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Lian-Yu: The WDPN Arrowcast!
By Lian-Yu: The WDPN Arrowcast!
About this podcast
Join hosts Kevin Kessler and Kevin Clark as they jump into the world of the hit CW series "Arrow." Each week the guys will dissect the newest episode, providing in depth commentary and crackpot theories about what might be coming next! It's "the undertaking" of a lifetime!
Episodes (Total: 4)
March 13, 2014 · 00:50:32
This week on Lian-Yu, Kevin and Kevin examine the 15th episode of season 2, entitled "The Promise". Everything is discussed from Felicity's love of public humiliation, to Yao Fei's hood, to Slade as a pirate! Send all feedback and theories to
March 5, 2014 · 00:49:48
Welcome back Arrowheads! Kevin and Kevin return to Starling City this week to examine Season 2, Episode 14, TIME OF DEATH. This week, the guys speak on The Clock King, Felicity's moment of heroism, and whether or not redemption is possible for the character of Laurel Lance.
Feb. 18, 2014 · 01:04:29
Join Kevin Kessler and Kevin Clark for another foray into the world of Starling City. But since there was no new episode of Arrow this week, we're taking a look BACK at all the comings and goings of Arrow Season 1. The Kevins utilize their cosmic time traveling treadmill to journey back to the beginning as they analyse how Arrow first started, and how it has evolved into the show it is today.
Feb. 9, 2014 · 01:00:08
Join Kevin Kessler and Kevin Clark as they pick apart season 2, episode 13 of Arrow, entitled "Heir To The Demon." Some of this week's topics include ARGUS Security Alerts, Oliver's commitment issues, and the increasing mind numbing rage induced by the actions of Laurel Lance.