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Lost In Translation: The Podcast
By Jesse and Justin
About this podcast
Twice a month, Jesse and Justin crash headfirst into the language barrier and watch a film they've never seen before in Spanish. Without subtitles. Then they discuss it.
Episodes (Total: 6)
July 10, 2015 · 00:24:53
Jesse and Justin endlessly giggle their way through one of the best worst movies they've ever seen; the 1997 classic Batman & Robin. Stay riveted as they discuss how gravity doesn't exist in the film, the surprising amount of bad disguises, and the difficulties of lugging an ice telescope up to the top of a giant statue.
June 5, 2015 · 00:20:41
Special guest Ruben Rodriguez takes a bit of time out of his day to play a game with Jesse & Justin in the middle of their movie this week: 3 Fast 3 Furious; otherwise known as The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift. Also, Cameron dies.
May 15, 2015 · 00:15:24
Jesse, Cam and Justin continue their epic journey through Season 2 of The Nanny. Topics include Fran murdering a high school friend, spontaneous dance routines, and Fran finally doing some Nangerial work. Other highlights include Cam not really speaking into the mic very well.
May 7, 2015 · 00:24:04
Jesse, Justin and Cam hit a wall in their darkest episode yet. Discussion topics include: the lack of animals in the film, why Ashton was lying about being a Nascar driver, and if the film's screenplay was a first draft or not. Buckle up for one of the bleakest movie-going experiences the guys have ever had.
April 30, 2015 · 00:20:48
In this mini-episode, Jesse, Justin and Cam start the epic journey of watching an entire season of a show they've never seen before in Portuguese. Also, Jesse's spaghetti sandwich is dissected.
April 9, 2015 · 00:25:02
Jesse, Cam and Justin discuss the 2004 direct to DVD classic, and find out just how confusing it is to watch a film in a language they don't understand.