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Updated: 2018-09-23


Listen Notes is becoming the go-to place for podcast listeners to discover new podcasts. This is the only effective place for listeners to discover interesting shows that are NOT from top charts.
The website traffic of is growing fast. If you want to promote your show on Listen Notes and reach to new listeners, contact us now.


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Ad placements

If you want to buy one or more ad spots, contact us now.

If you buy all 6 ad spots together, it'll be $1,500/month, instead of $1,755/month.

Impressions and Clicks are based on recent ads performance. Your mileage may vary.

Ad Name Platforms Impressions Clicks Price Next available date
1. Top Banner Mobile (screenshot) 70,000/month 1,350/month $650/month Now
2. Sidebar Desktop (screenshot) 123,500/month 300/month $280/month Now
3. Feed Desktop + Mobile (screenshot) 55,000/month 350/month $275/month Now
4. Homepage Desktop + Mobile (screenshot) 24,500/month 385/month $250/month Now
5. Bottom Banner Desktop + Mobile (screenshot) 55,000/month 300/month $200/month Now
6. Search Desktop + Mobile (screenshot) 18,000/month 150/month $100/month Now
Ad 1: Top Banner
  • Platforms: Mobile (screenshot)
  • Impressions: 70,000
  • Clicks: 1,350
  • Price: $650/month
  • Next available date: Now
Ad 2: Sidebar
  • Platforms: Desktop (screenshot)
  • Impressions: 123,500
  • Clicks: 300
  • Price: $280/month
  • Next available date: Now
Ad 3: Feed
  • Platforms: Desktop + Mobile (screenshot)
  • Impressions: 55,000
  • Clicks: 350
  • Price: $275/month
  • Next available date: Now
Ad 4: Homepage
  • Platforms: Desktop + Mobile (screenshot)
  • Impressions: 24,500
  • Clicks: 385
  • Price: $250/month
  • Next available date: Now
Ad 5: Bottom Banner
  • Platforms: Desktop + Mobile (screenshot)
  • Impressions: 55,000
  • Clicks: 300
  • Price: $200/month
  • Next available date: Now
Ad 6: Search
  • Platforms: Desktop + Mobile (screenshot)
  • Impressions: 18,000
  • Clicks: 150
  • Price: $100/month
  • Next available date: Now
  • Ads run for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Once you decide to buy ads from Listen Notes, we'll send you an invoice (via QuickBooks) to pay. Then you'll provide 1) a 600x600 image, 2) ad copy (less than 130 characters), and 3) urls.
  • You can provide different URLs for iOS, Android, and desktop users, which could be effective to make them subscribe to your show.
  • Once your ads start running, you'll get a performance report for each ad slot, tracking impressions and clicks by day.

Terms of Sale

All sales are final. No refunds.
The price and quantity of ads sold may change based on the website traffic growth.