 29, 2016 · 01:16:25
In this weeks new episode of LAPC, we talk fall TV, the new iPhone update everyone hates, Kirsten shares a story about her hometown mayor and Derek tells us about his new dog. Dane gives the heaviest sigh ever and tells us why he can't stand seeing Kevin James get a new TV vehicle. Finally, we do a thrilling round of a new segment- "Coolest Weekly Faves". Get ready for our next culture club episode by tuning in to all of the new JonBenet Ramsey coverage- we'll be talking about the CBS special: "The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey". Follow us on Twitter: @LandAPopCulture Email Us: And find us on Facebook:
Sept. 8, 2016 · 01:04:39
It's time to celebrate the official Diet Sunkist Song of the Summer! We announce and analyze this year's official nominees, list some pros and cons and discuss their permanence. We also talk about Caitlin's attempt at a dog slumber party, Kirsten tries to turn Panda by Desiigner into a jazz standard and try to figure out what was going on at the VMAs. Also, apparently chokers are back! If you haven't done so already, remember to rate and subscribe on iTunes, it helps other listeners find our show! Follow us on twitter: @landapopculture Email us: Facebook us:
Sept. 8, 2016 · 00:46:21
It's another Pop Culture Club episode and Andy, Dane and Kirsten discuss the new film, "Don't Think Twice" written and directed by Mike Birbiglia. We discuss the rules of improv and how they apply to life, the conflict that can arise when everyone doing the same thing doesn't have the same goals and what happens when someone tells you that you don't have "it". We also talk about why this movie, and 89 minutes was the perfect length. For updates on the next Pop Culture Club selections,  follow us on Twitter: @LandAPopCulture Email Us: or Facebook Us:
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