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Promote your podcasts (or relevant products) on this website and reach new listeners (or customers).
Quick Facts:
  • Website traffic: ~1,750,000 monthly pageviews and ~750,000 monthly unique visitors
  • CPM: USD $4
  • Minimum spend: USD $2,000 (500k impressions guaranteed)
  • Ad format: Banner ads with an image, short texts, a url, and a call-to-action button (see real ads in action)
  • Placements: 1 to 3 slots on every web page (see screenshots here)
  • Demographics:
    • Geo: 50%~60% from USA, another 10~20% from other English-speaking countries (e.g., UK, Canada, Australia...)
    • Gender: 44.8% male and 55.2% female
    • Age: 38.3% age 25-34, 20.57% age 35-44, 13.79% age 45.54, 12.66% age 18-24, 8.94% age 55-64, 5.74% age 65+
    • Technology: 65.64% mobile, 29.94% desktop, 4.41% tablet
    • Who use Listen Notes: podcast listeners, podcast producers, content curators, k12/college teachers/students, journalists, ads/PR/marketing agencies, people from tech industry (VCs, startup founders, engineers...), researchers...
  • Ideal goal: Brand awareness, similar to Facebook Ads "Brand Awareness Objective" and Google Ads "Brand awareness & reach"
  • Tracking and delivery: We deliver ads and track performance (i.g., impressions and clicks) via Google Ad Manager. You will get a performance report once your ads start running.
How to schedule a sponsorship? Just email us with what you want to promote and what is your budget:


Your ads will be shown in the following 4 ad slots across every page of this website.
Name Platforms Screenshots
1. Top Banner Mobile
2. Sidebar Desktop
3. Feed Desktop + Mobile
4. Homepage Desktop + Mobile
Ad 1: Top Banner

Platforms: Mobile

Ad 2: Sidebar

Platforms: Desktop

Ad 3: Feed

Platforms: Desktop + Mobile

Ad 4: Homepage

Platforms: Desktop + Mobile

  • You can provide different URLs for iOS, Android, and desktop users.


1. How to schedule a sponsorship?

A few steps:
  1. You email us what you will promote and what is your budget.
  2. We email you an insertion order that doubles as a contract and invoice (via PayPal).
  3. You pay and email us ad images, texts, and urls.
  4. We set up ads and send you a performance report for you to track.

2. Can we run multiple ads with different images / texts at the same time?


3. Why do you require minimum spend $2,000?

We run website banner ads, which is good for brand awareness. But if your ads don't get enough impressions, they won't be effective.

4. Can we do any kind of targeting?

You can choose to target all visitors, United States visitors, or English-speaking visitors. You can also target to visitors on mobile devices only.

Terms of Sale

All sales are final. No refunds.
The price and quantity of ads sold may change based on the website traffic growth in the future.

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