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Listen Notes is a one-person company, built and run by Wenbin Fang. You can help offset our operational cost (e.g., paying server fees) by sponsoring this website. At the same time, your podcasts (or relevant products) will be promoted on the website and reach new listeners (or customers).
This website gets ~1,480,000 monthly pageviews and ~620,000 monthly unique visitors - the traffic is growing fast. 50%~60% visitors come from USA, while another 10~20% are from other English-speaking countries including UK, Canada, Australia...
Most visitors are podcast creators or listeners, who are loyal, affluent and educated.
We sell ads by impressions. CPM is $4. Minimum spend is $10k (2.5 million impressions guaranteed).
How to schedule a sponsorship? Just email us:

Placements and targeting

Your ads will be shown in the following 5 ad slots across every page of this website.
Name Platforms Screenshots
1. Top Banner Mobile
2. Sidebar Desktop
3. Feed Desktop + Mobile
4. Homepage Desktop + Mobile
5. Bottom Banner Desktop + Mobile
Ad 1: Top Banner

Platforms: Mobile

Ad 2: Sidebar

Platforms: Desktop

Ad 3: Feed

Platforms: Desktop + Mobile

Ad 4: Homepage

Platforms: Desktop + Mobile

Ad 5: Bottom Banner

Platforms: Desktop + Mobile

  • You can provide different URLs for iOS, Android, and desktop users.
  • Once the promotion starts running, you'll get a performance report, tracking impressions and clicks. We manage ads on Google Ad Manager, which delivers ads & tracks performance.

Why (or why not)?

Listen Notes is a website. As you can see, our ads are banner ads. Generally speaking, website banner ads are not as effective as mobile ads, in terms of converting a transaction, e.g., click on ads and buy things immediately, click on ads and subscribe to your podcasts right away. If your goal is to get as many podcast subscribers as possible in a short period of time (e.g., a few days), then advertising on Listen Notes may not be a good fit.
However, running website banner ads could be good for branding, if your banner ads are shown to people repeatedly for a long period of time. Advertising on Listen Notes should be complementary to your other ad campaigns. Different ad campaigns achieve different goals.

Terms of Sale

All sales are final. No refunds.
The price and quantity of ads sold may change based on the website traffic growth in the future.

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