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By Mattias M
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May 13, 2006 · 00:16:35
mayan calendar, tzolkin, cimi, transformation, death, spiritual, justice, galactic cycle, spiritual maturity, healing, meditation, fifth day
May 13, 2006 · 00:11:41
mayan calendar, tzolkin, reflection, fluidity, chicchan, serpent, seven, death, spirit, galactic cycle, energy, spiritual
May 9, 2006 · 00:21:37
Mayan Calendar, tzolkin, Ix, communication, unconscious, consciousness, evolution, acceleration, possibilities, death, fear, love, hell, suffering
May 7, 2006 · 00:20:40
mayan calendar, matrix, neo, meditation, sixth sense, duality, divine guidence, psychic ability, awareness, psychic, suffering, fear
May 7, 2006 · 00:19:22
galactic cycle, mayan calendar, fifth day, consciousness evolution, right brain, ahau, matrix, neo, divine guidence, duality
May 7, 2006 · 00:30:01
Divine guidance on the 7th of May 2006.
May 7, 2006 · 00:25:49
Future predictions and talk about reality today.
April 16, 2006 · 00:29:30
Is the terrorism the new galactic energy. It is the spiritual showing its strength over the physical and material.
April 16, 2006 · 00:20:29
We are now in the fourth night, and will reach the middle of the fourth night by the end of may. The fifth day starts in november 2006. Can we see yet what the galactic cycle is all about.
Jan. 18, 2006 · 00:45:11
Information about the mayan calendar. Or really about the cosmic patterns of creation and about why people are feeling more stress and about the evolution of consciousness. I recommend that you search on google on keywords like lungold to find audio files about the mayan calendar. Also you can search on google video for lungold to find 2 videos about the mayan calendar. Also you can search on keywords like calleman and haniel to find more information about the mayan calendar. For example calleman has written good books about it that are available on The audio files are available via the site