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Entrepreneur Power Hour with Valerie Shoopman
By Power-packed interviews w/ John Lee Dumas, Nick Unsworth, Tim Paige, and other top entrepreneurs on Podcasting, Online Marketing, Facebook Ads, Mindset, and Business Coaching 2x a week!
About this podcast
Entrepreneur Power Hour is created for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners who are looking to grow their business to the next level. Valerie Shoopman takes a deep dive with guests into online marketing and thoroughly covers funnels, landing pages, and using Facebook ads to drive leads and sales and build your authority online. We'll also touch upon how important the right mindset is, along with self-care specifically geared towards today's busy entrepreneurs.
Episodes (Total: 10)
Oct. 13, 2015 · 01:04:31
Michael O'Neal is the host of The Solopreneur Hour who also happens to be a branding and podcasting genuis. He takes his life-long experiences and pulls them all together to have one of the top-rated podcasts in iTunes. We talk branding, podcasting, hashtags, Twitter, and how to really move the needle for your online business.
Oct. 12, 2015 · 00:54:09
Brad Costanzo is a marketing consultant and host of the Bacon Wrapped Business podcast. Brad opens our eyes to all the opportunities that exist today to partner with big name players like iTunes, Amazon, and YouTube for free to build lead generating machines for your business.
Oct. 12, 2015 · 00:52:24
Jenny Giblin is a therapist turned Life Coach who brings a holistic health perspective to every part of your day, integrating both your mind and body for optimal performance. She's also a strong advocate of meditation breaks instead of coffee breaks in addition to starting your day off with a specific morning routine that does not include email!
Oct. 12, 2015 · 01:15:28
Shane Johnston is traffic funnel expert who specializes in doing big launches online using a combination of strategy and tactics. Shane reveals some of his most powerful funnel strategies for big launches and successful selling from webinars.
Oct. 12, 2015 · 00:50:41
Dr. Christine Kaczmar, AKA "The Digestion Doctor" explains why digestive enzymes are so important for our digestive system and our overall health. We also dive into foods you should include in your diet and foods you should avoid as well as discuss the dangers of GMOs. She leaves us with some great tips for preparing healthy lunches and snacks for busy, on-the-go entrepreneurs!
Oct. 12, 2015 · 00:58:49
Ryan Skelly is a traffic and conversion specialist who is also known as a Facebook Ad ninja in many circles. He is always leading the pack as far as what's working now with Facebook ads. Ryan highlights some powerful insights into some of his most successful client Facebook ad campaigns, revealing specific tactics of why they worked so well.
Oct. 12, 2015 · 00:43:04
Dr. Sheri Rosenthal of reveals her powerful strategy to increase your creativity and productivity by tapping into how your brain already works and using that information strategically to allocate time blocks for certain activities during particular times of the day.
Oct. 12, 2015 · 00:45:26
John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire shares how the power of discipline and focus can allow you to share your gifts, talents, and passion through the powerful platform of podcasting. From how to get started podcasting, to how to outsource, to power tips and tools, John gives us the deets on how to successfully build a real business online utilizing the power of podcasting.
Oct. 12, 2015 · 00:39:28
Nick Unsworth, CEO and founder of Life On Fire, talks about telling your story, finding your stance, and creating your strategy for both your business and your life. He talks about the power of relationships, networking and creating good personal habits. Nick shares how coaching has changed his life and how you as an entrepreneur need to put your full business focus on profit producing activities.
Oct. 12, 2015 · 00:51:56
Andrea Butje of Aromanhead talks about using aromatherapy and essential oils to help calm and heal yourself especially as it relates to entrepreneurs. She also walks us through her most recent product launch where she ramped up her list and sales dramatically using the power of Facebook ads.