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This podcast is all about fitness, dieting, encouraging each other, discussing theology, and of course....BACON. You can connect to us via our Facebook group and e-mail any questions and suggestions to our e-mail - Our website is
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Jan. 15, 2018 · 01:00:37
Talayna is a physical therapist and CrossFit athlete. She was a college gymnast and heptathlete. Originally from Tennessee, she now lives in Naples, Florida. She was sponsored by Reebok, Kill Cliff, RSP Nutrition, and CrossOver Symmetry. She recently completed a clinical doctorate in physical therapy.   Some of the topics we discussed included: How did you get started in sports? Tell us about transitioning from gymnastics to the heptathlon. When and how did you get involved with CrossFit? What drew you to Crossfit? What are some of the highlights competing in CrossFit? What were/are your maxes? Most of our group members (and probably listeners) are amateur athletes/lifters. What was is it like being a sponsored athlete? Do you have an agent? Did they approach you? What catches were there? Is it worth it? How do you picture your future in sports/fitness? Talk to us about CrossFit and safety and being a physical therapist. Some people are definitely biased against CrossFit, and it has a reputation of being an activity where people push themselves past healthy limits. From a PT perspective, what advice do you have for weekend warriors or amateur lifters who do something like strain their back or experience some other injury? It seems sometimes like medical professionals do whatever they can to keep injured athletes away from their sport. How can medical professionals do a better job of getting us back to full activity? There seems to be controversy over various modes of injury rehab (ice vs heat)? Where do you stand on the ice vs heat controversy? What about the difference of opinion regarding foam rolling? Where does the research seem to point in regards to foam rolling and its effectiveness (, What modalities of PT are crap or have little to no research behind it? Graston technique - useful or not for recovery? What about cupping? What essential oil is your fav?
Jan. 8, 2018 · 01:05:03
Evangelism - how should it work? What does it look like as far as the believer's role and the church's role? The's are a few of the topics discussed with this week's episode.
Jan. 1, 2018 · 00:52:53
This is our FIRST annual goals episode. In this episode we are joined with Cheri, Everett, Janine, and Kenric as we discuss our goals for year 2018. The link to the USPA strength standards can be found here.   Dave’s Goals BW - 275 SQ - currently 450 - class 3 BN - currently 370 (missed 400) - class 1 DL - currently 510 (missed 550) - class 1 Total - currently 1330 (could be closer to 1400) - class 2   BW - 275 if possible (hahahahahahaha) lol :) SQ - 539 - class l BN - 425 - class master DL - 614 - class master Total - 1578 - class 1   Cheri - I really want to enjoy lifting and not being obsessed with chasing numbers. Near a masters total and would love to get to an elite total. Focus on life/lifting balance. Would like to be solidly in the masters total. Husband will hopefully do a meet as a couple in 2018. Weight class goals - would like to get down to 165, need to lose 10 lbs. Probably compete in a competition in 2018.   Kenric - First goal - total 1607 for masters by end of March. Have new baby in end of March. Nutrition and weight, around 285. Back is feeling better, pulling sumo for 500x2. Everett - listen to the show, it's in there :P Janine - Throwing at the Arnold Classic. Would like to bench 225 lbs. How are you working around back issues? Most leg press for lower body, hamstring curls and back extensions for posterior chain work. Arnold Classic - caber toss, weight over bar, heavy weight for distance (18 lbs), sheaf toss, stone throw, keg toss. Goal for 2018 - not be sick. Improve master’s throws records. Hoping to hit top 5 at Arnold Classic.
Dec. 25, 2017 · 00:50:04
We are joined with BBB members Stephen Lee, Everett Henes, and Dave Auge. This is Stephen's first meet and he easily gets the highest total in his weight class and highest total of the meet in knee sleeves. Stephen Lee competed at the 275 lb weight class and got a 500 lb squat, 340 lb bench, 585 lb deadlift.   Dave Auge also in the 275 lb weight class and got a 450 lb squat (59 lb PR), 370 bench (10 lb PR), 510 deadlift (40 lb PR).   Everett Henes got 2nd place in the masters at 242 lbs and got a 535 lb squat, 315 bench, and 550 deadlift.  
Dec. 18, 2017 · 00:47:50
We had the opportunity to interview Matt Hadden CEO of General Leathercraft and Pioneer Belts. We got to discuss the following topics: What got you into working with leather? Powerlifting did that line of business become attractive? What sets Pioneer belts apart from your competition? What are some cool belts/athletes you have made belts for? What is the process in making a belt? What is your background in strength training? IPF - how hard is it to get it approved
Dec. 11, 2017 · 01:08:40
Matt Reynolds has nearly 20 years of experience competing in strength sports and coaching barbell-based strength and conditioning. He first totaled “elite” in powerlifting in 2004, won his professional status in the sport of Strongman in 2006, and founded one of the strongest and largest pure-strength gyms in the country, STRONG Gym, (PowerliftingWatch Gym of the Year 2013 and 2014). Matt’s strength articles have been widely published since 1999, and he has been interviewed by some of the world’s most popular podcasts, including Art of Manliness, Order of Man, Art of Charm, Starting Strength, STRONG Life with Zach Even-Esh, Barbell Business, PT Prophet, and Power Athlete. Matt is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NSCA, and holds his Starting Strength Certification. Since 2010, he traveled throughout the country serving as staff coach with Mark Rippetoe for Starting Seminars. He also has served as an adjunct professor for Exercise Science at Bryan University. Matt founded and owns Starting Strength Online Coaching, a company built on bringing premium strength coaching from Starting Strength Coaches to those who don’t have a Starting Strength Coach in their area. Although he now coaches almost exclusively online, he still loves coaching single-session, in-person, out-of-town clients each week. Matt also co-hosts the popular strength podcast, Barbell Logic, with fellow SSC Scott Hambrick where they systematically and progressively walk through the journey of strength with their 100k+ listeners each month   Some of the topics we discussed included: How did you come to your faith? How has your faith impacted your lifting/competition life? Barbell Logic - how did that start? What got you into powerlifting? What got you into Starting Strength? How is the Starting Strength Online Coaching company working? What are your and Rip’s thoughts on online vs face to face coaching? What other sports/strength sports have you done? What was it like founding and running STRONG Gym? What did you love most about it and what do you miss most? What are some of your pet peeves as a gym owner? What do you like most about not being a gym owner anymore? You hold many championships. What are some of the highlights from competing as a powerlifter and as a strongman athlete that stick out to you the most? You went pro in 2006- what was the process like of going from an amateur to a pro? As a professor for Exercise Science what are some of your thoughts of the online powerlifting community with the mix of bro-science and actual research that is being spread by those like Dr Israetel, Dr Baraki, the folks at JTS, RTS, and of course Starting Strength? Any interesting meet stories? Where is the coolest place you’ve competed? What do you enjoy more about a powerlifting meet vs a strongman competition? What are your best lifts? What programs do you recommend over others after a beginner has advanced through the Starting Strength program and can be considered an intermediate lifter? What counts as an intermediate lifter? Recovery - what is your personal go to for general recovery after training?
Dec. 4, 2017 · 01:00:54
Daniel McKim BIO - All American shot putter in college and 15-time national qualifier in five events (I’m guessing weight, hammer, discus, and indoor and outdoor shot put...not javelin…) at DII Northwest Missouri State University. Retired from the Highland Games following a career that lasted over a decade and saw him win five world championships and six national championships, and two world championships in the caber toss,two world team championships, and two world records in light and heavy hammer. Appeared on NBC’s “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge” this summer. Active on social media (hilarious videos!!). Also an outspoken believer. Daniel McKim's Youtube and Instagram links Questions that were discussed in this episode included: You are very outspoken about your faith. Tell us about that - how did you come to faith? How has your faith impacted your athletics career? What got you into track and throwing? And what is a Spoofhound? What were some of the highlights for you from throwing in high school and college? What other sports/strength sports have you done? How did you get into highland games after college? You hold many championships - national and world; individual and team. What are some of the highlights from competing as a Highland Games athlete that stick out to you the most? You went pro in 2007 - what was the process like of going from an amateur to a pro? You competed in the Highland Games for over a decade. What have you done to stay active and healthy through that time? I have heard that you can do multiple meets in a month, how many have you done in a short period? Any interesting meet stories? Where is the coolest place you’ve competed? You got to be part of a team of Highland Games athletes on NBC’s “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge.” What was that experience like? It looked like a bit more cardio than I like! How does a highland game go? You hold the world record in the light and heavy hammers. Are they your favorite highland games events? What events were the most challenging for you to master? How do (did) you train for Highland games? How often do (did) you do event specific training vs strength training? You retired from the Highland Games this year. Tell us a little about how you came to that decision? You’ve got five boys. Are any of them interested in the sports their dad has competed in? What are your best lifts? We have a lot of people in the group who either have or want to put together a home gym. As a Sorinex rep, what advice do you have for them? Black or grey sweatpants? Just kidding. It’s not even a question. #bss4life Sorinex - how awesome is it to sell equipment
Nov. 27, 2017 · 01:03:15
We are joined with Raeanne Pemberton. She is a crossfitter, powerlifter, marathon runner, and now competes and is very successful in Strongman. She is also a co-founder of Belle of the Bar. Some of the topics we discussed included:   What got you into powerlifting and strongman?  Best lifts? BN, SQ, DL, Strongman implements?  What are your long term strength goals and short term?  What are your pet peeves training at a gym?  What is belle of the bar? What are some things you’ve learned through creating it?  Women in strength sports...where do you see them in 10-20 years?  How long should I do powerlifting before I consider strongman? Should I do one before the other or does it matter?  What is your favorite thing about powerlifting? What specifically about strongman do you love that is different from powerlifting?  Who’s your competition and do you let them drive you or are you driven internally?  The disabled show mentioned on the podcast was called the America's Strongest Disabled Athlete.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
Nov. 20, 2017 · 01:07:37
Today we are talking about food and food prep - macros, tracking calories, what to do about the holidays, reverse dieting, how does flexible dieting work, have we tried keto...all this good stuff! Have a happy thanksgiving and enjoy those calories!   Links mentioned in the show: Calorie King Avatar Nutriton IIFYM
Nov. 13, 2017 · 01:12:44
Today we are discussing the doctrine of providence.   What is Providence?   WLC 1:18  What are the works of providence? A. God's works of providence are his most holy,(1) wise,(2) and powerful preserving(3) and governing(4) all his creatures; ordering them, and all their actions,(5) to his own glory.(6) (1)Ps. 145:17 (2)Ps. 104:24; Isa. 28:29 (3)Heb. 1:3 (4)Ps. 103:19 (5)Matt. 10:29,31; Gen. 45:7 (6)Rom. 11:36; Isa. 63:14 Does anything happen in this world that is outside the providence of God?   Can we “read Providence”?   Biblical examples of Providence, good and bad:     Bad: Job’s friends; Disiples in John 9 Good: Joseph, Paul     What difference does understanding the doctrine of Providence make?