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Messiah: Our 2016 Advent Podcast
By First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro, N.C.
About this podcast
Advent 2016 – The Messiah - Advent is a season observed in the Christian church as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas. This season we are using both the music and scripture texts of Handel’s Messiah as a guide to make our journey to the manger. Handel’s musical work is well known and has been part of Advent and Christmas celebrations for centuries. The devotions that follow are written by our present elders and college of elders along with our Cynthia Price pastoral residents. We thank them for sharing their insights and enabling us to make our own journey.
Episodes (Total: 10)
Dec. 25, 2016 · 00:06:46
by Laura Musser Gritter, Cynthia Price Pastoral Resident
Dec. 24, 2016 · 00:06:02
by Tim Cook, FPC Elder
Dec. 23, 2016 · 00:06:06
by Margaret Chase, FPC Elder
Dec. 22, 2016 · 00:06:14
by Mac Maultsby, Youth Elder
Dec. 21, 2016 · 00:05:57
by Ginger Booker, FPC Elder
Dec. 20, 2016 · 00:05:35
by Susan DeVaney, FPC Elder
Dec. 19, 2016 · 00:06:03
by Jackie Wilson, FPC Elder
Dec. 18, 2016 · 00:06:21
by Josh Musser Gritter, Cynthia Price Pastoral Resident
Dec. 17, 2016 · 00:06:55
by Kevin Geurink, Cynthia Price Pastoral Resident
Dec. 16, 2016 · 00:06:33
by Mary Thomas, FPC Elder