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Podcasts – Zen of Being Digital
By Aliza Sherman
About this podcast
Host Aliza Sherman, the Original Cybergrrl, explores life, work and tech. Nobody taught us how to live in two worlds. But are there really two worlds? Is it a duality or is it only one, and we are splitting the one world into two because this new tech age and world we are living in is so unfamiliar? Pondering questions for the digital age.
Episodes (Total: 10)
Aug. 24, 2010
We feel so compelled to pay attention to so many updates from so many sources not to mention feeling obligated to update, update, update. While the way we communicate has been transformed forever, the way we manage our communications should … Continue reading →
Aug. 14, 2010
Julien Smith’s blog post Follower Hyperinflation, I talk about the value of having a lot of Friends, Fans and Followers in the whole scheme of life. Julien is co-author of Trust Agents with the soulful Chris Brogan. Listen: Show #9: Zen … Continue reading →
July 27, 2010
This show is brought to you by the following four words: Focus Rhythm Purpose Intent Show #8: Zen of Being Digital Podcast: Are You a Spammer? So are you a spammer? And if so, what are you doing to do … Continue reading →
July 20, 2010
Holding onto your mobile device can be bad for your life. Show #7: Zen of Being Digital Podcast: Are You Tethered to Your Mobile Device? In this podcast, I confess to a new bad habit involving my iPhone, and it’s … Continue reading →
July 12, 2010
Using myself as the guinea pig again, I’m trying –struggling– to keep my email Inbox at zero or close to it. What began July 1 as an experiment is turning into a practice that is harder than I thought it … Continue reading →
July 7, 2010
I attended the first Wisdom 2.0 Conference April 30 and May 1 and connected with a fascinating person from Australia, David A. Hood. This is a brief interview I conducted with him, discussing his work, why he attended the conference, and a little talk about zen and expectations thrown in. Learn more about David’s work at: and Stay tuned for more Zen interviews.
July 5, 2010
I’m guilty of time wasting online, and I want to blame social networks. But it is my own fault so I’m working to become much more disciplined in the way I use social networks – for business – so that … Continue reading →
June 29, 2010
My name is Aliza Sherman, and I’m an Information Addict. In this podcast, I lay out my ambitious plan to shake this feeing that I must must must consume all information in order to not miss anything important. Sound familiar? … Continue reading →
June 21, 2010
Here I share how I dip into and out of Twitter, my step-by-step ritual to participate meaningfully in the Twitterstream without getting too sucked in or overwhelmed. The Zen of Being Digital Podcast Show #3: What’s your Twitter ritual? Also, … Continue reading →
June 10, 2010
Hot off the press. Finally. It is here. The Zen of Being Digital Podcast Show 2: Are you compulsive? Breathe. Breathe. Breathing a sigh of relief as well. Special thanks to Michael Sitarzewski of who is helping me troubleshoot … Continue reading →