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Communicate Insights
By Benjamin Rushton
About this podcast
Communicate Insights has been created as fodder for the ears of professional marketers who like to consider emerging trends and new frontiers. We aim to better articulate the way complex things work, provide our own informed option and catalyse thinking on various parts of the marcomms ecosystem.
Episodes (Total: 4)
July 11, 2017 · 00:15:47
Welcome to FPS EXPO 2017. Listen to exhibitors and organisers live from Exhibition Centre Liverpool. Find out what businesses from around the world really think of the downstream oil industry's event of the year.
Feb. 23, 2017 · 00:09:55
Leading luminaries from across the travel risk sector provide their insights on Borderless 2017.
April 27, 2016 · 00:10:14
Live broadcast from the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers' annual expo 2016 at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool
April 22, 2016 · 00:22:55
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