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These are the adventures of a non-monogamous couple who love to share both the good and the bad stories of our time in the lifestyle.
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Dec. 27, 2016 · 00:04:36
An episode that was going to start with snippet of The Doors, “This is the End” but Jim was just too lazy.  That’s right, the final episode.  Everything has to come to an end eventually and that’s true for The Hidden Swing as well.  We want to thank you, our listeners and friends for sticking ...Continue reading ‘Episode 71 – This is the End’ »
Nov. 29, 2016 · 00:43:54
Episode 70 – When couples get into the lifestyle there is a rush of excitement and curiosity about what is to come.  As time progresses, some couples feel different levels of interest in the lifestyle and sometimes one spouse will decide they are no longer interested in playing.  In this episode, Danielle and I discuss ...Continue reading ‘Episode 70 – We Are Not on the Same Page’ »
Nov. 15, 2016 · 00:30:04
Episode 69 – There are many different styles of play in the lifestyle.  Most couples prefer to play same room.  But every now and then you’ll meet couples that prefer separate room or even hall passes, date, or many other sexy scenarios.  In this episode Jennifer and I discuss separate room and hall passes.  As ...Continue reading ‘Episode 69 – Hall Passes and Separate Play’ »
Nov. 8, 2016 · 00:49:32
Episode 68 – The Hidden Swing has always been about sexy stories and offering advice on managing the ups and downs of the swinging lifestyle.  Its for that reason that one of the greatest thrills for us is answering listener questions.  In this episode Danielle and I talk about how expensive the lifestyle can be, ...Continue reading ‘Episode 68 – Listener Questions’ »
Nov. 1, 2016 · 01:04:05
Shout Out Couplicious TY for introducing us to your fun game.  If you havent looked into this game it is actually one of the FUN ice breaker games out there.. We’ll be reviewing it in this episode. Bliss Cruise The Hidden Swing is cruising on the March 2017 Bliss Cruise to Coz and Progresso.  Hit ...Continue reading ‘Episode 67 – Couplicious & Hot Couple’ »
Oct. 25, 2016 · 00:49:04
Small Talk Opening Taking breaks Life Happens We produce on our own time, when we have something to say News Like our Facebook You can listen to us on iTunes Stitcher Now on Google Play Contact info @hiddenswing @danielle_ths Tonights show Closing the Deal How the LS Changes a Person Halloween Segment 1:  Closing ...Continue reading ‘Episode 66 – Getting to Yes, How has the lifestyle changed you, and Halloween’ »
Oct. 18, 2016 · 00:51:58
Episode 65 – A couple times a month, the good people over at Topless Travel host a twitter chat that allows podcasters, bloggers, and sexy sexy swingers to answer questions about the LS by using the hashtag #TTChat. In this episode, Jennifer and I explore our answers to their questions and share that with ...Continue reading ‘Episode 65 – #TTChat Questions Answered’ »
July 24, 2016 · 01:08:31
Small Talk Shout Out The Average Swingers We talk about our first ever meet and greet with was hosted by The Average Swingers. News Like our Facebook page You can listen to us on iTunes Stitcher Now on Google Play Contact info @hiddenswing @hiddenswing_jen Segment 1: – Setting the stage Couples ...Continue reading ‘Episode 64 – Meet and Greet in OKC’ »
July 12, 2016 · 01:08:53
Support us Amazon MeUndies SDC Desire Small Talk Shout out Questions submissions for this episode.. News Like our Facebook page You can listen to us on iTunes Stitcher Now on Google Play Contact info @hiddenswing @danielle_ths Segment 1: How does Group differ from Orgy, Gang Bang? Construction, numbers, activities, is one easier ...Continue reading ‘Episode 63 – Group Sex’ »
July 4, 2016 · 01:09:47
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