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Jan. 13, 2007 · 00:01:05
Outtakes and bloopers from Bad Cat.
Jan. 13, 2007 · 00:05:22
Outtakes and bloopers from Bad Cat 5: The Final Meow. [EXPLICIT]
Jan. 13, 2007 · 00:01:35
Outtakes and bloopers from Bad Cat 4.
Jan. 13, 2007 · 00:03:12
Outtakes and bloopers from Bad Cat 3.
Jan. 13, 2007 · 00:02:07
Outtakes and bloopers from Bad Cat 2.
Dec. 2, 2006 · 00:05:55
The final chapter in the Bad Cat series comes to a close with both Rob and Ross each attempting to dispatch the treacherous feline who refuses to surrender.
Sept. 25, 2005 · 00:02:48
Is it the end of the line for Rob? Garfield uses Rob's young daughter as a pawn in the deadly feud between them. This experimental film was shot in the 1.78:1 widescreen format.
May 30, 2005 · 00:04:13
The war of wits between Rob and Garfield has his concerned friend Ross attempt to convince him that cat's can't wage war on humanity, but he finds himself a new victim of the mischievous feline.
March 17, 2005 · 00:03:48
In this clever sequel, Rob plans a very disturbing way of getting revenge on Garfield.
March 3, 2005 · 00:02:03
Our first feature (and now the infamous viral video) about a cat named Garfield that's tired of being ignored. He attempts to finally get even with Rob, his owner, but he didn't plan out everything...