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By Sean Romero
About this podcast
This is for the entrepreneur and business person alike. This is also for the person who needs just a little motivation to start their day off right. ViperLead is dedicated to put you on the right path for your business and personal development. There is no sugar coating, just true statements and education for everyone.
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Sept. 28, 2016 · 00:20:36
We all don’t want to be sold, and as an entrepreneur, and network marketer communication is key!!  But not all the time when we do communicate, we connect with those that we are communicating with.  This can have undesired consequences, especially when we are building a business that is based on communication and connecting.  In… The post Communication…how we communicate will determine how we connect appeared first on ViperLead.
Sept. 21, 2016 · 00:18:23
We all have a reason for doing things, and all of our reasons are different…but what drives those reasons?  What drives us to do certain things that we want, or called to do?  It’s our “why”.  Why we go out and create a business, or a life for us to achieve great things is all… The post Your WHY appeared first on ViperLead.
Sept. 14, 2016 · 00:23:07
So we all have a choice to make…we can either do the right thing or stand by and just let things happen.  Far too often we do just that and let things happen because we don’t want to get involved, or just don’t have the integrity to do the right thing.  Today I saw someone… The post Setting someone else up for failure appeared first on ViperLead.
Sept. 2, 2016 · 00:23:07
There is no magic trick, or silver bullet when it comes to becoming great or achieving your goals.  The one common denominator that sets the average apart from the great, is consistency.  Whether it’s sports, or business you must remain consistent in all that you do because if you don’t you will fail….by becoming average. The post Consistency…the key to your goals appeared first on ViperLead.
Aug. 31, 2016 · 00:23:56
We all have unlocked and hidden potential, but in order to unlock that hidden potential we must become aware that we have this potential and become intentional about unlocking it.  If we are to become what we are destined to become, or add significance and value to our lives, and others we have to become… The post Awareness and living intentionally appeared first on ViperLead.
July 21, 2016 · 00:13:31
As you maybe aware I am deployed to Nellis AFB to participate in an exercise called Red Flag.  A real life war time scenarios are created to help the warfighter hone their skills in mock combat.  If you want to see us in action go to Facebook and search for Nellis AFB and see all… The post Communication appeared first on ViperLead.
July 13, 2016 · 00:14:48
We all make mistakes, but the biggest mistake is the one where we do not take personal responsibility.  When we look at our communities, or when we watch the news, it is easy to blame others for problems, but what are we doing to change this for ourselves?  What are we doing to be the… The post Episode #12 Personal Responsibility appeared first on ViperLead.
July 6, 2016 · 00:20:26
True leaders will prioritize and won’t get caught up in the non essential crap that will cause them to lose focus.  If you are a leader, you must make it a priority that your people come first and that they know you will always have their back and support.  Without that, you are just a… The post True leaders prioritize appeared first on ViperLead.
July 4, 2016 · 00:21:18
July 4th is a HUGE day for me much like many Americans.  It is the day we celebrate our independence and became a free independent nation.  Now we as a nation has had our growing pains, and have had many times in our history that we aren’t very proud of, but that leads to the… The post Independence Day!!! What are you trying to be independent from? appeared first on ViperLead.
July 1, 2016 · 00:59:00
Hey everyone, this is an extra special webinar of EPIC VALUE that you and your team MUST LISTEN TO!!!  Download it and share it with your team, and send me you questions to this is something your team and anyone who is a leader MUST HEAR!!!  Share it, and let me know what it… The post The leadership laws of influence, addition, and momentum webinar appeared first on ViperLead.
July 1, 2016 · 00:22:00
We all have questions, but if you are a leader and want success, you have to ask the right questions and sometimes that isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Today’s episode, I will give you 3 questions that you should be asking your people and yourself and how you can get the right answers you… The post Questions….are you asking the right ones? appeared first on ViperLead.
June 29, 2016 · 00:16:42
We all have them, good or bad, but we all have them.  Some weigh heavy on our daily lives and often prevent us from what we want to become.  Most of the time it creates complacency and it hurts us more than help’s us.  I give you 3 tips on how to break the habits… The post Habits appeared first on ViperLead.
June 27, 2016 · 00:19:23
When we train, we train to win, but things get tough and we all need to be prepared mentally, if not we are going to breakdown and quit.  Today I give you some tips on how to stay mentally tough and get through all the rough times.  You are the average of the 5 people… The post Mental Toughness appeared first on ViperLead.
June 24, 2016 · 00:19:23
What are you living for?  Are you just living to keep up with the jones’ or are you living to make a difference?  We all want beautiful things, and believe me I want them just as much, but what are those things saying about ourselves?  Are we doing it to show off or are we… The post What are you living for? appeared first on ViperLead.
June 22, 2016 · 00:20:19
Today’s episode is all about getting through the toughest moments of your life.  No matter what it is, no matter how hard it may be at the time, IT WILL PASS!!  The storm will clear and the sun will shine brightly and all will be well…but that doesn’t mean that you won’t face another storm.… The post Weathering the storm appeared first on ViperLead.
June 20, 2016 · 00:19:00
I challenge you to be a disciple rather than just a follower!! The post Be a disciple and not a follower appeared first on ViperLead.
June 17, 2016 · 00:16:24
Are you the kind of person who just talks and doesn’t know how to listen? Does your boss create more work and havoc because they just don’t listen? What about your spouse or significant other?  Today I want to talk about how to change that and become more aware of the pitfalls of just transmitting… The post Are you transmitting and not receiving? appeared first on ViperLead.
June 15, 2016 · 00:18:28
What is your legacy?  Ever think about how you want to be remembered or what impact you have had on others?  In this episode, I talk about why it’s important to create a lasting legacy for others to follow.  An example for others to look to, and build upon so you can change the world… The post # 2…..Legacy appeared first on ViperLead.
May 24, 2016 · 00:18:51
This is my introduction to you my loyal listeners.  This is about me and introducing myself, and the launch of my website.  Time to change the world!!!  Enjoy The post The Beginning…episode 1 appeared first on ViperLead.
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