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Get a fly-on-the-wall perspective from 4 developers turned entrepreneurs, as they struggle with the business and learn lessons the hard way. This is the weekly mastermind group of the entreprogrammers - a no holds barred, unedited look at what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.
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today · 00:56:29
0:15 We’re Live! Chuck is coming in from Las Vegas. Big news! John says he is leaving Simple Programmer. In other words, John says he is leaving the CEO role, but still doing the videos. John says he wants to take time to try other things and take a break from the programmer world. 4:30 Josh mentions the talk John and he as and the notice things changed after the book launch and the Europe trip. Josh talks about his plans as with Simple Programmer as they have continuous growth and transition. 8:00 Josh talks about maybe keep trucking along with Simple Programmer and keep doing emails and consulting. Or work on growing Simple Programmer even further into a multi-million dollar company. Josh says he is still not sure what to do yet, but he is leaning toward growing the company. 11:00 Chuck says he sees where they are coming from. Chuck asks if they have all the processes documented to run Simple Programmer. John says Simple Programmer is built on systems and basically runs on its own. Josh mentions that some of the things are not systemized as far as John and Josh’s part of the job. 16:00 Josh and John talk about the revenue that could make if they put everything on autopilot. Chuck asked if they will be happy with this change. John talks about how his goals kept growing even when he knew he should take a break or retire. John says he is now trying to simplify things and get rid of things. 19:00 John talks about allowing himself the freedom from work and has been thinking about this for a long long time. Chuck suggests a possible sabbatical instead of totally leaving the company. John says his last book was everything he wanted to say about software development and he is done with that topic. 24:00 John talks about the possible direction Josh could take Simple Programmer, and where he could contribute to that later on. Josh talks about the 6 month cooling off period before they know what they want to do for sure, and tidy of the company for the transition. Josh says John was the traffic engine and that is where he will need help. 27:00 Josh talks about the kinds of phases he will have to plan for traffic, books, courses, and marketing to continue growing the Simple Programmer without or minimal help from John.30:00 Chuck says Josh’s plan sounds similar to what he is trying to do. Chuck says he is curious to see how things go. 31:00 John talks about maybe going to Tibet or building/programming a game. John says he is firing himself from his own company. John says Josh can grow the company in the direction it needs to grow. 33:00 Josh asks about the light going out at the CES event. Chuck talks about the Samsung and LG booths at CES. Chuck talks about the power loss and the kinds of things going on at the event. Chuck says he is looking into the traffic engine details to drive traffic to his websites. 40:00 Chuck talks about his interviews and talks at the conferences. Chuck talks about his plan for building products. Chuck talks about the processes for starting a podcast and running a podcast, as he starting a React and View podcast soon. Chuck signs off. Booth babes. 43:00 John says they have Chuck’s blessing for the upcoming transition in Simple Programmer. Josh and John talk more about the reversible changes in case things are not going well. Or if things are going great, then there is no need to reverse the changes. 43:00 John talks about making an announcement video for the company. Also, changing emails and maybe creating a customer service system for Simple Programmer. John talks about the current situation in running Simple Programmer. 46:00 John talks about instead he should be the Chief Story Teller for the company. Josh says this is an absentee own role for the company. C Thoughts of the Week John - Change your vision and identity, and then actions with change. Josh - It is worth paying the premium price.
Jan. 10, 2018 · 01:15:31
0:15 We’re Live. Technical difficulties, what? John mentions he is sitting again because he has been running 5miles in the morning. Josh says the pine box is the solution to standing desks, and such so call health alternatives to work.    2:00 Chuck mentions he was on .NetRocks podcast.  Chuck mention they talk about the Finding A Job course he created a while back. John talks about being on .NetRock podcast to gain some traffic to products, but it was not a whole lot traffic.    5:00 Chuck say people keep asking him about the Ruby Rogues issues awhile back. John says Chuck should ignore it or explode it as a reenactment on YouTube. EntreProgrammers talk about death threats and Net Neutrality.    8:00 Josh talks about what the what Net Neutrality would be mean in the long term or if is really mattered. Chuck says the government should stay out of it and let the kid figure it out.    15:00 Josh asks how much drama are you willing to deal with to Chuck. Express yourself more. John talks about the Girl who did the fat shaming video and another on ADHD. John says to take you pant off instead of your shirt during the podcast. John talks about how to handle a situation and buying into a reality.   20:00 Josh talks about reading T Rex vs. VS Raptor, and make s some strong connections. Chuck talk about being ahead in the podcast recordings and having his team to more to help the podcast request for guests.    24:00 Chuck talks about the current situations and goals for scheduling podcasts sponsors. Also his plans for schedule team members on Asana. John and Josh talk about missing a check or having a 6-week delay in getting the money.   30:00 EntreProgrammers figure out the missing money situation on air. Josh talks about their giveaway on Sublime text. Josh talks about their Drip setup and plans for the giveaway. Josh talks about IntelliJ.    39:00 John talks about the death threats and funny emails he gets about refunds. John talks about a refund with a very convincing customer, and blacklisting this dude, kinda. More talk about weeding out scammers and refunds. John talks more about future videos he is producing for Simple Programmer.    54:00 Josh talks about Thinkful.  Also,  the comparison of those who go to college, have a degree, and could earn million dollars more in their lifetime. More talk about product sales.    1:02:00 Josh talks about turning one of Johns coaching calls into an email to gain audience and sales. John talks about bringing in sales on YouTube. Chuck is cracking jokes about twitter and youtube.    Thoughts of the Week John - Keep pushing  Chuck - Find someone who knows this stuff to help you Josh - Short-term goals   
Jan. 3, 2018 · 01:06:54
0:15 We’re Live! The EntreProgrammers talk about how the mixer idea with the rest of the EntreProgrammer Sub Groups was a great idea. John talks about falling off the wagon with his diet for the last 2 weeks. John also mentions winning another cruise package in a Poker tournament on the cruise. 5:00 Josh mentions doing nothin and disengaging from work during the new years. Chuck mentions doing 2 podcasts and getting work done. Chuck mentions hiring a new business coach for direct coaching and formal guidance. 8:00 Chuck talks about his plans for weekly meetings and podcast scheduling. Chuck ask for advice on how to go about putting some on a full-time working schedule. Josh says since they already work for your just up their hours and commit to a step up level before a full time position. 15:00 Josh and John talk about their employees at Simple Programmer and how were hired into their positions. Chuck talks about how he would eventually like his team work for him. Chuck talks about going to Micro Conf this year. 20:00 The EntreProgrammers talks about doing a get together of some sort with the EntreProgrammers Sub Group.  John says it was great to get away with no internet access during the cruise. 24:00 EntreProgrammers talk about how the new tax laws will affect them. Josh thinks it might be somewhat in his favor. More complexity and confusion? Josh talks about doing a 529 or a pass through. EntreProgrammers talks about drunk Uncle Sam and welfare. Chuck talks about his wishes for taxes and problems with the government tax rules. 32:00 Josh mentions liking the new Star Wars. More geek talk on Star Wars. EntreProgrammers  talks about hiring geeky Star Wars fans. EntreProgrammers talks about Andy Weir, the writer of The Martian, and George Lucas. 44:00 Chuck ask what are the plans for Josh and John this year. Josh talk about some affiliate promotions and such. Josh talks about working with Manny.  Josh talks about breaking Manny’s website. 50:00 Chuck says for the next 6 months, he will be working out making the business grow. Josh talks more about pricing and sales templates. John and Josh talks about sales tactics and sending emails out to customers. Thoughts for the Week John - You have to have a plan, and force yourself to follow the plan. Josh - Floundering… Chuck - Keep moving forward
Dec. 27, 2017 · 01:13:40
0:15 We’re Live ! Josh and Chuck speak with special guest, Ricky of the Poodle Team. Josh mentions that John is on a cruise with no internet connection. Josh and Chuck talk with Rick about the funny name of the subgroup Poodle Team. 2:00 Rick explains how the team came up with the team name. Josh talks about not having time to participate in the team mixer. Chuck and Rick talk about when they first met at the code camp conference. 5:00 Rick talks about running a software consulting company in Salt Lake City. Rick talks about his entrepreneurial background and the shifts into new ideas. Rick says he hates doing the consulting business. But he is trying to start another business along with this. 11:00 EntreProgrammers talks about how to grow a business with Rick. Josh ask who are his customers currently. Rick mentions he focus on higher education and interactive games. Rick talks about 3D mapping and the interactive projects. 15:00 Rick talks about the frustrations he encounters while building his consulting business. Josh and Chuck give advice. Josh asked if he is exploring new niches. 17:00 EntreProgrammers talk about how their sales work and signing contracts. Josh talks about working in Higher education, and how shifting to a different industry would help Rick make more money doing the same thing. 21:00 Josh talks about the dysfunctional operations at a higher education level. It is like corporate on steroids. Josh talks about the work he was doing at TrackAbout. Rick mentions moving to Healthcare and the difference in operations in that industry. Josh tells a story about doing SharePoint development. 28:00 Josh talks about Lifers. Josh asks Rick about his specialization. Rick says he is excellent at picking out what the customers need in a program and sending that to programmers. Josh asks Rick what was his most successful project or client. 36:00 Josh talks about his role and expectations versus Johns role and expectations in the business. EntreProgarmmers talk about being in control and making their own money and being an entrepreneur. Josh talks about switching out industries and not wanting to go back to a regular job. Chuck says he agrees and knows how to build a business. 43:00 The EntreProgarmmers talks about the strategies to get a job. Chuck mentions setting up interviews for CES and trying to get sponsors to fund the trip. Chuck talks about the coming conferences and how he is lining up sponsorships to fund the trips to the conferences. Chuck mentioned tactics from the book Pragmatic Thinker. 50:00 Josh and Chuck talk about the skills needed to build a business with Rick. Chuck talks about investing in camera equipment the plans for conferences. Chuck talks about travel costs and expense cutting with a service. 1:00:00 Chuck talks about his Drip account and his other needs in the new year. Chuck says he is getting emails about Elixer and React Podcasts, and particularly the View. Chuck says he has been doing all the Indiegogo for the upcoming shows. Josh says he loves WooCommerce. 1:03:00 Josh says he has been converting their views to a streaming version. Also, they finally got their audiobook is on the market. Josh is off next week. Thoughts for the Week Chuck - Take some time for the family Josh - Mental Adjustments Rick - All it takes is all you got.
Dec. 19, 2017 · 01:07:01
0:15 We’re live! Josh points out most people have profiles pictures of themselves in the driver seats of their cars. Chuck talks about acquiring sponsorship for NG Conf Atlanta. So his idea to get it paid for is working out. Chuck talks about the logistics of the sponsorship and possibly getting a DSLR camera for the recording.  4:45 Josh jokes about the details of Chuck's sponsorship. Chuck talks about doing professional videos for the interviews. Chuck discusses what the rest of the sponsorships could look like for the upcoming conferences.  10:00 Josh asks about recurring bill for the sponsors on Chuck's network. Chuck talks about how the billing is set up for the sponsors. Chuck talks about the analytics he wants to incorporate into his sponsorship program.  15:00 Chuck talks about his sponsor Linode and possibly getting Digital Ocean onboard for sponsoring trips instead of podcasts episodes. Also, so up to the minute updates on sponsoring individual sponsors on the Dev Chat TV podcast network.  17:00 Chuck talks about how the new hire is working out as far as booking  guests for episodes. Chuck says he is booked out far in advance for most of the big show on Dev Chat TV. Chuck talk about having a social media person do the postings and sharing. Chuck says this social media person is hired to help with the growth of the podcasts in general.  21:00 Chuck talks more about starting new shows or React and getting funding by Indiegogo or crowdfunding. Chuck talks about the ideas for growth starting new shows. Josh says he is excited about Chuck's business and the growth is really starting to pick up.  27:00 Chuck says this all happening because he is not self-sabotaging and realizing he can make his business grow. Chuck talks about his success goals for the upcoming year. Chuck mention he turned 38 this past week.  30:00 John talks about doing more affiliate launches and getting their new hires to do SEO. Josh talks about the gift for programmers launch and traffic.  Josh talks about traffic and details with Amazon.  Josh and John talk about the commission structure of Amazon.  40:00 Josh talks about search volume and search ranking with Amazon. Also some optimization talk with Google and analytics. Josh talk about Manny’s book summaries. Josh talks about writing emails in real-time.  45:00 Josh talks about his email marketing strategy this past week, despite some challenges and wins. Chuck asked if this is going through a Plinko machine.   50:00 Josh talks about experimenting with offering a bonus and not offering a bonus. He learns the bonus does not matter. 55:00 Josh talks about how nobody watches the video that was in an email. But the sales came from Youtube. Josh talks about doing giveaways and other kinds of lead generation ideas.  Thought for the week Chuck -  Do the stuff you know you need to do. Put the system in place.  Josh - Do a Colby test… or an assessment test of sorts
Dec. 12, 2017 · 01:09:16
0:15 We’re are alive! EntreProgrammers joke about ending on episode 199 with some cliffhangers. EntreProgarmmers talk about BS TV show endings that suck. 3:30 John mentions hiring a new SEO person and soon a writer to join Simple Programmer. Josh talks but some new on search formats on Google mobile. Josh says this is a tactic from Google to only click on Google Ads, rather than clicking through to actual sites. 8:00 Josh talks about, what if ISPs charges to be on YouTube. Thinning of the herd or channels. John says you need to be willing to take the anit-fragile approach and adapted to the changes. 11:00 Chuck talks about government or FCC control of the internet. John talks about how monopolies work when you are a billionaire. EntreProgarmmers discuss government control of the internet and the talk about net neutrality. John further gives his thought on new neutrality and herd mentality. 22:00 Josh mentions a death threat at Simple Programmer. But, generally a great month for product sales and launches. John and Josh talk about the book sales and finally seeing the revenue this month. John mentions reading the book Profit First. John mentions that they already have been taking profits first in Simple Programmer. 28:00 Josh talks about taking a budget amount for themselves for business expenses and payroll. John asks, where can we put our money to grow the revenue since expenses are low at the time. John talks about growing the company to the point where your hires are hiring people. 32:00 Johns said that were trying to launch the audiobook next week, but it looks unlikely. Audible has some other plans to review the book before it is published. EntreProgrammers discuss the Kindle and Audible books and how to choose to publish. 36:00 Chuck talks about being sick and not being able to send out important emails. Also, some talks about getting support on Patreon for some new launches conference and podcasts. 38:00 Chuck talks about possibly selling The Freelancer’s Show. Chuck mentions the new features on Podwrench and the slick automation functions. Chuck talks about hiring Michelle, to help with booking podcasts guest for the shows. Also a new hire for social media stuff. 42:00 Chuck mention moving to the app called Convo, instead of Slack. Chuck also mentions doing some work for growing the podcast business. Chuck mentions that Linode also renewed for the rest of the year. 46:00 Chuck talks about reaching the NG Atlanta and Angular conference to do some interview for Angular podcasts. Chuck talks about his plans do interview at conferences and do networking in the next year. 53:00 Chuck talks about learning about the Netty Pot and cleaning out sinus. Chuck talks about plugging away to find great hires. Looking for people who don’t need to be managed Thoughts of the Week Chuck - It hurts to move up to the top. Josh - Trying to help people remove barriers. John - Project forward 5 years a decision. No matter what you do, you’re going to get burned. So you might as well make a decision, rather do nothing.
Dec. 5, 2017 · 01:13:16
0:15 We’re Live. John says it was weird to be live with a shirt on. John recaps the “Cyber” Monday sales, with 17K in the bag. Josh gives details report on the task he executed during the sales. The revenue generated is 7K more than last year. Also, some reports of the sales on from their products on Plural Sight. Most of which were renewals of subscriptions to Plural Sight.  7:00 Surprisingly, John mentions a good turn out on the offers on the Sublime email list. Josh and John discuss the tactics and strategies used to maximize sales implementing urgency and discount to the email list. John and Josh talk about the receipts turn-ins for offerings on bonus material. John talks about controlling the deals and offering a good enough deal to make it work.  11:00 Josh talks about the spam control or spam complaints to the email lists. Josh talks about not being afraid to email. John talks about capturing John’s voice in the ad copy or email he is writing for Simple Programmer.  15:00 John talks about transcribing some of the videos on YouTube for repurposing material for other products. John talks about Rodrigo trying to emulate the way John says things. John mentions doing a live stream about asking him anything.  20:00 Josh mentions that strangely the affiliate list is working, when several months ago with seems not likely. John talks about having lunch with Noah Kagan. John talks about reaching out to possibly become a consultant.  25:00 John talks about onboarding a new hire and getting the new writer. John talks about being transparent with the writer. John talks about while doing the live stream, someone was asking out they can get a job at Simple Programmers. John talks about showing value before hiring someone.  31:00 Chuck mentions that someone has just offered to take The Freelancer’s Show off Chuck’s hands. Chuck talks about the issues on the backend services on the podcast network. Chuck mentions growing the podcast audience.  35:00 John talks about the negotiations for selling the podcast show. Basically, John says you will have to be excited to sell it for price X.  Josh says not to sell short, because of all the emails and traffic attached to the show currently. 40:00 John suggests doing a partnership/owning the show with this person. This way if it continues to grow, so will your (Chuck’s) business.  Chuck says he is still thinking about this idea, and he may be interested in dollars.  42:00 Chuck says his podcast sponsorship app is ready to use and is currently being used for the current shows. Josh ask if Chuck has plans for a Python podcast. EntreProgrammers talk about the popular language people are using. Chuck gives a quick summary of where Python sits in the developing industry. Chuck says he wants to do shows on Machine Learning, Ai, Hollow lens, etc.  48:00 Chuck says that if he starts new shows, he has to figure out if he wants to be on them regularly.                 John asks if Troy Hunt was on the Web Security podcast. Chuck mention sponsor want to sponsor the Web Security Warriors show but it has not been running lately.  52:00 Chuck says he is worried that things are going to go right. The fear of success is real. Chuck asked if there are ways to getting around this feeling of fear of success. John says that he fears more responsibility when things are growing. Chuck says he does not know what the blueprint looks like to help him get to the next level.  57:00 John says fear is because of the unknown. Chuck says his fear is that he might take 5 steps up, but tumble down even further. Josh says he fears running out of ideas. John talks about making choice on sub-optimal things.  Thoughts of the Week John - Go full out. Go committed.  Josh - The offer is paramount… Chuck -  There is nothing wrong with aiming high  
Nov. 28, 2017 · 00:49:50
0:15 EntreProgrammers share that they are getting sick during Thanksgiving. Chuck talks about knowing what his Christmas present is going to be this year. EntreProgrammers share their experience with cleaning meat smokers.  3:00 Chuck say his smoker should be medical equipment since he is on the Keto diet. Chuck talks about finding a great new hire who is willing to go beyond the task he needs. Josh mentions that when they ask questions you have to think about, then they are worth the time. Chuck’s new hire is hired for reaching out to potential podcasting and others podcast related tasks.  9:00 Chuck talks about how his new software is driving the processes for podcast scheduling and sponsor tasks. Josh and Chuck discuss emails and mailing list validation. Chuck talks about some topics and resources.  15:00 Chuck explains that he is still working on automating the process for the podcast production. It is on its way to being a well-oiled machine. John says they are in the process of looking for a writer for the Kindle book.  19:00 Josh and John talk about their applicants and the level of expertise they are looking for for the job. John says they may have found a great applicant, but they are looking further into the qualifications.  21:00 EntreProgrammers go into further discussion of content on the Simple Programmer channel and how this regards the political view of Simple Programmer. Chuck gets clarification that John is turning some of the videos on the Simple Programmer Youtube channel into ebooks for Kindle.  30:00 EntreProgrammers talks about pissing people off with the ideas and the things they say on their video and podcasts. Josh talks about a meme about the bulldog army created by John.  35:00 John talks about his holiday gift post. Josh talks about a Plural Sight quiz for rating your developer. You can check it out at Josh explains how the quiz can help developers learn what skills they need to sharpen up on.  39:00 Josh talks about at the sales at Simple Programmer and the price experiment with a product.  Also some talks about an experiment with the printed book and Kindle book. Josh talks about a Sublime promotion to this particular list. Josh continues to talks about learning from Plural Sight.  48:00 John talks about working on some new courses soon.  Thoughts of the Week Turkey messed up our brains… 
Nov. 21, 2017 · 01:11:39
0:15 We’re Live! Discussion about autoplay in progress. Chuck hates Thunderbolt 3 because there is nothing available for it. Apple trashing and Apple praising going on concerning the iPhone X and newer MacBook Pros. Josh talks about the wireless charging feature possible wiping out credit cards. 7:30 EntreProgrammers trash the chip feature on credit card or debit cards. Is it really faster? John says phones need a backup battery to help the Apple Pay feature works during emergencies. 10:00 John explains why he is sitting for the podcast. John talks about being Thor during the Disney marathon. John talks about carbing up and falling off the wagon.  All the challenges lead to John getting sick. 16:00 Publicly chair shame John about sitting down. John talks about affiliate deals or charging for ad copy. This would be Josh writhing copy for a separate business or project. EntreProgrammer talks about using stories in ad copy as a way to connect with the audience. 25:00 Chuck mentions that he is at Microsoft connect. Chuck mentions doing a lot of podcasts at the conference and meetups. The EntreProgrammers continue to talk about marketing strategies with working with outside business or placing ads in shows. 31:00 John talks about the hiring process for a ghostwriter at Simple Programmer. John is interested in ebooks and such types of products. John also talks about a new hire for Simple Programmer. 34:00 Chuck talk about being in NYC and making connections at Microsoft Connect. Chuck talks about missing a small thing on the Sponsorship signup. Chuck mentions wanting to know what is in the pipeline for the podcast shows. 39:00 Chuck is also in the market for hiring a college student to help with some of the tasks around dev chat tv business. Chuck talks about looking into finding more panelist for some of the show on his podcast network. Chuck explain his plans for upcoming events like NG Conf and other events. 44:00 Chuck mentions meeting David Spark and how he creates his content. Chuck says he might not have made enough progress this year. But next year might be a better year as far as getting things launched. 47:00 John talks about getting the audio back soon from the audio editor for the audiobook version. Josh gives some feedback on the sales on the Kindle site. John and Josh talk about the optimal price for the Kindle book. 56:00 Josh and Josh continue to talk about ways they can determine prices on the upcoming products and books. 58:00 John mentions that the recent book will be on Audible soon. They are expecting the get the editing audio back in December. Thought for the Week! Chuck -  You can’t always see progress in things, but don’t give up. Josh - Creative is con-nectivity… John - When you’re having a hard day, make it harder.
Nov. 14, 2017 · 00:58:26
Episode 193 “Josh & Chuck Land”  0:15 Josh and Chuck talk about their late start and new Apple hardware. Josh talk about his iPhone 8 plus and Kindle reading. Josh talks about selling his Apple Watch because some features do not work for him anymore since the latest iOS update.  5:30 Chuck talks about his Fitbit Blaze, and some talk about pebble watch features. John talks about open enrollment for health insurance and increasing premiums.  8:00 Josh further digs into the healthcare from the National Association for the Self Employed, with some surprises with a webinar type sales call.  Josh talks about the call and features of the plan, even though it sounded great.  12:00 Josh talks about digging up dirt on this healthcare company. Basically, Josh found out this was a scam after googling information on them. Josh talks about asking for 3 to 4 positive review on the company for the sales representative.  20:00 Josh talks about the high deductibles on current healthcare insurance.  Josh and Chuck talk about how the costs outweigh the purpose of health insurance.  25:00 Josh talks about dropping sales numbers at Simple Programmer. Josh talks about trying to find the source of the problem for dropping sales. Josh finds the traffic was generated by the free book offer.  29:00 Josh talk about doing some testing on lead magnets for the funnels.  Josh mentions he is going to test 20 different headlines. Josh also mentions that headline doesn't make a difference.  36:00 Chuck talks about feeling stuck and dealing with being rear-ended and car insurance issues. Chuck also fixes an RSS feed on the podcast episodes. Chuck mentions finding a bug with Android.   40:00 Chuck talks about setting up websites for the dev summits for customers. Lots to do and no sleep.    41:00 Chuck talks about going to Microsoft Connect next week and possibly getting ahead on episodes for JavaScript Jabber and the others on his network. Chuck talks about having a rough time with car issues at home.  46:00 Josh suggests setting up things to help reduce all the tasks on his plate at the moment. Josh mentions he learned that Thrive cart will not work for them at Simple Programmer. Josh says they are moving to WooCommerce so they can have their own sales page. Also, it works with WordPress.  Thoughts of the Week!  Josh - Challenging assumptions… Chuck - Sometimes the train goes off the tracks